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  1. Alpharad

    AlpharadMaand geleden

    Join me in Genshin Impact today: bit.ly/AlphardGIV14 Use my code: GS6ACJ775KNV for Primogem*60, Mora*10000 New players only, must reach adventure level 10 to redeem from today to June 9th

  2. Squid Boy (Octokiddy)

    Squid Boy (Octokiddy)3 dagen geleden

    I got past AR (Adventure Rank) 10 way before this video was made

  3. Bread Man

    Bread Man5 dagen geleden

    Alpharad check out cosmic ronald he is too insane

  4. Cosmos

    Cosmos8 dagen geleden



    MASON LEE9 dagen geleden

    Hi Jacob! Sorry if it's disrespectful for using your real name, but it won't matter. You're not going to see this. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I highly respect your editing. After understanding it, I now realize how hard it would be to edit this constantly. I don't know if it's just share factory, but it takes so much time to make a good edited video. It's also so cryptic I almost couldn't find how to cut out clips. What I'm trying to say is that I'm almost 12 and have been following your channel for 2 years. Keep pushing on man.

  6. whyt

    whyt21 dag geleden

    thanks for the primogems!

  7. Andy Blanton

    Andy Blanton4 uur geleden

    Why does he say amogus like that?

  8. imjusttogood

    imjusttogood6 uur geleden

    where is spelunky 2

  9. AproX

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  10. YEP Valid

    YEP Valid12 uur geleden

    i just self report to drop kick that child it was self defense

  11. Shock Man

    Shock Man20 uur geleden

    Alpha pinkmin jome 4

  12. Itisnotkiddo

    Itisnotkiddo22 uur geleden

    This is awsome

  13. Booker Kooper

    Booker KooperDag geleden

    Respect for the undertake music


    SPRINGY BOIDag geleden

    Ok so Ross is clear No Actually No he’s not


    SPRINGY BOIDag geleden

    Jome: *kills pikmin4* Alpha:I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that

  16. ToAst Ws

    ToAst WsDag geleden

    This content is dumb

  17. Milo Woodruff

    Milo WoodruffDag geleden

    Card is not hard your just bad

  18. Wesley Santos

    Wesley SantosDag geleden

    He hade a child that’s y he isn’t uploading

  19. Draconix

    DraconixDag geleden

    Gods this is so hilarious why does it make me laugh so much I’m in class yet somehow I can’t stop watching.

  20. Luxes

    LuxesDag geleden

    Can you make a Sephiroth smash video plz

  21. Anonymous Quartz

    Anonymous QuartzDag geleden


  22. Paophue Her

    Paophue HerDag geleden

    5:07 Weegee be like: *OBJECTION!*

  23. B N Q

    B N QDag geleden

    its been a month and there is the chance that the last trace of alpharad is amogus content

  24. Deez Nutz

    Deez NutzDag geleden

    Idea for not monster hunter vid play dauntless

  25. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey2 dagen geleden

    imagine being names alpharad when my name is ALPHACHAD

  26. Wayde

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  27. The Helix of Life

    The Helix of Life2 dagen geleden

    Mr. Rad, I saw that "Awesome SMP" video show up in my notifications, don't think you can hide it!

  28. Joosh (Joshua Thorson)

    Joosh (Joshua Thorson)3 dagen geleden

    12:37 don’t mind me just saving the funniest Alpharad clip of 2021

  29. Billy Marchiafava

    Billy Marchiafava3 dagen geleden


  30. APYER

    APYER3 dagen geleden

    “We’re about to meat lair it”

  31. Drimp1

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  32. Comedy With TazerFace

    Comedy With TazerFace3 dagen geleden

    amoungus sucks

  33. Keshaun Grider

    Keshaun Grider3 dagen geleden

    You need to watch the Nintendo direct E3 asap

  34. The Elitists

    The Elitists3 dagen geleden

    I'm blue da ba dee da ba WHYYYYYYYYYY!!!

  35. Aubrynobi

    Aubrynobi3 dagen geleden

    The algerithem murdered his videos view counts


    KATHERINE HERRERA3 dagen geleden

    Hey can you do a vid on Mario odyssey on getting all the skins

  37. Zachary Kenigsberg

    Zachary Kenigsberg3 dagen geleden

    Alpha where are you I miss you D:

  38. OliveTheDogGirl

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  39. cube fan

    cube fan3 dagen geleden

    Our king has vanished. Now we wait once more for him to return for our epic content

  40. Paradox

    Paradox4 dagen geleden

    oh god oh fuck,genshin took him.

  41. Keziah De La Rosa

    Keziah De La Rosa4 dagen geleden

    Need my mans to make a statement about that lazy af 2021 Nintendo direct

  42. Nutelasaur *

    Nutelasaur *4 dagen geleden

    "NO, THAT'S WRONG!" *uses ace attorney music *

  43. Beta Sticks

    Beta Sticks4 dagen geleden

    Man the e3 direct was awesome right guys. Haha this channel is dead

  44. Someone OwO

    Someone OwO4 dagen geleden

    "because we pissed together" "I PISSED WITH YOU TOO"

  45. Someone OwO

    Someone OwO4 dagen geleden

    the Persona 5 music is amazing

  46. bill / l_yoshi

    bill / l_yoshi4 dagen geleden

    Local Green Man with Balloons sends Red Man to find said Balloons

  47. A very small YouTuber

    A very small YouTuber5 dagen geleden


  48. Kylan Souza

    Kylan Souza6 dagen geleden

    whered u go :(

  49. Ipachi helicopter

    Ipachi helicopter6 dagen geleden

    When is next video coming out

  50. Bird Bow

    Bird Bow6 dagen geleden

    I don't like you

  51. JOwOseph Stawwin

    JOwOseph Stawwin5 dagen geleden

    That’s crazy dude

  52. Anna Nimmous

    Anna Nimmous6 dagen geleden

    my mom is calling me

  53. AltrTheEgo

    AltrTheEgo6 dagen geleden

    So does Alpha just hate the month of May?

  54. Marcus Rodgers

    Marcus Rodgers7 dagen geleden

    The meeting at 4:45 is just danganrompa in a nutshell

  55. 329link

    329link7 dagen geleden

    "No that's wrong!" *ace attorney music ensues* I have very conflicted feelings about this

  56. sahib biring

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  57. Flxme_Blxde

    Flxme_Blxde2 dagen geleden

    *I’ll allow it*

  58. Rei Lim

    Rei Lim7 dagen geleden

    5:05 Is this Ace Attorney now?

  59. hi hi

    hi hi7 dagen geleden

    amognus aphlewrad

  60. Kaiyu Fang

    Kaiyu Fang7 dagen geleden

    Please make a new video I have been so board without you

  61. JoAne Baptiste-Cummins

    JoAne Baptiste-Cummins8 dagen geleden


  62. Fatkirby _

    Fatkirby _8 dagen geleden

    4k more subs and then alpharad makes alpharad world 3 mario maker 2

  63. Nitroxy

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  64. Nitroxy

    Nitroxy9 dagen geleden

    More spelunky (2 of course ;) )

  65. Nitroxy

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  66. Nitroxy

    Nitroxy9 dagen geleden

    Where is spelunky

  67. Wolfie Studio's!

    Wolfie Studio's!9 dagen geleden


  68. Bruh Man

    Bruh Man9 dagen geleden

    Spelunky 2?

  69. Tami

    Tami9 dagen geleden

    ok then. don’t upload. see if i care >:(

  70. uncool bob

    uncool bob9 dagen geleden

    9:55 "I'm blue daba de daba di WHY WHY!!!!"

  71. Tj gaming

    Tj gaming9 dagen geleden

    Amungus content is boring and out of style

  72. BuTTered nOOdlEs

    BuTTered nOOdlEs8 dagen geleden

    Well said... One month later

  73. Jose Rodrigez

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  74. Matthew Stone

    Matthew Stone10 dagen geleden

    tar-taaaaaaaggggggg-lia sure thats the guy

  75. Haze Here

    Haze Here10 dagen geleden

    Hey Alpharad you ok? It's been a month and I just hope you're doing well

  76. Haze Here

    Haze Here9 dagen geleden

    @[BoTz] Mona oh thanks! I didn't get that post and I'm relieved now

  77. [BoTz] Mona

    [BoTz] Mona9 dagen geleden

    he posted a community post about what he's currently doing

  78. Christmasmoose 2

    Christmasmoose 210 dagen geleden

    That moment when today is June 9th

  79. Lazuri Mohammed

    Lazuri Mohammed10 dagen geleden

    Every youtuber:*fail card* Also me:*being Pro at card *

  80. Lazuri Mohammed

    Lazuri Mohammed10 dagen geleden

    It's not funny or it's just skill issues :/

  81. Mystuff

    Mystuff10 dagen geleden

    My god this intro scared the crap out of me cause I had a scare a few days ago where apparently in the middle of the night I somehow called 911. And this fucking intro was just playing in the background for me and I still don’t know how I called it.

  82. The god of potatoes 🥔🥔🥔🥔

    The god of potatoes 🥔🥔🥔🥔10 dagen geleden

    Where are you?

  83. Howdy

    Howdy10 dagen geleden

    can't believe they didn't play DanganRonpa music when weegee yelled "NO THAT'S WRONG"

  84. Hun Lim

    Hun Lim10 dagen geleden

    alpha we miss you please come back

  85. memeboi 47

    memeboi 477 dagen geleden

    @Hun Lim what about alpharad deluxe, or replay, or Not Alpharad

  86. Hun Lim

    Hun Lim7 dagen geleden

    @memeboi 47 he hasn't uploaded on alpharad plus either tho...

  87. memeboi 47

    memeboi 477 dagen geleden

    He still uploads on his other accounts

  88. Kohen Holmes

    Kohen Holmes10 dagen geleden

    Bro where are the uploads

  89. Sesquip

    Sesquip11 dagen geleden

    moore lunky pleese

  90. Little bro Temmie

    Little bro Temmie11 dagen geleden

    Weegee was like Objective


    NO RNG GAMER11 dagen geleden

    Remember when he uploaded

  92. •good_vibes•

    •good_vibes•11 dagen geleden

    Worst vid i've ever watched good job alpharad

  93. •good_vibes•

    •good_vibes•11 dagen geleden

    @Rens Mudde ok i'll rename it Into. it into good vibes but i think it should be something else

  94. AndyJoe McClendon

    AndyJoe McClendon11 dagen geleden

    more castle crashers plz plz

  95. KC Sutherland

    KC Sutherland11 dagen geleden

    Hey buddy you good? It's been a month, we miss you

  96. God end My suffering

    God end My suffering11 dagen geleden

    Father, I crave corn

  97. Greg Liles

    Greg Liles11 dagen geleden

    PLAY FORTNITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Tami

    Tami9 dagen geleden

    that would be a good vid

  99. Arson

    Arson11 dagen geleden

    Eww gross

  100. KIN GEPTE

    KIN GEPTE11 dagen geleden


  101. Haze Here

    Haze Here10 dagen geleden

    @DONY‼⁉️ it's a chinese game tho

  102. DONY‼⁉️

    DONY‼⁉️11 dagen geleden


  103. Bad!

    Bad!11 dagen geleden

    Whatever break you’re on is well deserved Last time you took a break the following videos were straight fire

  104. Ace_ofchaos

    Ace_ofchaos12 dagen geleden

    Can you fight BossZetta in Rivals of Aether? On final destination.

  105. Atticus Bailey

    Atticus Bailey12 dagen geleden


  106. skm Cole

    skm Cole12 dagen geleden

    it's been over 1 month since this came out.

  107. Fireball416

    Fireball41612 dagen geleden

    Where’s the milk?

  108. Istalri-

    Istalri-12 dagen geleden

    Time to grind Genshin.

  109. Arrogant Meme

    Arrogant Meme12 dagen geleden

    Who the fuck is Alpharad, A brain?

  110. Sans Wuhu69

    Sans Wuhu6912 dagen geleden

    New Video Soon?

  111. Abe Zhang

    Abe Zhang12 dagen geleden

    collab with desbug I implore thee

  112. Dragon slayer

    Dragon slayer13 dagen geleden

    I just remembered alpha is bi. so happy pride month

  113. Haze Here

    Haze Here9 dagen geleden

    @Dragon slayer 💕

  114. Haze Here

    Haze Here9 dagen geleden

    @Tami yup, you can be straight, bi, lesbian or gay and still get married. There are places that don't allow same sex marriages however

  115. Dragon slayer

    Dragon slayer9 dagen geleden

    @Haze Here oh I thought I had to explain to him. thanks

  116. Tami

    Tami9 dagen geleden

    @Haze Here oh ok that’s cool then

  117. Haze Here

    Haze Here9 dagen geleden

    @Tami you can be bi and get married? Idk what you're trying to say

  118. A Seedless Watermelon

    A Seedless Watermelon13 dagen geleden

    None of our business, but I havent heard about or even seen you talk about Fio in a while, I do hope shes alright

  119. BT boys games

    BT boys games13 dagen geleden

    Play MCJE (Minecraft Java Edition) you just should play it

  120. Singii is cool

    Singii is cool13 dagen geleden


  121. WitherWolfGaming

    WitherWolfGaming13 dagen geleden

    Play miitopia

  122. J25code2

    J25code213 dagen geleden

    I realize I haven't been watching youtube as much as I used to. And that's because neither alpharad nor alpharad deluxe has been posting regularly. I miss them

  123. Loopholes loopy

    Loopholes loopy12 dagen geleden

    yeah I just realised today I aint seen an alpharad viddy in a hot minute miitopia would have been a perfect game for him to cover too

  124. FreshPikachuMemes Official

    FreshPikachuMemes Official13 dagen geleden

    P l a y H a l f L i f e 2 ( S y n e r g y M o d ) • λ l p h - L i f e 2 •

  125. Giant Heccin Wyvern

    Giant Heccin Wyvern13 dagen geleden

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    Captain Azvid14 dagen geleden

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    『Loogi』12 dagen geleden

    FNF, Also Known As: overrated 3rd song simulator

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    PastaRoni13 dagen geleden

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