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  1. tree dude

    tree dude11 uur geleden

    Bro sephiroth came out 6 months ago???

  2. Bob Bob

    Bob Bob9 dagen geleden

    You’re the first to mention sephiroths lack of cowlick. It’s iconic and they flipping removed it in remake!!

  3. Avrage Kommenter

    Avrage Kommenter9 dagen geleden

    If you didn't know how he was when one winged angel we can't be freinds

  4. Deluxe Memes

    Deluxe Memes15 dagen geleden

    1:20 As soon as I heard the first note of the song, I knew geno was once again de-comfirmed.

  5. Jorge82mk2 Animations

    Jorge82mk2 Animations20 dagen geleden

    Me, who has absolutely 1% knowledge of the series: *buys sephiroth


    ANTHONY VADALA27 dagen geleden

    "Outside of Joker, I think Sephiroth is the character I'm most excited for" Oh past Alpha, you don't know what wonders await. The wonders of anime sword girls.

  7. Kayla Barco

    Kayla Barco28 dagen geleden

    dude sephiroth is in smash! but what about dr wily he's in smash?

  8. ThatOneKid

    ThatOneKidMaand geleden

    Someone’s last sentence before deleting the game: “I’m at 30%, I’m fi-“

  9. The mlemmers

    The mlemmersMaand geleden

    I watched this yesterday and 1 minute

  10. The mlemmers

    The mlemmersMaand geleden

    Did anybody try to beat final fantasy 7 At launch Because I am confident even 8 (I have played it it is fun) IS worse but just because Why pvz2 can be called bad because it is not as good as a masterpiece or with

  11. Cha_Michael // MF_150

    Cha_Michael // MF_150Maand geleden

    Alpha: Outside of Joker, Sephiroth is the character I’m most excited for. Me waiting for the Elite Smash Sephiroth Video: So that was a fucking lie.

  12. Mahdi

    MahdiMaand geleden

    Who the f is joker f that

  13. Crash Bonkdicoot a.k.a SSJBCrash Bonkdicoot

    Crash Bonkdicoot a.k.a SSJBCrash BonkdicootMaand geleden

    Alpharad: *Says down Aerith to Sephiroth’s dair in order to reference that ff7 spoilers* Comment section: *You weren’t supposed to do that!!*

  14. zoroark MASTER

    zoroark MASTERMaand geleden

    "Outside of joker, sephiroth is probably the character I’m most excited for" Ho you sweet child, if only you knew what came next.

  15. CircleManTM

    CircleManTMMaand geleden

    Mario fucking dies

  16. AGHA GABRIEL2304_2

    AGHA GABRIEL2304_22 maanden geleden

    This. 🍐 pear

  17. ArTz Terrarian

    ArTz Terrarian2 maanden geleden

    they missed an opportunity for the ff7 death music to play lol

  18. Ashton Neria

    Ashton Neria2 maanden geleden

    Currently waiting for Sephiroth day 105

  19. Sobble

    Sobble22 dagen geleden

    Never gonna happen dude

  20. That Blue Pikmin

    That Blue Pikmin2 maanden geleden

    I hope he does Sephiroth day 111

  21. Divine Heart Communication

    Divine Heart Communication2 maanden geleden

    “Sakurai’s lost it” is my favorite quote of all time

  22. RobinManer34

    RobinManer342 maanden geleden

    “Are they gonna show sephiroths down air on aerith?” You BASTARD

  23. CowboysGivMeDepression Jones

    CowboysGivMeDepression Jones2 maanden geleden

    I need Tifa in Smash

  24. Kari Winder

    Kari Winder2 maanden geleden

    7:34 the way he just walks away is so menacing, the Japanese speaking makes it ten times better

  25. dire miralis

    dire miralis3 maanden geleden

    Tbh I actually didn't know who sephiroth is-

  26. Itami

    Itami3 maanden geleden

    why would you want tifa more than sephiroth

  27. Brandon Brix

    Brandon Brix2 maanden geleden

    tifa best girl

  28. NinjaMagic

    NinjaMagic3 maanden geleden

    Other than Joker I'm probably most excited for Sephiroth. Boy howdy wait until you see what Fighter Pack 9 brought. XENOBLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET'S GO BABYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. The rapping Monster

    The rapping Monster3 maanden geleden

    I can’t wait for the Sephiroth content, alpha!

  30. Prismatic

    Prismatic3 maanden geleden

    i mean geno works really well as a mi gunner its moveset works for geno alot

  31. Random MEMER

    Random MEMER3 maanden geleden


  32. Curtis Newton

    Curtis Newton3 maanden geleden

    That Geno reveal totally made people cry

  33. Doge_ Master6

    Doge_ Master63 maanden geleden

    "Outside of Joker, Sephiroth is the character I'm most excited for." Enter Pyra and Mythra and making that a lie.

  34. Dalek sec

    Dalek sec3 maanden geleden

    Wow! Can’t wait for our sephiroth video!

  35. Divine Heart Communication

    Divine Heart Communication3 maanden geleden

    The way he said Sakurai’s lost it really just makes you feel like it’s the truth and nothing but the truth

  36. Mr. L

    Mr. L3 maanden geleden

    Sakuri made an op character then went "wait this is a party game" and added rng.

  37. Jack Fearow

    Jack Fearow3 maanden geleden

    eat shit Choctopus LOL

  38. Officer Doggy - TIMMEH

    Officer Doggy - TIMMEH3 maanden geleden

    As my gift to smash I shall give you this pair.

  39. Steve Steve

    Steve Steve3 maanden geleden

    I love how Jacob loses his mind at literally anything lmao.

  40. Relished Ones

    Relished Ones3 maanden geleden

    "Oh hey look it's his down Aerith."

  41. Boris Johnson

    Boris Johnson3 maanden geleden

    You havent even played this man

  42. Fastsnail 342

    Fastsnail 3423 maanden geleden

    R.I.P swear to my bones outro you were always great

  43. Condor Man

    Condor Man3 maanden geleden

    Sephiroth win screen: break the wrist and walk away...( reply if you get the reference )

  44. Shi

    Shi3 maanden geleden

    "Be sure to subscribe for sephiroth content" So that was a lie

  45. Edgar Sanchez

    Edgar Sanchez3 maanden geleden

    Alpharad:"Subscribe for Sephiroth content" Alpha Two months later *Yeah I don't know about that*

  46. NyTwL

    NyTwLMaand geleden

    another 2 months later *hmm i wonder when*

  47. Brannon Rheaume

    Brannon Rheaume3 maanden geleden

    Notice how all of the characters are based off of ff7 characters unless they are used for demonstration

  48. Brandon Ruffin

    Brandon Ruffin3 maanden geleden

    when i played clouds alt skin i hit a final smash and i did not see this i was amazed

  49. Ephraim Devereaux

    Ephraim Devereaux4 maanden geleden


  50. Ginger Jr

    Ginger Jr4 maanden geleden

    How can people think that sephiroth has a good nair when greninja has the same thing

  51. freshoranges 27

    freshoranges 274 maanden geleden

    he lost it

  52. Drip Kirby

    Drip Kirby4 maanden geleden

    Doubles jigglypuff and sephirotj

  53. Agame510 !

    Agame510 !4 maanden geleden

    As a ff7 fan 5:43 cracked me up

  54. ElectroGamer

    ElectroGamer4 maanden geleden


  55. Toren14

    Toren144 maanden geleden

    idk what’s up but alpharad is like giddy for this entire video and i love it

  56. Adrian Jacinto

    Adrian Jacinto4 maanden geleden

    Can someone get me the sauce for that outro music

  57. TheMirrorMystic

    TheMirrorMystic4 maanden geleden

    It's Swear to My Bones from Persona 5. I think it says it down the bottom

  58. Dennis Prager

    Dennis Prager4 maanden geleden

    Daddy Prager

  59. Ivan Milyutin

    Ivan Milyutin4 maanden geleden

    Oh no

  60. Lewis Carney

    Lewis Carney4 maanden geleden

    Can we switch Mario’s down air to a ground pound?

  61. Mike Glennon

    Mike Glennon4 maanden geleden

    Mike Glennon

  62. Asherdaboi

    Asherdaboi4 maanden geleden

    this is gonna be the most annoying character beside cloud and all the fire emblem characters

  63. Rob “RedYoshiGamer” Papa

    Rob “RedYoshiGamer” Papa4 maanden geleden

    I needed Cloud to realize who it was for ME to realize who it was

  64. Mewtwo1248

    Mewtwo12484 maanden geleden

    7:44 Alpharad: thats going to be good on any character Villager and Isabella: im sorry what?

  65. Rigby Harmon

    Rigby Harmon4 maanden geleden

    I miss non among us

  66. Slick Kid

    Slick Kid4 maanden geleden

    Me the entire time: “WAIT THATS ILLEGAL!”

  67. The Shroomfruit Channel

    The Shroomfruit Channel4 maanden geleden

    Still waiting for Hat Kid and Bandana Dee...

  68. Liam McFaul

    Liam McFaul4 maanden geleden

    I'd watch your Tifa video.

  69. NATIVE 1605

    NATIVE 16054 maanden geleden

    Goodbye “Swear To My Bones”

  70. Derp mage

    Derp mage4 maanden geleden

    Well...I guess SAKURAI’S a liar now about geno

  71. Agnes & Dora By Kristina Ormand

    Agnes & Dora By Kristina Ormand4 maanden geleden

    Make more videos

  72. Catto Anims

    Catto Anims4 maanden geleden

    "A SWORDFIGHTER WITH PROJECTILES!" Cloud, and Mii Swordfighter: *Why must you hurt me in this way?*

  73. beastlylordhorse

    beastlylordhorse4 maanden geleden

    Down Air-eth

  74. Chris Arvin

    Chris Arvin4 maanden geleden

    I had no idea sephiroth existed before he was in smash

  75. NJ

    NJ4 maanden geleden

    Forsburn sux

  76. OneUpGlitch

    OneUpGlitch4 maanden geleden

    I can confirm that he do be shirtless sometimes. Most of the time, actually.

  77. Theamazingsamuel “Theamazingsamuel”

    Theamazingsamuel “Theamazingsamuel”4 maanden geleden

    And then he disappears for a month

  78. Goro Majima

    Goro Majima4 maanden geleden

    Now that’s some incentive to buy smash-

  79. SxxyT-Rex

    SxxyT-Rex4 maanden geleden


  80. zodycoder

    zodycoder4 maanden geleden

    was there any requirement to be able to do the challenge because i remember i tried doing it but i was unable to

  81. Aiden's Youtube Life

    Aiden's Youtube Life4 maanden geleden

    Sepheroth vs Little Mac *Who would win?*

  82. Crash Bonkdicoot a.k.a SSJBCrash Bonkdicoot

    Crash Bonkdicoot a.k.a SSJBCrash Bonkdicoot4 maanden geleden

    Sephiroth always won,Mac had a worst Recovery ever

  83. Quinten Lust

    Quinten Lust4 maanden geleden

    If sora is in smash i'll buy it solely for that reason

  84. Killer Droid

    Killer Droid4 maanden geleden


  85. bd- bestdude

    bd- bestdude4 maanden geleden

    Shit, now I gotta buy FFVll

  86. Aiden's Youtube Life

    Aiden's Youtube Life4 maanden geleden

    Welp it's 2021 The nuzlocke this year will be easy...

  87. RayShawn Rodgers Jr

    RayShawn Rodgers Jr4 maanden geleden

    We should ask for raid bosses and you could play with friends

  88. Luigi Luigi

    Luigi Luigi4 maanden geleden

    1:44 Me: welp gotta bounce

  89. Micheal Gray

    Micheal Gray4 maanden geleden

    This character is gonna clap me so hard online

  90. DPkiller

    DPkiller4 maanden geleden

    I subscribed to you for Sephiroth content. You never delivered.

  91. Sobble

    Sobble4 maanden geleden

    @DPkiller he lost the footage because his pc just stopped working. You can still watch the live streams he did (i think)

  92. DPkiller

    DPkiller4 maanden geleden

    @Poklon. Inc bro its a joke. ik hes in a break and he should have it for however log he wants.

  93. Poklon. Inc

    Poklon. Inc4 maanden geleden

    He might when he comes back. Just be patient man

  94. Sobble

    Sobble4 maanden geleden

    Not his fault but ok

  95. Joseph Davis

    Joseph Davis4 maanden geleden

    4:00 I'm a gnome, and you've been...GNOMED!

  96. The Gamer

    The Gamer4 maanden geleden

    Alright let me tell you if you see Mario Luigi and Wario you know it is waluigi

  97. 8od0tMobile

    8od0tMobile4 maanden geleden

    do a spirit nuzlocke so you have to use bad teams

  98. Zackary Uljua

    Zackary Uljua4 maanden geleden

    6:55 Byleth and Robin: * sad underrated FE character noises *

  99. Poklon. Inc

    Poklon. Inc4 maanden geleden

    Yeah but byleths projectile is only good for movement, it's really hard to hit an actual arrow

  100. Juho

    Juho4 maanden geleden

    You looks like Linus but with a thicker nose

  101. superdimentiobrolyX

    superdimentiobrolyX4 maanden geleden

    I feel the need to bring to the worlds attention what happens if you google "is freddy fazbear in smash brothers ultimate"

  102. Marstixs

    Marstixs4 maanden geleden

    “It’s a swordfighter with projectiles!” Hero: Am I a joke to you?

  103. YouTubular

    YouTubular4 maanden geleden

    Finally played Persona 5 and when I first heard Swear to My Bones all I could think of was "ALPHARAD OUTRO SONG!!!" and it's still all I can think of.

  104. Brandon Gilbert

    Brandon Gilbert4 maanden geleden

    Can you please do a video of you playing as sephiroth?

  105. CaedaV

    CaedaV4 maanden geleden

    “Oh look, it’s his Down Aerith-I mean, Down Aerial.”

  106. HobbNobIin

    HobbNobIin4 maanden geleden

    Mr. Pharad Al With all due respect Why have you not put out a full Sephiroth gameplay video yet? You cretin

  107. Sobble

    Sobble4 maanden geleden

    @HobbNobIin his pc broke so he lost like 3 videos worth of footage. Probably got frustrated and went on a break.

  108. HobbNobIin

    HobbNobIin4 maanden geleden

    @Sobble Why? What happened?

  109. Sobble

    Sobble4 maanden geleden

    Not his fault bro

  110. Seabass

    Seabass4 maanden geleden

    "be sure to subscribe for sephiroth content"

  111. warpuppy the Dragon

    warpuppy the Dragon4 maanden geleden

    So, basically I now main both ff7 characters 😂

  112. Naim Rancier

    Naim Rancier4 maanden geleden

    i for real was so surprised for Sephiroth as much as i was with joker and i can now say my secondary is now sephiroth

  113. PlayToys with Sara and Qader

    PlayToys with Sara and Qader4 maanden geleden

    Kirby:has like 5 jumps idk Alpharad:three jumps WHAT! Kirby:am i a joke to you?

  114. DeDe_ HDD

    DeDe_ HDD5 maanden geleden

    His up-smash isn't an up-smash, it's a f*ck you smash!

  115. DaManOfPie

    DaManOfPie5 maanden geleden

    "gets launched easily" my ass i cant even kill him at 100 with a bowser f smash