Betting $10,000 on Mario Party CPUs

Thank you to @TheOdd1sOut, @Ludwig, @SmallAnt, @Failboat!!!
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➤ Music Used:
Brighton Theme:
Who Wants to be a Millionaire:
Party in the Clouds:
Snowflake Lake:
Bikini Bottom:
Dating Start:
X-Naut Fortress:
Pleasure Castle:
Rooftop Run (Night):
Snow Go:
Dating Fight:
Special Course:
Doom and Gloom:
Five Turns Left:
Jr Street:
Teehee Valley:
Grand Finale:
Party’s Over:
Swear to my Bones from Persona 5 (Outro):


  1. Wuendi Torres

    Wuendi Torres34 minuten geleden

    Was this recorded with unregistered hypercam1?

  2. Zachariah Watson

    Zachariah Watson2 uur geleden

    This is funny

  3. Extra French Fry

    Extra French Fry6 uur geleden

    I have never been this emotionally invested in a Mario Party game.

  4. Eldar Taghiyev

    Eldar Taghiyev8 uur geleden

    This look Mario party DS on New 2DS XL/LL (Japan 🇯🇵 use LL and the rest of the world XL) with Super Mario 3D land look.

  5. Mystic 7810

    Mystic 781010 uur geleden

    In the thumbnail James looks like he hate koopa kid

  6. Susan Urban

    Susan Urban11 uur geleden


  7. Lame Liam

    Lame Liam12 uur geleden


  8. noodleGJB

    noodleGJB19 uur geleden

    I'm a boat boi for life Ant is also cool TheOdd1sOut is cool too but I watch him less than Boat and Smant Who tf is Ludwig

  9. Joseph Rose

    Joseph Rose19 uur geleden

    I remember watching this stream

  10. Squid Boy (Octokiddy)

    Squid Boy (Octokiddy)23 uur geleden

    It’s very funny listening to five adults yelling at AI as if the AI can hear them.

  11. Neon

    NeonDag geleden

    9:38 Wario activates ultra instinct

  12. The Mighty Kirbo

    The Mighty KirboDag geleden

    WAS THIS RECORDED BY THE SAMSUNG SMART FRIDGE !?!?ß11?!?!?1ßß?!?ß1ß!?!ß1?!?

  13. remastered games

    remastered gamesDag geleden

    Wario activated ultra instinct

  14. Tophat Metagross

    Tophat MetagrossDag geleden

    Let’s be real. It was all about that Luigi vs Waluigi rivalry throughout it and at the end.

  15. Super

    Super2 dagen geleden

    I put the graphics to the max lol

  16. The Supa Gamar

    The Supa Gamar2 dagen geleden

    9:08 located entirely within that space?

  17. da_xbox360YT

    da_xbox360YT2 dagen geleden

    because you said so the quality is so bad that I can count the pixels but it would take a few days

  18. oliver parsons

    oliver parsons2 dagen geleden

    This video is Mario party on the PSP

  19. SuperGamingBros

    SuperGamingBros3 dagen geleden

    "Unregistered Hypercam" more like "Registered Calmcam"

  20. Porpoiseful (The Meme Master)

    Porpoiseful (The Meme Master)3 dagen geleden

    Did.. did he just.... not upload a sponsored video?

  21. Josiah Ball

    Josiah Ball4 dagen geleden

    Wario is the One at 9:35 if anyone's wondering

  22. Kcatsi

    Kcatsi4 dagen geleden

    The people might want a sequel, but alpha’s wallet would rather die

  23. WALUGI

    WALUGI5 dagen geleden

    Hey failboat plays as me

  24. Slade Sandstrom

    Slade Sandstrom5 dagen geleden

    Got to love the adventure Time DS music 1:25

  25. Alex intro maker

    Alex intro maker6 dagen geleden

    looks like it got recordet with an Toaster

  26. Odle Scaboodle

    Odle Scaboodle7 dagen geleden

    I am dying because an ice tea ad cut of James intro OMG

  27. Tanner Leblanc

    Tanner Leblanc9 dagen geleden

    I didn't know gameboys had cameras

  28. Patronik_xq

    Patronik_xq5 dagen geleden

    There is actually one

  29. Tyler Roberts

    Tyler Roberts10 dagen geleden

    Was this recorded with unregistered hypercam1?


    RYAN HUNKER10 dagen geleden

    the video looks fine for me

  31. Doriyah273

    Doriyah27311 dagen geleden

    Ludwig wins by doing absolutely nothing

  32. radoslav hristov

    radoslav hristov12 dagen geleden

    might as well play saltybet

  33. Justthatguy

    Justthatguy14 dagen geleden

    Final found out why James isn’t uploading

  34. Pizzaman0768

    Pizzaman076814 dagen geleden

    Are these cpus on easy or medium?

  35. Sum Sum

    Sum Sum14 dagen geleden

    cool good

  36. Irish DLT

    Irish DLT15 dagen geleden

    Honestly the graphics make it better

  37. Anime Fan

    Anime Fan16 dagen geleden

    Was This made with my old bleach covered dog trampled Nintendo Ds Lite

  38. Sleepy _

    Sleepy _16 dagen geleden

    It looks like it was recorded on a McDonald’s cash register powered by a lemon Not really I just wanted to say that cuz I thought it wa fun y

  39. jordhan

    jordhan17 dagen geleden

    recorded on a flip phone

  40. Amon

    Amon18 dagen geleden

    Remember when apple released that iPod nano with the tiny camera? How did they record this on that? It doesn’t have USB or anything.

  41. Bee Ayy

    Bee Ayy20 dagen geleden

    Ludwigs mango impression haha and its AMOGUS NOW

  42. Touzer YT

    Touzer YT21 dag geleden

    10:00 when wario awakens his sharingan

  43. KingMickeyC

    KingMickeyC21 dag geleden

    New to the channel, but this is some awesome content lol! Top tier forsure!!!

  44. interestedcat

    interestedcat22 dagen geleden

    I so want a second episode like this!

  45. mariyam maria

    mariyam maria22 dagen geleden

    The unable reindeer spindly beg because island commercially dam at a crooked edward. alive, enchanted robert

  46. The_comfy_gamer

    The_comfy_gamer22 dagen geleden

    Unregistered hypercam 1

  47. Michael G Dell'Aquila

    Michael G Dell'Aquila23 dagen geleden

    was this recorded on a tamagochi?

  48. C S

    C S23 dagen geleden

    Looks like they were playing this on the DS light

  49. Just Zach I guess

    Just Zach I guess24 dagen geleden

    That thumbnail is gold

  50. GamerZGames

    GamerZGames24 dagen geleden


  51. ParisNumberOne

    ParisNumberOne24 dagen geleden

    Was this recorded through a blanket on a camcorder

  52. peanutpockerman

    peanutpockerman25 dagen geleden

    was this funny?

  53. CursedStuffz

    CursedStuffz25 dagen geleden


  54. Richard Teuharde

    Richard Teuharde26 dagen geleden

    " Is this what Republicans think Communism is? " Nah, I think you just have to look at Russia, or China for that one.

  55. Duervelo

    Duervelo26 dagen geleden

    ew, was this recorded on a motorola razr?

  56. potterinhe11

    potterinhe1127 dagen geleden


  57. Blackrose darkflame

    Blackrose darkflame27 dagen geleden

    honestly it still looks pretty good, not sure what you were talking about it being crap

  58. supremechaosbeing ت

    supremechaosbeing ت28 dagen geleden

    i kept getting recommended this video and thinking “waht why would i just want to watch alpharad gamble on some stupid mario party cpus?” then i realized i watch alpharad deluxe and heavily consumed the spectate mode videos

  59. MrCow

    MrCowMaand geleden

    It looks like it was taken by a 3 year old

  60. Mr. Video

    Mr. VideoMaand geleden

    Of course Failboat’s the purple madman.

  61. Kaleb Aziz

    Kaleb AzizMaand geleden

    Was this recorded with unregistered hypercam1?

  62. Grandma Gertrude

    Grandma GertrudeMaand geleden

    4 months huh

  63. Michael Rodriguez

    Michael RodriguezMaand geleden

    It doesnt even look bad or sound bad

  64. Zarian Aldrich

    Zarian AldrichMaand geleden

    the background music at 1:26 is from the game"Adventure time" on nintendo 3DS. I hope I'm the first one to call this out.

  65. MrTacko

    MrTackoMaand geleden

    the quality is better than usual

  66. Laguna x

    Laguna xMaand geleden

    "Is this what republicans think communism is?" You spent 6000 dollars to make a "Mario Retardy" video. FYI, republicans think communism is, "Rich people who are also morons", so I guess you fit.

  67. Orcling

    OrclingMaand geleden

    How do you spend 6000$ watching cpu's play mario party

  68. What's up with

    What's up withMaand geleden

    My head hurts

  69. Owl Tactics

    Owl TacticsMaand geleden

    The video quality of a 1945 tv trying to play ps1 games after it had water spilled on it

  70. Cole Webster

    Cole WebsterMaand geleden

    The quality is like a GameCube game

  71. Fest

    FestMaand geleden

    was this made with paint and kinemaster?

  72. Baysouflee

    BaysoufleeMaand geleden

    or my 3ds

  73. Baysouflee

    BaysoufleeMaand geleden

    it just looks like the microsoft and sony collaboration with the gamercubes

  74. BladingLife

    BladingLifeMaand geleden

    Wait I would ask if this was recorded on a nokia but then realized that nokia footage is better

  75. Joaquin Saba

    Joaquin SabaMaand geleden

    the sad thing is, you can still use the link to get 2 weeks of skillshare.

  76. Kemper Gaming

    Kemper Gaming2 maanden geleden

    This video aged well

  77. LC Kompithra

    LC Kompithra2 maanden geleden

    It wasn't that bad. Really good.

  78. KBM Sonic

    KBM Sonic2 maanden geleden

    Poor Ant...

  79. Mr Drake

    Mr Drake2 maanden geleden

    We need a sequel video to this!

  80. Josh Bryan

    Josh Bryan2 maanden geleden

    These are literally 4 of my 5 favorite youtubers

  81. Jacob Finlay

    Jacob Finlay2 maanden geleden

    Crossover of the century!

  82. IronicIntrovert

    IronicIntrovert2 maanden geleden

    I misread this as "Burning $10,000 on Mario Party CPUs"

  83. ditto as Omanyte Plush

    ditto as Omanyte Plush2 maanden geleden

    "The video is bad quality " me :( Laugh In high quality)

  84. The rito guy

    The rito guy2 maanden geleden

    I think it’s good

  85. dnguyen253

    dnguyen2532 maanden geleden

    I got an ad for gambling problems lmao


    MORITZ MATZ2 maanden geleden

    I just like thinking about the fact that alpharad casually asked 4 friends to record and gave one of them 6k US dollars. He wasn't even betting he just gave a friend 6k

  87. Kj13 2004

    Kj13 20042 maanden geleden

    I’m just happy there is a video starring TheOdd1sOut and Failboat at the same time

  88. nightmare ridden librarian

    nightmare ridden librarian2 maanden geleden

    Why is nobody going to talk about the banger intro for who they bet on

  89. Matthew80 0

    Matthew80 02 maanden geleden

    it looks shit

  90. Nate's Page

    Nate's Page2 maanden geleden

    was this recorded with a VP-210

  91. Nate's Page

    Nate's Page2 maanden geleden

    yes i googled "first camera phone" what are you gonna do about it?

  92. Sinclair Skiba

    Sinclair Skiba2 maanden geleden

    Is that the sponge Bob battle for bikini bottom theme song at the beginning of the video...?

  93. Sinclair Skiba

    Sinclair Skiba2 maanden geleden

    Not theme song, just the one background song that is played all the time

  94. Cucco 4E

    Cucco 4E2 maanden geleden

    Smallant is a great creator that I’ve been watching for a long time, and now he’s everywhere lol

  95. Jesus Vivas

    Jesus Vivas2 maanden geleden

    The Quality was like a snes

  96. i see the end is near

    i see the end is near2 maanden geleden

    Dear Alpharad avatar artist... where tf is his majestic Viking beard??

  97. Pumpkin_King

    Pumpkin_King2 maanden geleden

    Was this recorded on a microwave at McDonald's but their Internet is so bad that it destroys offline games. Holy cow 🐮

  98. emprah the rocket

    emprah the rocket2 maanden geleden

    Ultra instinct Wario. 9:50

  99. emprah the rocket

    emprah the rocket2 maanden geleden

    Me when I fight a mage in ds3: 0:00

  100. Potato Gaming

    Potato Gaming2 maanden geleden

    Looks like my videos..

  101. Benjy BoBo

    Benjy BoBo2 maanden geleden

    Was recorded with photographs

  102. Joseph Coppens

    Joseph Coppens2 maanden geleden


  103. Bongo Wolf

    Bongo Wolf2 maanden geleden

    Everyone else: What was thAaat Fail: MAKE HIM SWALLOW THE ENTIRE BALL