Best of Alpharad 2020


  1. the

    the16 uur geleden

    love the new content

  2. The Ocurrent

    The Ocurrent5 dagen geleden

    Wait wait I am watching this again to waste my time and outta nowhere he spouts a Hamilton reference I just notice, keep in mind I saw the video when it came out and didn't caught it nor saw it in the comments...I am disappointed in myself

  3. Z Snow

    Z Snow15 dagen geleden

    28:00 megaloVANIA

  4. Lilac

    Lilac20 dagen geleden

    Fyrus: "I have no idea how this game works." Me: "Ah, here comes the half of the video that's just among us."

  5. Song squad 1582

    Song squad 158222 dagen geleden

    im so glad i was there live for the finial world of light nuzlock \

  6. Yoshi_Playz_Gamez

    Yoshi_Playz_Gamez25 dagen geleden

    55:59 bill wurtz x nickelodeon type beat, and it's kinda fire no cap

  7. SMOrange

    SMOrange27 dagen geleden

    I picked up Luigi recently and I know that the ledge trapping Luigi was actually me all along.

  8. trayboiii yeetis

    trayboiii yeetis28 dagen geleden

    I really like how he just has among us in the description

  9. coltin vlogs

    coltin vlogsMaand geleden

    My mom is calling me

  10. Monke

    MonkeMaand geleden

    Anyone know the song at 25:16

  11. Memento Mori

    Memento MoriMaand geleden

    You didnt put every video you made in 2020 into this, clickbait smh.

  12. MrTacko

    MrTackoMaand geleden

    Oooh. Its her, from the por.. i mean twitter image.

  13. Jormey

    JormeyMaand geleden


  14. Finner Desbiens

    Finner DesbiensMaand geleden

    Alpha I name stuff all the time and I was like I would name that turantula Terrence and then you said Terrence and I physically stopped what I was doing and my jaw dropped 😂😂

  15. ChillGeneral

    ChillGeneralMaand geleden

    hi jo

  16. the Sammo

    the SammoMaand geleden

    "NOBLE ROAR - Japanese text - OF DAD"

  17. Pardner

    PardnerMaand geleden

    9:59 hi jo

  18. funtime gamer

    funtime gamerMaand geleden

    What did we learn this year? CHARGE YOUR CONTROLLER GOD DAMMIT

  19. eat chairs

    eat chairsMaand geleden

    king k rool

  20. goodyule

    goodyuleMaand geleden

    After three months I still don't get the Mario meets Mario joke (and what's the song someone please tell me)

  21. Toothpaste

    Toothpaste2 maanden geleden

    everyone in the call: is yelling really loudly alpha: oh cool a new lynn figure, sweet

  22. Jetcast GE

    Jetcast GE2 maanden geleden

    22:25 Tom cruise face moment

  23. Quintin Mills_conrad

    Quintin Mills_conrad2 maanden geleden

    "What the fuck is yellow"

  24. Just Some Guy

    Just Some Guy2 maanden geleden

    wait there was a best part of 2020 oh thats frightening

  25. I AM JAKKO

    I AM JAKKO2 maanden geleden

    Man I wish other people could hear my inner monologue

  26. BrandonFunny

    BrandonFunny2 maanden geleden

    rip swear to my bones

  27. Zavinger Butt

    Zavinger Butt2 maanden geleden

    32:11 hilarious

  28. jesse cabral

    jesse cabral2 maanden geleden


  29. Corvax

    Corvax2 maanden geleden

    The end of an arch

  30. Hi

    Hi2 maanden geleden

    This is just Alpha out of context for an hour, i love it.

  31. Player Dreamer

    Player Dreamer2 maanden geleden

    Lyn Fire Emblem Lyn Fire Emblem Lyn Fire Emblem Lyn Fire Emblem Lyn Fire Emblem Lyn Fire Emblem Lyn Fire Emblem Lyn Fire Emblem Lyn Fire Emblem

  32. Cinder815

    Cinder8152 maanden geleden

    The very first clip "You wanna drink out of me?"

  33. CookieBop

    CookieBop2 maanden geleden

    26:53 What is this song called?

  34. DexperDual

    DexperDual2 maanden geleden

    Cade and Elise is the best moment

  35. Cucco 4E

    Cucco 4E2 maanden geleden


  36. Parker Purciful

    Parker Purciful2 maanden geleden

    With so many subscribe cuts in the video, I was thrown off when it didn't keep playing after the last one.

  37. Max Webb

    Max Webb2 maanden geleden

    Hi Jo

  38. Andrew Ashton

    Andrew Ashton2 maanden geleden

    Ahem. Hi; Jo

  39. emprah the rocket

    emprah the rocket2 maanden geleden

    Me when I die to Zinogre in the hub three times. 2:31

  40. Satherian

    Satherian2 maanden geleden

    "This year sucks" Yeah, but the Alpharad content this year did not! :D

  41. Nefylia

    Nefylia2 maanden geleden


  42. Dapple Drawings

    Dapple Drawings2 maanden geleden

    I wonder if Alpha ever got his Lyn figure?

  43. jaimepina09

    jaimepina092 maanden geleden


  44. Ethan Goulden

    Ethan Goulden2 maanden geleden

    16:31 bro that ledge trapping was kinda schnasty though. Sit there with a straight face and tell me that's no j the funniest shit on the planet

  45. Ethan Goulden

    Ethan Goulden2 maanden geleden


  46. Ethan Goulden

    Ethan Goulden2 maanden geleden

    Schnasty is my new favorite adjective

  47. WIZARD

    WIZARD2 maanden geleden

    hearing you laugh is all it takes to make my day.

  48. Ruben Solis

    Ruben Solis2 maanden geleden

    I like your smooth face

  49. Shenji

    Shenji3 maanden geleden

    This may or may not be the 20th time sleeping while listening to this video

  50. Ice_AgeBaby69

    Ice_AgeBaby693 maanden geleden

    "Look, I get it. You're *tired* of 2020, and who can blame you? this shit's been crazy. But luckily for you *I've* compiled a compilation of my best work this year for you to enjoy." ~What should've been the intro

  51. Doom guy

    Doom guy3 maanden geleden

    Omg its a doom mod. Sonic robo blast 2

  52. mudkip maverik

    mudkip maverik3 maanden geleden

    20:01 man be stealing a bird lady painting. Noice

  53. kenku stealyboi

    kenku stealyboi3 maanden geleden

    Honestly this should be a link to alpharads channels

  54. BrandonEatsShortPeople

    BrandonEatsShortPeople3 maanden geleden

    34:27 is when the video starts having a no

  55. Willyguy22 V2

    Willyguy22 V23 maanden geleden

    32:54 who

  56. greenchamp69

    greenchamp693 maanden geleden

    goodbye swear to my bones 😞😞

  57. Doggo Ty

    Doggo Ty3 maanden geleden

    Yep it’s confirmed I want an alpha rad movie

  58. Josh Elliott

    Josh Elliott3 maanden geleden

    After a short analysis of he went on a 30 game streak of imposter that's like a 1/6 quintillion chance

  59. Fuck Continentals

    Fuck Continentals3 maanden geleden

    Rip Swear to My Bones

  60. Nobleer Obligeer

    Nobleer Obligeer3 maanden geleden

    1:04:25 earrape

  61. Outlaw_ Lynk (Outlaw_L1501)

    Outlaw_ Lynk (Outlaw_L1501)3 maanden geleden

    My mom is calling me

  62. delete this

    delete this3 maanden geleden

    Remember when we thought he was leaving youtube?

  63. zaldo754

    zaldo7543 maanden geleden

    does anyone know what the first song is

  64. Lyno

    Lyno3 maanden geleden

    Swear to my bones is just👌

  65. Scott Elder

    Scott Elder3 maanden geleden

    32:10 holy shit I’d forgotten all about that video and that line so it hit so hard again and I’m cry laughing again 😂

  66. Carlos Molina

    Carlos Molina2 maanden geleden

    do you know what video it is

  67. Wishmute

    Wishmute3 maanden geleden


  68. Space Core In Space

    Space Core In Space3 maanden geleden

    It’s honestly weird to realize that “you want to drink out of me?” was this year. Because damn this year was way too long

  69. God Shomari Smith

    God Shomari Smith3 maanden geleden

    thnx 4 posting this on kwanzaa for the afronerrds.

  70. P d

    P d3 maanden geleden

    18:53 Naruto vs sasuke.

  71. Yoselyn Marysol

    Yoselyn Marysol3 maanden geleden

    47:22 when you realize 83 x 46 is not Kentucky

  72. Retro

    Retro3 maanden geleden

    They put Cuphead in smash

  73. Edgar Berlanga

    Edgar Berlanga3 maanden geleden

    I like how Alpha beat WoL with a reference

  74. BGSnake

    BGSnake3 maanden geleden

    30:09 This is giving me PTSD of my alarm

  75. Kaveric_

    Kaveric_3 maanden geleden

    31:41 what game is this?

  76. Burgz

    Burgz3 maanden geleden

    I want an editor's note compilation

  77. Carlos Quezada

    Carlos Quezada3 maanden geleden

    This year sucma

  78. sorio99

    sorio993 maanden geleden

    Braden’s not good at double kills, huh.

  79. that person with no content

    that person with no content3 maanden geleden

    Lmao youtube sees the game as among us

  80. NaThanos

    NaThanos3 maanden geleden

    8:34 is going in an out of context video

  81. Ghost

    Ghost3 maanden geleden

    Ha 5 hours without imposter? Rookie numbers. I've gone 9.

  82. Eric Blenkush

    Eric Blenkush3 maanden geleden

    1:07:00 the intensity damn

  83. Practically any jojo character

    Practically any jojo character3 maanden geleden

    I, Ronald Mcdonald, have a hamburger

  84. Gaby Leduc

    Gaby Leduc3 maanden geleden

    Little did we all know, this was the last time we would here this famous outro music

  85. ItsMeDean d

    ItsMeDean d3 maanden geleden

    anyone know what game he was playing at 0:29 ?

  86. Mr.Saturn

    Mr.Saturn3 maanden geleden

    Rivals of Aether you can import other characters into the files to add things like Ronald McDonald

  87. Stavros Kousoulakis

    Stavros Kousoulakis3 maanden geleden

    1:06:50 lmao

  88. SamuelZ

    SamuelZ4 maanden geleden


  89. AiNe .L

    AiNe .L4 maanden geleden

    1:05:26 the funny award of 2020

  90. Kendall Stauffer

    Kendall Stauffer4 maanden geleden

    Why are all the women respectors forming a proverbial human shield around Pokimane instead of Adriana? I dont get it

  91. Strange Lake

    Strange Lake4 maanden geleden

    22:41 - YAES

  92. YorzoYam

    YorzoYam4 maanden geleden

    Imagine filming yourself just lying down and sitting there for a minute

  93. MeleeNinja

    MeleeNinja4 maanden geleden

    The last time we heard swear to my bones as Alpharads outro

  94. T7Morshu Clips and VODS

    T7Morshu Clips and VODS4 maanden geleden


  95. 99PercentLIVE

    99PercentLIVE4 maanden geleden


  96. carlitos suerpo

    carlitos suerpo4 maanden geleden

    Goodbye Swear to my Bones 😢

  97. Matthew Griffin

    Matthew Griffin4 maanden geleden

    22:40 It was the Giorno theme

  98. Dylan P

    Dylan P4 maanden geleden

    21:36 cause good transition without being one lol

  99. Weird Kid at your school

    Weird Kid at your school4 maanden geleden

    Ahh i miss Edulitoh

  100. Kirby lover

    Kirby lover4 maanden geleden

    too much among us

  101. b7 _

    b7 _4 maanden geleden

    The final vid with swear to my bones, truly the end of an Era

  102. Kxnnari

    Kxnnari4 maanden geleden


  103. Dennis Prager

    Dennis Prager4 maanden geleden

    Daddy Prager