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  1. EmTaya

    EmTaya6 dagen geleden

    Does anyone have the Desbug POV of Jacob suddenly appearing and murdering him

  2. CiderVG

    CiderVG6 dagen geleden

    If I had NordVPN maybe I wouldn't have died

  3. Omegablue

    Omegablue22 dagen geleden

    Rewatching this and want to say, both refuelling canisters and engine alignment can be done out of order, Ross and Cade made a baseless claim at around the 6:00 mark

  4. Seph

    Seph27 dagen geleden

    That smile in the beginning...He knew what he was doing. That clever bastard

  5. The Critical Alchemist

    The Critical AlchemistMaand geleden

    Perfect use of You Say Run there sir

  6. XLuxtra 2000

    XLuxtra 2000Maand geleden

    Yo at 6:50 thats the Zeiss Central Factory OST right? Nooooice

  7. Witheractive exe

    Witheractive exeMaand geleden

    Drumsy was on point

  8. SuperBlue Gamer

    SuperBlue GamerMaand geleden

    Best sponsor ship on NLpush

  9. Shyguy Neo

    Shyguy NeoMaand geleden


  10. Mike Brian

    Mike BrianMaand geleden

    Pikachu also gifted 10 subs when critikal got the fools mate on xqc iirc

  11. Jones Fan

    Jones FanMaand geleden

    Honestly, one of the best ad placements in a video

  12. Rex Rex

    Rex Rex2 maanden geleden

    "ho shit ross you don fucked up"

  13. VanKampwn

    VanKampwn2 maanden geleden

    Honestly props to Jacob for using a botched murder attempt as a sponsored ad read moment only to get ejected anyway

  14. SMPandanic

    SMPandanic2 maanden geleden


  15. A Different Channel

    A Different Channel2 maanden geleden

    The sponsor at the start is probably one of the funnier meetings I've seen in among us

  16. RiChili

    RiChili2 maanden geleden

    Alpha looks like a young santa to me

  17. Firestardude

    Firestardude2 maanden geleden

    “If I had Nord VPN maybe I’d still be alive.” -Desbug 2020

  18. Luke boi

    Luke boi2 maanden geleden

    NoRd VpN

  19. Ewan McKeever

    Ewan McKeever3 maanden geleden

    for some reason nord vpn doesnt work on netflix

  20. GodofGames17

    GodofGames173 maanden geleden


  21. Mr. Multiverse

    Mr. Multiverse3 maanden geleden

    This is by far my favourite episode

  22. The Dolphin

    The Dolphin3 maanden geleden

    Who else spends hours on their videos and gets 4 views imagine everyone who liked this comment subbed lol that would be crazy

  23. BrandonEatsShortPeople

    BrandonEatsShortPeople3 maanden geleden

    oh frick that was a real sponser lmfao

  24. Draconix

    Draconix3 maanden geleden

    Whats with the whimsicot?

  25. Draconix

    Draconix3 maanden geleden

    What an interesting way to promote a sponsor.

  26. GameNinjaC

    GameNinjaC3 maanden geleden

    When they pointed out you killed Desbug, you should have said, "Well... He didn't have NordVPN."

  27. Mr. L

    Mr. L3 maanden geleden

    Thanks alpharad! I'm using your sponsorship for a project in school.

  28. Rei Lim

    Rei Lim3 maanden geleden

    Alpha's face at 3:49 when everyone starts shouting about Ross

  29. cool human

    cool human3 maanden geleden


  30. Global Warrior

    Global Warrior3 maanden geleden

    He almost got away with it using todays sponsor

  31. All In

    All In3 maanden geleden


  32. Gay Boney Bones!

    Gay Boney Bones!3 maanden geleden

    I both love and resent how alpha has such a grin when hes lying like, "they shouldve believed me~" BDNDBZNS

  33. Cody West STUDENT

    Cody West STUDENT3 maanden geleden

    0:01 'YES' 0:03 'damn it' 0:08 'oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck' 0:11 'Today's video...'

  34. Mr. Stuff Doer

    Mr. Stuff Doer3 maanden geleden

    Drumsy ascending at the end there is one of the most big brain plays I’ve ever seen, rivaling when Markimoo went full detective after taking a comment very personally.

  35. Bright Lamp

    Bright Lamp3 maanden geleden

    Bd imposer!1!1!1!1!1!1!111!!!!!!

  36. Kaleb Marcotte

    Kaleb Marcotte3 maanden geleden

    Is Drumsy secretly smart?

  37. Xan Of Sauce

    Xan Of Sauce3 maanden geleden


  38. Matthew Keen

    Matthew Keen3 maanden geleden


  39. Sykora

    Sykora3 maanden geleden

    lol why are there just two Wimsicotts on the screen

  40. Veronica Van Taco

    Veronica Van Taco3 maanden geleden

    Imagine a proximity game with Etce. Which is possible considering his connections with Hacker, fyrus, and boat.

  41. sqaudfam

    sqaudfam3 maanden geleden

    9:48 Drumsy: I’m about to do what’s called a pro gamer move. *pushes up anime glasses dramatically*

  42. Victor

    Victor4 maanden geleden

    Adriana, doing the same thing over and over again and imagining something different will happen is making a good case for insanity.

  43. Waynetdg N

    Waynetdg N4 maanden geleden

    Oh **** Ross you just **** up

  44. Joey Miteff

    Joey Miteff4 maanden geleden

    Who's the chick with the cute voice?

  45. Ame

    Ame4 maanden geleden

    I just now noticed that Jacob has glasses now and he's looking good

  46. thedingboat

    thedingboat4 maanden geleden

    Cade’s first words: * Bang * * Bang * * Bang *

  47. Bub8les 5

    Bub8les 54 maanden geleden

    Most of the time i hate among us vids but alpharad plays the game so differently i will just have this playing in the background of playing games hats off to you

  48. The Ender Defender

    The Ender Defender4 maanden geleden

    When in doubt:, sponsorship

  49. Alex Sham

    Alex Sham4 maanden geleden

    This used to be called WHOOPS!!! or something like that I forgot

  50. Mike Glennon

    Mike Glennon4 maanden geleden

    Mike Glennon

  51. Lean Beef

    Lean Beef4 maanden geleden

    You loon different than how your artwork looks i spent all this time thinking you looked like ross


    JARED EMAN MACATUMBAS4 maanden geleden

    Who else just wanted to comment on how cute the whimsicott is.


    A DUH KIDFLASH4 maanden geleden

    bruh drumsy out here with big brain iq

  54. The Redstone Tutorial

    The Redstone Tutorial4 maanden geleden

    Alpharad turns into Pikmin 4 when he isnt around

  55. Clover 320

    Clover 3204 maanden geleden

    Let’s go drumsy

  56. Mixa Time

    Mixa Time4 maanden geleden

    I dont understand anything Drumsy said but that was still big brain.

  57. Leriu Nicolae

    Leriu Nicolae4 maanden geleden


  58. Farzin Nasser

    Farzin Nasser4 maanden geleden

    3:30 - Me every time I play among us... :¬I

  59. Naygoats

    Naygoats4 maanden geleden

    Yoshikage Kira was the best imposter

  60. CommanderJT

    CommanderJT4 maanden geleden

    9:48 drumsy activates detective mode

  61. Rei Lim

    Rei Lim4 maanden geleden

    I like how he uses his sponsor to save himself a few seconds at the start.

  62. Green.B.Red

    Green.B.Red4 maanden geleden

    well actually Jacob in one of your fist vids you did win a round with Ross..

  63. NPRoyalty

    NPRoyalty4 maanden geleden

    If I could pay for NordVPN I literally would because of how flawless that intro was.

  64. SirManDude

    SirManDude5 maanden geleden

    they should add sitting into the game, if you stand around for too long your character just flops and sits down like the minis do after you die, and the animation to stand up takes a little bit so people can see if a person is AFK or sitting in a task for waaay to long, also It looks cute as hell.

  65. Dennis Madrigal

    Dennis Madrigal5 maanden geleden

    The promo in the beginning had me dead 😂😂

  66. Waiivzy

    Waiivzy5 maanden geleden

    Shoutout to the Ikana Canyon music.

  67. Arceaus98

    Arceaus985 maanden geleden

    Nice ring light cameo during the Phoenix Wright bit

  68. aZAyA The Mushrum

    aZAyA The Mushrum5 maanden geleden

    S U S

  69. Andrew Lemerond

    Andrew Lemerond5 maanden geleden

    3:43 I love how you can pinpoint the moment where his heart breaks from shear disappointment

  70. LetGoMyLegos

    LetGoMyLegos5 maanden geleden

    Poor desbug

  71. Merp 78

    Merp 785 maanden geleden

    Silence BRAND

  72. David Weisleder Shacalo

    David Weisleder Shacalo5 maanden geleden

    8:57 yooooooooooooooo

  73. Invader Aid

    Invader Aid5 maanden geleden

    Can’t tell if that was a real advertisement but if it was I like to think he made that speech THEN asked Nord VPN for a sponsorship

  74. yeet gang

    yeet gang5 maanden geleden

    Nordvpn hahahahaha

  75. spell Lana backwards

    spell Lana backwards5 maanden geleden

    "I took MENTAL NOTE." alpha: =3= 👈

  76. Literature Club

    Literature Club5 maanden geleden

    I saw every desbug among us video

  77. Dire

    Dire5 maanden geleden

    ive found myself rewatching a lot of the alpharad among us videos just because like everyone elses is super recycled content and im really tieed of it but alphas stuff is just fresh feeling when i come back to it, its wild

  78. gaming gamer game video game

    gaming gamer game video game5 maanden geleden

    Whats the game he was playing on coolmathgames

  79. Glover Layton

    Glover Layton5 maanden geleden

    The ace attorney music towards the end is the most fitting thing you could have put

  80. Skyfox dartner

    Skyfox dartner5 maanden geleden

    That's alpharad: always trying to find a segway

  81. Literalicity.

    Literalicity.5 maanden geleden

    that sponsorship felt so scripted but still pretty cool

  82. Honeykrisp

    Honeykrisp5 maanden geleden

    My favorite part of the video was the wimsacott multiplying

  83. Conor Gilmore

    Conor Gilmore5 maanden geleden

    Didn’t nordvpn get hacked

  84. Platinum Azure

    Platinum Azure5 maanden geleden

    Loving the Trails in the Sky music! That's such an underappreciated series

  85. Fire Demon

    Fire Demon5 maanden geleden

    When the Imposter is sus! 😳

  86. Fire Demon

    Fire Demon4 maanden geleden


  87. Pato

    Pato4 maanden geleden

    I don’t think you get this one

  88. Kitchen Crab

    Kitchen Crab5 maanden geleden

    Hacker is lying I got nord vpn and I haven’t died in a single game in among us after the purchase

  89. Oliver White

    Oliver White5 maanden geleden

    "If I had NordVPN I would still be alive." Desbug, 2020

  90. Benjamin Schmitt

    Benjamin Schmitt5 maanden geleden

    *Alpha and Ross are both the imposters* Alpha: This team has a zero percent win rate. Me: *looks at the first episode* Are you sure?

  91. Caden10kraze T

    Caden10kraze T5 maanden geleden

    It is such a bust

  92. HyperStar Gaming

    HyperStar Gaming5 maanden geleden

    I was here live when Cade was ejected without any evidence. His reaction was the funniest shit, I wish we got more of that interaction, because I watched that constantly before the stream ended and I could no longer watch it.

  93. B T

    B T5 maanden geleden

    Drumsy is that one guy who you run into in a public lobby amongst the sea of five year olds

  94. LAM678

    LAM6785 maanden geleden

    What's the blocker for?

  95. Zip

    Zip5 maanden geleden

    des dies :)

  96. koidex

    koidex5 maanden geleden


  97. The Abyss

    The Abyss5 maanden geleden

    Jacob says they have a zero percent win rate with ross but forgets that they won on the first among us video he made.

  98. Dan Da Man

    Dan Da Man5 maanden geleden

    What’s the name of the streamer who’s ign was bugsnaxfan o:

  99. DeathSmoke39

    DeathSmoke395 maanden geleden

    Saw this on stream, but I watched again because Alpharad, Alpharad=Content, And Deathsmoke39= even more content ] Merry Christmas

  100. Daniel Woo

    Daniel Woo5 maanden geleden

    These are the friends that you need, the ones that well help you with a sponsorship during a livestream

  101. a_free123

    a_free1235 maanden geleden

    3:41 “OH SHIT ROSS! YOU DONE FUCKED UP!!!!!!!” 😂😂😂

  102. Noodle Occasionally Exists

    Noodle Occasionally Exists5 maanden geleden

    That Apollo Justice music at the end though That hit hard

  103. DeroPlayz (DeroPlayz)

    DeroPlayz (DeroPlayz)5 maanden geleden

    I wish I had friends to do among us videos :/