The gang becomes the best dodgeballers of all time.
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  1. imjusttogood

    imjusttogood6 uur geleden

    where is spelunky 2

  2. SonicDevice Gamer

    SonicDevice Gamer21 uur geleden

    I made a video about baseball

  3. Anselmo Bencosme

    Anselmo BencosmeDag geleden

    What if the all could dodge you?

  4. gnome

    gnomeDag geleden

    Hey as a kid i was pounding the other team

  5. William Kline

    William Kline2 dagen geleden

    Best thing EA has ever released

  6. Stacy Mclin

    Stacy Mclin4 dagen geleden

    0:14 ball

  7. Stacy Mclin

    Stacy Mclin4 dagen geleden


  8. Tapirgod

    Tapirgod5 dagen geleden

    why does it think they are playing a monsters inc game

  9. Rice

    Rice10 dagen geleden

    Man really played against the devs

  10. Gabe Mortell

    Gabe Mortell10 dagen geleden

    Wtf why is this game on the Monster's Inc. Scream Arena?

  11. SIiceBread

    SIiceBread13 dagen geleden

    I'm just realizing that this video went up on my birthday

  12. I am Mazki

    I am Mazki14 dagen geleden

    Dodge ball but everyone can use the morph ball ability from Metroid

  13. Alejandro Omar Francisco García Echeverry

    Alejandro Omar Francisco García Echeverry15 dagen geleden

    i love how in the description it says monsters inc. scream arena XD

  14. Timothy Tosser

    Timothy Tosser16 dagen geleden

    Nice monster inc scream arena gameplay

  15. Ghost (The knight)

    Ghost (The knight)18 dagen geleden

    Can I get the discord?

  16. AGHA GABRIEL2304_2

    AGHA GABRIEL2304_219 dagen geleden

    wow monsters inc sceam arena cool

  17. sandy mcnulty

    sandy mcnulty19 dagen geleden

    Why is the category Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena

  18. LunaSPX

    LunaSPX20 dagen geleden

    I'm happy you finally made a video on *Monsters Inc scream arena.*

  19. nobody nick

    nobody nick22 dagen geleden

    Knock out city? NO monsters inc scream arena

  20. Al T

    Al T22 dagen geleden

    For the ultimate the pull out a bomb and kills the other team

  21. NotTony

    NotTony23 dagen geleden

    I love how the auto generated game topic was Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena

  22. Domafett

    Domafett24 dagen geleden

    monsters inc scream arena

  23. bunnibeetea

    bunnibeetea24 dagen geleden

    okay but why tf does that thumbnail look like me as a kid

  24. Aditya Agarwal

    Aditya Agarwal27 dagen geleden

    This is literally ow genji dodgeball except they can just catch stuff if they want

  25. Laurie Dunfee

    Laurie Dunfee29 dagen geleden

    The game in the description is monsters inc.

  26. Laurie Dunfee

    Laurie Dunfee29 dagen geleden

    It’s not wrong

  27. Just James

    Just James29 dagen geleden

    Guess it came out today

  28. Frog The Human

    Frog The HumanMaand geleden

    big chunges

  29. weeb5566 the real

    weeb5566 the realMaand geleden

    why is the theme song from jump force in the backround ahahaha

  30. Raintu

    RaintuMaand geleden

    Game: Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena

  31. Ja mes

    Ja mesMaand geleden

    i thought this was an alpharad deluxe video

  32. wttu

    wttuMaand geleden

    EA? Excuse me?

  33. MineMan89

    MineMan89Maand geleden

    why does youtube gaming say this is Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena

  34. Bongo Knight

    Bongo KnightMaand geleden


  35. CortlandOrigami

    CortlandOrigamiMaand geleden

    I love how NLpush thinks this is a monster’s inc. game

  36. Brontar

    BrontarMaand geleden

    Game: Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena

  37. POZn MAKs

    POZn MAKsMaand geleden

    Wa sucks but this game might be fun.

  38. ImDanett

    ImDanettMaand geleden

    Im Sorry! Why is the game listed in the description Monster, Inc. Scream Arena!

  39. Brightish

    BrightishMaand geleden

    Ah yes, Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena.

  40. Owl Tactics

    Owl TacticsMaand geleden

    Ernie gang

  41. gedster49

    gedster49Maand geleden

    Missing this game rn


    SHADOW THE HEDGEHOGMaand geleden


  43. Cake Pants

    Cake PantsMaand geleden

    "Game: Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena" This makes perfect sense.

  44. dankey memees

    dankey memeesMaand geleden

    monsters inc scream arena

  45. Sly Osiah

    Sly OsiahMaand geleden

    What ur comes out on my birthday!!!!!!!

  46. KingBlackstone

    KingBlackstoneMaand geleden

    WeLL AcTuAllY AlPhArAd I wAsN‘t PiCkEd LaSt iN dOdGeBaLL, I wAs AcTuALLy PiCkEd SeCoNd tO lAsT -some nerd

  47. Lisa W

    Lisa WMaand geleden


  48. F.M.T Productions

    F.M.T Productions2 maanden geleden

    “Dodgeball!” Roll credits

  49. Cole Wygans

    Cole Wygans2 maanden geleden

    I'm so glad Alpharad finally played my favorite game: Monsters Inc. Scream Arena (2002)

  50. CptToro08

    CptToro082 maanden geleden

    If Alpharad is going to play a dodgeball game he needs to play SuperDodgeBall on the NES

  51. GRW

    GRW2 maanden geleden

    Transformers into dababy dodgeball

  52. MiDeN

    MiDeN2 maanden geleden

    According to NLpush I am watching a video about Monsters Inc. Scream Arena 👍

  53. seanathan

    seanathan2 maanden geleden

    The video's game category is apparently "Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena" yes i agree

  54. Vivid

    Vivid2 maanden geleden

    why the fuck is monsters inc in the description

  55. A random Brush

    A random Brush2 maanden geleden

    Ah i love the game *Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena*

  56. Lance Hightower

    Lance Hightower2 maanden geleden

    dude I can't fucking WAIT to have pay to win dodgeball let's fucking GOOOOOO

  57. Prismatic

    Prismatic2 maanden geleden

    I guess the jump force menu theme is a channel staple now

  58. Ainsley Johnstone

    Ainsley Johnstone2 maanden geleden


  59. Night niro

    Night niro2 maanden geleden

    My birthday was this dodgeball

  60. Fireprober Returns

    Fireprober Returns2 maanden geleden

    I wonder how much you have to pay to press a button?

  61. [Special337]

    [Special337]2 maanden geleden


  62. AdventureMidget

    AdventureMidget2 maanden geleden

    Look, I get it. You're tired of Dodgeball

  63. The Ani3Verse

    The Ani3Verse2 maanden geleden

    Still using the jump force theme

  64. Your local Bean supplier

    Your local Bean supplier2 maanden geleden

    The jump force music in the back in the begging tho

  65. DatalysJR

    DatalysJR2 maanden geleden

    Huh didn’t realize this uploaded on my birthday, epic

  66. JD Graham

    JD Graham2 maanden geleden

    Why do I hear the persona 5 theme in here?

  67. JamesG 23

    JamesG 232 maanden geleden


  68. Noomy Leader

    Noomy Leader2 maanden geleden

    This game is awful don’t get it, it is a waste of time

  69. J W

    J W2 maanden geleden


  70. YOimma JOE

    YOimma JOE2 maanden geleden

    "You probably got picked last for it" This is a bit too real for me

  71. Desiboy Traveller

    Desiboy Traveller2 maanden geleden

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  72. Glasses Gaming

    Glasses Gaming2 maanden geleden

    bruh, youtube thought this was "Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena"

  73. Cucky’s hell Crack house

    Cucky’s hell Crack house2 maanden geleden

    ea? yeah its gonna be shit

  74. minato power

    minato power2 maanden geleden

    Me: oh cool Knockout City NLpush: Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena Me: What kind of drugs are you on?

  75. Foex

    Foex2 maanden geleden

    A moment of your attention to he fact that the description says Monster Inc Scream Arena

  76. Michael Hansman

    Michael Hansman2 maanden geleden

    monsters inc scream arena

  77. Monky

    Monky2 maanden geleden

    took me 2 years to finally get picked captain for dodgeball

  78. Bede

    Bede2 maanden geleden

    Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena

  79. Play Subnautica

    Play Subnautica2 maanden geleden

    The fact that you literally put a picture of me when i was 7 in the thumbnail means alot

  80. Gucci Walrus

    Gucci Walrus2 maanden geleden

    Leave it to Jacob to upload a sponsored video just called dodgeball with the thumbnail just being a kid with a Dodgeville Also the jump force music gets me every time

  81. Jaylen Wharton

    Jaylen Wharton2 maanden geleden

    Alpharad gets flexed on by a dev team.

  82. Heart of the Fluft

    Heart of the Fluft2 maanden geleden

    Alpharad literally got paid for playing video games I wanna have his confidence to do the same someday...

  83. BranJohn98

    BranJohn982 maanden geleden

    The Jump Force HQ music in the background is such a blursed sound

  84. Moose The Moose

    Moose The Moose2 maanden geleden

    Why jump force music in the background?😭

  85. Ice Tray

    Ice Tray2 maanden geleden

    Oh no it’s made by EA

  86. Optimal Melon Position

    Optimal Melon Position2 maanden geleden

    Ive got a feeling this is gonna be the next fortnite

  87. Andrezits

    Andrezits2 maanden geleden

    After the Brawlout video I can't see this video in any way other than them drunkingly narrating pre recorded footage

  88. Swift Studios

    Swift Studios2 maanden geleden

    Video: Knockout City Description: *Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena*

  89. Jason Chau

    Jason Chau2 maanden geleden

    “And you get picked last for dodgeball” I feel attacked...

  90. Glenn Vincent Salagoste

    Glenn Vincent Salagoste2 maanden geleden

    2:58 peter griffin death pose

  91. MonkeyBoyBill

    MonkeyBoyBill2 maanden geleden

    The Return of the King #19

  92. ye

    ye2 maanden geleden

    rip this game

  93. Oscar Garcia

    Oscar Garcia2 maanden geleden

    haha video

  94. Finley Talboys

    Finley Talboys2 maanden geleden

    I never got picked at dogeball🥲

  95. Miles Bone

    Miles Bone2 maanden geleden

    Wow that was along time ago when mandjtv stole the idea to do a leavel 9 cpu terney with Pokémon (but he dident Steele it)

  96. Normal Youtube Channel

    Normal Youtube Channel2 maanden geleden

    Me: lets see what game it is Alpharad: its Knockout City Me: Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena isnt Knockout City

  97. Ripebulldog15688

    Ripebulldog156882 maanden geleden

    Ahh yes my favourite game monsters Inc scream arena

  98. Those4 Dudes

    Those4 Dudes2 maanden geleden

    The game seems fun but the opening sound like EA was holding a gun to his back

  99. Harvey The Broad

    Harvey The Broad2 maanden geleden

    Ea made a game with an interesting concept thats actually fun, thought those days were long gone

  100. Marc 83

    Marc 832 maanden geleden

    Alpharad basically needs sponsors to exist at this point

  101. big poggers

    big poggers2 maanden geleden

    HOLY CRAP NLpush THINKS THIS IS, AND I QUOTE, "Monsters Inc. Scream Arena"

  102. player select

    player select2 maanden geleden

    why is noone talking about how this is labeled as monsters inc??????