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Demonetization Speedrun


  1. CraftyCarrot

    CraftyCarrot4 maanden geleden

    I think that one month break might’ve been the best thing for you because you have been uploading nothing but bangers since you came back

  2. Enntran

    Enntran9 dagen geleden

    @Alpharad poggers

  3. Fuji Thao

    Fuji ThaoMaand geleden

    Ha "bangers" lmao

  4. Rusty Bud

    Rusty Bud2 maanden geleden

    @Alpharad everyone this man mistyped he meant the red heart

  5. DOA Team

    DOA Team2 maanden geleden

    Noice 👌

  6. Febber Gamming

    Febber Gamming3 maanden geleden

    this is a nuendo


    SPRINGY BOIDag geleden

    Nice score

  8. Dag geleden

    The video: Huniepop The description: BeJeWeLeD

  9. Walf

    Walf2 dagen geleden

    age restricted nice

  10. Griffin

    Griffin2 dagen geleden

    Alpha, you may have found the perfect way to get the perfect spot in a speedrun category for the perfect game, but it doesn't cross your mind ONCE that one good girl is worth a thousand bitches was from BOUND FUCKING 2 you worthless rat funny video

  11. Vulpix Fan 67

    Vulpix Fan 672 dagen geleden


  12. Eva Unit 00

    Eva Unit 003 dagen geleden

    I would never play this or watch this if it wasn't for Alpharad. Alpharad why, they aren't my type.

  13. Kazuma

    Kazuma4 dagen geleden

    I still havent seen the end of huniepop 2

  14. I like waffles

    I like waffles7 dagen geleden

    that moment when u realize he missed the censored part when he shwoed the editing

  15. I like waffles

    I like waffles7 dagen geleden


  16. Enntran

    Enntran9 dagen geleden

    Shadow amog us, and Goku protected us from a glorious videos death

  17. SwordieSlice311

    SwordieSlice3119 dagen geleden

    and youtube listed this as bejeweled... charming

  18. 27pinkdiamond

    27pinkdiamond15 dagen geleden


  19. R - G - C

    R - G - C16 dagen geleden

    So did you achieved Yellow money symbol?

  20. Alexander Dong

    Alexander Dong18 dagen geleden


  21. Alexander Dong

    Alexander Dong18 dagen geleden


  22. Alexander Dong

    Alexander Dong18 dagen geleden


  23. StrateUpGamr

    StrateUpGamr18 dagen geleden


  24. Synphoria

    Synphoria21 dag geleden

    Ah yes, I am watching someone play Bejeweled

  25. TheEmeraldMods

    TheEmeraldMods22 dagen geleden

    I can't watch just cause I don't have a freaking phone *slams keyboard*

  26. BlueWink1

    BlueWink123 dagen geleden

    “Ladies, ladies.... Let’s have *saxophone lessons.* ”

  27. Blook Berry

    Blook Berry24 dagen geleden

    I clicked on this and immediately got hit with the inappropriate content

  28. Imuikyu

    Imuikyu26 dagen geleden

    Shadow disapproves nudity

  29. collynd yezkiel

    collynd yezkiel27 dagen geleden


  30. Thomas Wallace

    Thomas Wallace27 dagen geleden

    lmao the dream music

  31. Amber Last Name (Amber)

    Amber Last Name (Amber)Maand geleden

    Game: Bejeweled According to NLpush.

  32. August Snow

    August SnowMaand geleden

    Jacob, one dollar idea! Put the uncensored and unedited cut on PH

  33. 1234

    1234Maand geleden

    Why did I click this?

  34. Sebastian de Wolfe

    Sebastian de WolfeMaand geleden

    age restricted

  35. Matteo Molina

    Matteo MolinaMaand geleden


  36. David Beauchemin

    David BeaucheminMaand geleden

    Hilarious that this game, as of right now has no 69th place but multiple 68th.

  37. Arboris

    ArborisMaand geleden


  38. tricko1231

    tricko1231Maand geleden

    the "uh huh honey" endcard holy fuck

  39. Tsarius

    TsariusMaand geleden

    I heavily appreciate SaraMoon's comment on it.

  40. Ben Doverson

    Ben DoversonMaand geleden


  41. Mc Nut

    Mc NutMaand geleden

    I died laughing at Jomes message god my sense of humor has really devolved.

  42. Coll

    Coll2 maanden geleden


  43. the jerkbaters

    the jerkbaters2 maanden geleden

    “Wait, I think I might know somebody!” *A few inches later* Fuck, that was perfect

  44. Cole Scarlett

    Cole Scarlett2 maanden geleden

    Speedrun waifu uncovered on the switch you coward.

  45. Cole Scarlett

    Cole Scarlett2 maanden geleden

    Welp, video over, time to reset my view history

  46. ulyt16

    ulyt162 maanden geleden

    I do believe in aiko supremacy

  47. Trussing goose

    Trussing goose2 maanden geleden

    god dammit failboat.

  48. Mr. Mushroomkiller

    Mr. Mushroomkiller2 maanden geleden

    Bro its nice to see that you care about the quality of your videos

  49. Grace Rutledge-Rudasill

    Grace Rutledge-Rudasill2 maanden geleden


  50. Grace Rutledge-Rudasill

    Grace Rutledge-Rudasill2 maanden geleden

    *dream SPEEDRUN music starts playing*

  51. Jr Clark

    Jr Clark2 maanden geleden

    So nice they have to warn you twice

  52. Michael Patterson

    Michael Patterson2 maanden geleden

    I swear this is for research.

  53. Gigs

    Gigs2 maanden geleden

    tfw no aiko. 2/10

  54. Verdeurie

    Verdeurie2 maanden geleden

    This whole video feels like a fever dream.

  55. BomberTheBoss

    BomberTheBoss2 maanden geleden

    “If I wanna get the perfect run, I’m gonna have to cheat.” [Dream Music Plays]

  56. Daniel Faust

    Daniel Faust2 maanden geleden

    H-how the holy fuck is this still monetized??

  57. devil animations

    devil animations2 maanden geleden

    Oh no

  58. yusuf animation

    yusuf animation2 maanden geleden


  59. Niro YEE

    Niro YEE2 maanden geleden

    My friend picked up my phone and saw this, I am now friendless

  60. Sleepy Duck

    Sleepy Duck2 maanden geleden

    This game is garbage

  61. loot pad67

    loot pad672 maanden geleden

    Whered my recommendations go?

  62. Meany Kartoxterm

    Meany Kartoxterm2 maanden geleden


  63. Kaden Bolton

    Kaden Bolton2 maanden geleden

    I would start laughing if he got a girl friend and she found this video

  64. alpha gamer

    alpha gamer2 maanden geleden

    He's married

  65. Ryan McSharry

    Ryan McSharry2 maanden geleden

    haha nice

  66. J.c.

    J.c.2 maanden geleden

    Alright Dating is hard

  67. אבנר לרמן

    אבנר לרמן2 maanden geleden

    Aren't you married

  68. Sami Fauzy

    Sami Fauzy2 maanden geleden

    Ah yes bejeweled

  69. Cridixs

    Cridixs2 maanden geleden

    Alpharad: plays a game that 18+ NLpush: bejeweled

  70. GalxyWasTaken

    GalxyWasTaken2 maanden geleden

    ah yes, bejeweled

  71. Nuva2163

    Nuva21632 maanden geleden

    Anyone else double check his ranking only to find he’s now for some reason 56th place

  72. supershot

    supershot2 maanden geleden

    "plays honey pop" youtube: BeJewELed

  73. Vlanson

    Vlanson2 maanden geleden

    I like how youtube has such a obsession with promoting games, that instead of showing the actual game under the video, it trys to promote Bejeweled 1. A game as dead as your enjoyment when you play it.

  74. Tepiig

    Tepiig2 maanden geleden

    Why does fairy person sound like Paimons voice actor from genshin impact.

  75. perkisy

    perkisy2 maanden geleden

    How the fuck is this monetized

  76. That Guy Named Luke

    That Guy Named Luke2 maanden geleden

    I literally started with an advertisement wtf

  77. SubCountZero

    SubCountZero2 maanden geleden

    Dude the "raw sexual charisma" "WEEEEEEEEEEEED" killed me

  78. A Thought

    A Thought2 maanden geleden

    I come back and it hasn’t gotten demonized

  79. hunter4327

    hunter43272 maanden geleden

    Did u say HONEY a free browser that can save you money just by clicking 2 times you can save up to hundreads of dollars, i bought 2 large pizza’s and with honey i can save my money and just get it for less (disclaimer i suck at spelling so yeah)

  80. The Arcanine Chanellor

    The Arcanine Chanellor2 maanden geleden

    This one seemed to have not been put in my sub box I wonder why

  81. AscePlayz

    AscePlayz2 maanden geleden

    Alpha Respect

  82. Jasmine Browneyes

    Jasmine Browneyes2 maanden geleden

    *HuniePop 2 doesn't have Audrey.* Well this game sucks.

  83. Lizard WIZARD

    Lizard WIZARD3 maanden geleden

    Anyone know the sauce of alpha's discord pfp

  84. Axel Martinez

    Axel Martinez3 maanden geleden

    U truly are a man of quality

  85. Ñ3Rd

    Ñ3Rd3 maanden geleden


  86. scimitar

    scimitar3 maanden geleden

    he falid the demonetization speed run

  87. Cherry Kat

    Cherry Kat3 maanden geleden


  88. Distortion Piranha

    Distortion Piranha3 maanden geleden

    Dream refrence 🤢

  89. Thename Is DH

    Thename Is DH3 maanden geleden

    he had to pull up the dream music

  90. the ghostialt

    the ghostialt3 maanden geleden

    *honestly lost a smidge of respect for alpha for that "dream cheated" reference, coming from someone like him that actually HURTS*

  91. Just A Crab

    Just A Crab3 maanden geleden


  92. i do stuff

    i do stuff3 maanden geleden

    A reminder Jacob is married

  93. Imran Hossain

    Imran Hossain3 maanden geleden

    Funny idea : “make joke about how I’m alone” Haha very funny....

  94. neko uvu

    neko uvu3 maanden geleden

    Sussus amogus

  95. minecraftandeggs

    minecraftandeggs3 maanden geleden

    Failboat brrrr

  96. Owl Tactics

    Owl Tactics3 maanden geleden

    Bummer there was a censore

  97. Migatte no Blakae

    Migatte no Blakae3 maanden geleden

    4:30 “God, she’s played Persona 5 ONCE.”

  98. Trynt Xasan

    Trynt Xasan3 maanden geleden

    “If im gonna get wr Im gonna have to cheat” *Dream speed run music starts playing*

  99. Syakesan

    Syakesan3 maanden geleden

    "And so, I learned two things" " *NEW WENDY'S JALEPNO POPPER CHICKEN SANDWICH* " *Ah yes, The jalapeno sandwich*

  100. Starknight5506

    Starknight55063 maanden geleden

    3:52 she sounds like jessie from pokemon

  101. Blatant Pseudonym

    Blatant Pseudonym3 maanden geleden

    risky click of the day

  102. minty one

    minty one3 maanden geleden

    I love how this whole video is just broken now, age restricted but it wont even let you watch this masterpiece. my solutes to you alpha, you were shooting low for demonetization, but could have gone for age restricted and broken.

  103. Spaztic Gallade

    Spaztic Gallade3 maanden geleden

    You definitely summed up the game in one line. "There's no foreplay"

  104. Dax Edward / Skeleton Pals

    Dax Edward / Skeleton Pals3 maanden geleden

    You said you would be demonetized but you censored it so you won’t get demonetized The only way is to uncensore it

  105. Mr. Pyromaniac

    Mr. Pyromaniac3 maanden geleden


  106. Elizabeth Miller

    Elizabeth Miller3 maanden geleden

    Goto horni jail

  107. Go Go Gyro

    Go Go Gyro3 maanden geleden


  108. Lilac

    Lilac3 maanden geleden

    "I went into this run with nothing but my raw sexual charisma" - Cut to Jacob screaming Warriors in the shower - I'm soaking already.

  109. Timothy James Davies

    Timothy James Davies2 maanden geleden

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  110. Lilac

    Lilac3 maanden geleden

    "Failboat: Wtf are you actually playing huniepop?? Without inviting me????" NOT the wording i expected to see from Dan, for sure Also Adri apitting fax tho

  111. Lilac

    Lilac3 maanden geleden

    "That's... that's a lot." If i was given that line from you with no context, i _would_ assume it was Huniepop.