Getting Every Character into Elite Smash

Prepare for the timeless journey of Manic's voyage into Elite Smash.
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After two years of Ultimate, I somehow had less than half of the roster in Elite Smash. So naturally, I decided to rip the band-aid off and get every remaining character into the promised land of Elite Smash. All thanks to Manic.

...I'll make a Sephiroth video soon.

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➤ Full List:

0:00 Intro / Creating Manic
1:50 PHASE 1: Learning How to Disconnect
20:49 The Ironwill Chronicles
28:29 PHASE 2: Toxic, but Winning
51:38 The Greninja Saga
1:05:44 PHASE 3: Everyone is Here
1:15:03 Outro / The Minecraft Steve Gauntlet


  1. Alpharad

    Alpharad4 maanden geleden

    Download AFK Arena for free!

  2. Versario

    VersarioDag geleden

    I don't know how you do this, I would have thrown my controller twice when people leave after sweating so hard and you get nothing out of it. Never am I playing online smash unless it's for fun

  3. Nathanial Casler West

    Nathanial Casler West5 dagen geleden


  4. Orange Peel

    Orange Peel20 dagen geleden


  5. Guh huh HulkY boi

    Guh huh HulkY boi21 dag geleden

    Sorry no storage

  6. Riley Tamillo

    Riley Tamillo24 dagen geleden

    Oh god theyre holding you hostage somebody help jacob

  7. Pigeon_Chest

    Pigeon_Chest8 uur geleden

    As someone who tries to main littlemac and fails, he probably just wants to fight you to sharpen his skills. No way to get better at fighting than to fight the people who now their shit about the game. Little mac is 100% skill based, and I'm awful at him just like the rest of the little mac mains.

  8. solar master vlogs

    solar master vlogs12 uur geleden

    The reason Greninja took so long to get in elite smash it's because they're a ninja why would they want people to know their name if they're an elite smash all right that was a bad joke I'm out of here

  9. lazyspirit

    lazyspirit15 uur geleden

    28:57 as a Steve main, this hurts too watch

  10. Kemmy Loopa

    Kemmy Loopa21 uur geleden

    Anyone else scrolling through the comments in case Ironwill miraculously saw this video?

  11. A Brittish Panfish

    A Brittish PanfishDag geleden

    the entirety of greninja was just a massive buildup of karma

  12. Crusader of Holyness

    Crusader of HolynessDag geleden

    Ironwill should get merch made out of him

  13. Zachary Hancock

    Zachary HancockDag geleden

    can we all just be thankful that alpharad gave us this amazing vid i loved how he made both lucinas disconnect i wasn't even playing and that felt good to watch and all yall saying make a iron will book or movie it should be rated R it was honestly sad LMAO

  14. Remdog 56

    Remdog 56Dag geleden

    Well there is a punishment for that it is that you can’t play for a limited time

  15. KamutheCloud

    KamutheCloudDag geleden


  16. Hecson Giles Ubiña

    Hecson Giles UbiñaDag geleden

    Greninja arc is epic

  17. Joseph Ector

    Joseph EctorDag geleden

    Praise Ironwill and his ironwill

  18. Aiden Zorn

    Aiden ZornDag geleden

    99% of matches were FFA’s and the other 1% were the Lucina vs Greninja matches

  19. Hollownessed's Greatest fear

    Hollownessed's Greatest fearDag geleden

    Once there was a tale about a man that had iron Will his name was ironWill and his will was harder than iron

  20. John Santos Alvarez

    John Santos Alvarez2 dagen geleden

    bruh the sans is my friend

  21. Enoch Hisao

    Enoch Hisao2 dagen geleden

    The panicky history importantly divide because bead intuitively stroke next a magical net. gaudy, tightfisted dinosaur

  22. iDan121

    iDan1212 dagen geleden

    I'm may be butt hurt but Lucas is more complex than B it's just nobody ever wants to get good at Lucas so most of the time B and then they complain saying "lUcAs iS juST a SPAMer" when they don't want to play him like a character

  23. JingleMan1336

    JingleMan13362 dagen geleden

    Say did the Lucinas ever get banned from online

  24. bubba h

    bubba h3 dagen geleden

    20:55 the iron will era

  25. Squid Boy (Octokiddy)

    Squid Boy (Octokiddy)3 dagen geleden

    Hey, quick update about Ironwill, around 2 months ago, I found him, still trying to get Elite Smash K. Rool. He is very, very much better now, got 3-stocked by him.

  26. João Nabo

    João Nabo3 dagen geleden

    Now to get Kazuya into elite smash

  27. Aussie ‘merican

    Aussie ‘merican3 dagen geleden

    Ironwill’s name was not true, for he had the will of a *Dragon*

  28. PinqHitz

    PinqHitz3 dagen geleden

    "look at that 1 second finish time" - thats what she said

  29. ClumZ

    ClumZ3 dagen geleden

    No one did.

  30. griffin Gibson

    griffin Gibson3 dagen geleden

    After you did the discord tag thing i every third person i see has one

  31. Crackinator

    Crackinator3 dagen geleden

    “I know that my anger in a kids party game is embarrassing” Nah bro smash is one of the most rage inducing games out there.

  32. Jacen The Vessel

    Jacen The Vessel3 dagen geleden


  33. YaboiChipTolentino

    YaboiChipTolentino3 dagen geleden

    Just got my first character into elite smash like just now

  34. Hat

    Hat5 dagen geleden

    34:56 Excuse me

  35. a normal gamer guy

    a normal gamer guy5 dagen geleden

    He truly has a iron will

  36. Chicken Man

    Chicken Man5 dagen geleden

    I'm still not great with Steve tbh.

  37. San XD

    San XD5 dagen geleden

    Everyone in the comments is trying to find Ironwill

  38. Anchovies On Nachos

    Anchovies On Nachos5 dagen geleden

    All k-rool mains should name themselves Ironwill now.

  39. Cole Haugen

    Cole Haugen5 dagen geleden

    As a former Dr. Mario main, the Dr. Mario part hurt me.

  40. Alia Davis

    Alia Davis5 dagen geleden

    Find iron will!!!

  41. Thomas “Poor Tommy” Lloyd Smith

    Thomas “Poor Tommy” Lloyd Smith6 dagen geleden

    As soon as he said I’m going to finish this with no pikeman my quality dropped lmao

  42. Magmarashi

    Magmarashi6 dagen geleden

    "If there's an Ironwill, there is a way (to elite smash)" - Diddy, The Ice Climbers, Lucario and MAJOR I think

  43. Bacon RBLX

    Bacon RBLX6 dagen geleden

    1:10:04 meta Knight is my favourite

  44. Trojans

    Trojans6 dagen geleden

    iron will needs a green lanter ring

  45. gegar is awsome 2

    gegar is awsome 26 dagen geleden

    Why you gotta disrespect Sonic the hegehog

  46. Axel

    Axel6 dagen geleden

    I just realized... what happened with rosalina and Luma?

  47. Aiden Stuart

    Aiden Stuart7 dagen geleden

    33:31 Tiki Sd'd

  48. the

    the7 dagen geleden

    as a fellow aaron, i hate the nickname a-a-ron.

  49. • Kruatheshow •

    • Kruatheshow •7 dagen geleden

    This video is so amazing

  50. Jayden Owens

    Jayden Owens7 dagen geleden

    bruh I turned 13 just 3 days ago and I don't act like this

  51. astell

    astell7 dagen geleden

    in that terry's defense i think like 90% of us would also dc (or at least SD) if we got ramblin' mushroom'd twice over

  52. Arcade33

    Arcade337 dagen geleden

    Each time someone rages/disconnects you take a shot

  53. OneNerdyBoi

    OneNerdyBoi7 dagen geleden

    Prime if you find this I watched the video. Now buy Mario kart you heathen

  54. Fluffy Otter

    Fluffy Otter7 dagen geleden

    I never realized quitting a match did that and now a feel so bad

  55. little guy*

    little guy*7 dagen geleden

    I love coming back to videos like this, then go play the game to be camped out by everybody I meet

  56. • Kruatheshow •

    • Kruatheshow •7 dagen geleden

    The death sentence ending: You have been blocked by Ironwill. Rey and 1wayanova have sent you a friend request!


    MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE7 dagen geleden

    We have to find iron will


    MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE4 dagen geleden

    @Johannes Boomsma Pog

  59. Johannes Boomsma

    Johannes Boomsma6 dagen geleden

    We already did a while ago on twitter

  60. Megaman Z

    Megaman Z8 dagen geleden

    99% of comments: About Ironwill. 1% of comments: Everything else.

  61. EmryIN

    EmryIN8 dagen geleden

    i see him getting at around 8.3 mil but my pyra and mithra didnt get in at 8.9 mil

  62. Johannes Boomsma

    Johannes Boomsma6 dagen geleden

    This footage is older and you didnt have to have that much gsp back then

  63. Frogman Productions

    Frogman Productions8 dagen geleden

    Those lucinas are now my least favorite online players.

  64. William The gamer

    William The gamer8 dagen geleden

    Rey literally went: Im not winning so... (cryies like a fuckin child)

  65. Jayson Benedict

    Jayson Benedict8 dagen geleden

    When Ironwill came back I knew it was a good video!

  66. A Fur Hat

    A Fur Hat8 dagen geleden

    21:00 is when the video actually starts

  67. Tyler Harper

    Tyler Harper3 dagen geleden

    Not gonna lie altrive is super unfunny

  68. mr5pokemon

    mr5pokemon8 dagen geleden

    Vs the Lucina’s I would have just turned the game off fuck them

  69. c4nvm

    c4nvm8 dagen geleden

    has ironwill commented on this video?

  70. nobody Flores

    nobody Flores9 dagen geleden

    Alpharad to Falloutguy: *How dare you stand where he stood*

  71. Shadow Zealot

    Shadow Zealot9 dagen geleden

    Ironwill my man

  72. Digital Creeper

    Digital Creeper9 dagen geleden

    Alpharad: this will be my farewell to elite smash. Pyra and mythra: allow me to introduce myself.

  73. Super Sobos

    Super Sobos9 dagen geleden

    I like how manic has 69 in his name. He is a true gamer

  74. Max Velez

    Max Velez9 dagen geleden

    I like to think of this as a kind of ssbu supercut

  75. GrimCreeper Reacting and gaming

    GrimCreeper Reacting and gaming9 dagen geleden

    I was crying+laughing while on the ironwill saga

  76. BEAN MAN

    BEAN MAN10 dagen geleden

    I was chicken man, and I was really schmooved on

  77. Deku

    Deku11 dagen geleden

    what was the song that played during the Lucas pk fire segment?

  78. Eggzwithaz

    Eggzwithaz11 dagen geleden

    The K Rool. that could...... the light at the end of a path of darkness...... the true gamer........ *Ironwill*

  79. Lofey !!!

    Lofey !!!11 dagen geleden

    Afk arena is the new raid shadow legends

  80. Floor Squidd

    Floor Squidd11 dagen geleden

    Did anyone else almost cry when they saw ironwill near the end?

  81. Timothy Schmiedl

    Timothy Schmiedl11 dagen geleden

    *tea bags* Wow why’re people being salty

  82. CamTheKitty

    CamTheKitty11 dagen geleden

    Plays toxic, is surprised so many people leave.

  83. Mil Udtaisuk

    Mil Udtaisuk11 dagen geleden

    The protagonist: alpha The cool friend: sugar tone The legendary teacher: ironwill The bad guy:that teaming lucina

  84. Dan B

    Dan B11 dagen geleden

    "F**k this frog, am I right?" Lmfaoo. 52:56

  85. Dan B

    Dan B11 dagen geleden

    Lucario is so good though. Lmao.

  86. Johannes Boomsma

    Johannes Boomsma6 dagen geleden

    What are you smoking?

  87. LOLGamer 98

    LOLGamer 9812 dagen geleden

    Ironwill pls comment on this video


    MOIST SOUP12 dagen geleden


  89. nobody nick

    nobody nick12 dagen geleden

    As a meta knight main his meta knight was uhhhh

  90. Diabolical D

    Diabolical D12 dagen geleden

    Bruh my main IS Greninja

  91. Nick Gibson

    Nick Gibson12 dagen geleden

    I love ironwill

  92. Nebulae

    Nebulae12 dagen geleden

    Yoshi definitely tastes like one of those gummy sharks that taste amazing but take a full minute to chew a bite I wrote this at 1am

  93. Goldi Boi

    Goldi Boi12 dagen geleden

    Alpharad: YES I GOT EVERY CHARACTER IN ELITE SMASH! Pyra and Mythra: allow us to introduce ourselves

  94. Idk

    Idk12 dagen geleden

    I am friends with Iornwill on the switch

  95. nêbulous

    nêbulous13 dagen geleden

    hey, Alpharad you're a bit of a p**sy for using items and final smash.

  96. KG Edwards

    KG Edwards13 dagen geleden

    Everyone is talking about repeats of ironwill, sugartone, etc, but no one is talkin about how Jesse made an appearance near the end.

  97. Leontios Charalambous

    Leontios Charalambous13 dagen geleden

    The greninja saga is a God damn super villain backstory

  98. Miggle

    Miggle13 dagen geleden

    7:14 that k.rool was me.

  99. Ty

    Ty13 dagen geleden

    i'm hearing the xehanort theme rn

  100. Jackie Connies

    Jackie Connies14 dagen geleden

    Lucas pk fire go brrrr

  101. Pac

    Pac14 dagen geleden

    Iron Will the absolute legend

  102. Cringemaster 21

    Cringemaster 2114 dagen geleden

    I'm like Iron will "Didn't see that coming"

  103. Alphashadow

    Alphashadow14 dagen geleden

    If I ran into ironwill I would give him a free win

  104. Lime-Kunchan69 •

    Lime-Kunchan69 •14 dagen geleden

    YOUVE JUST BEEN COCONUT MALL’D 🏎🚗🚜🚐🏎🏎🚕🥥 TO SAVE YOURSELF FROM THIS Lmao you thought I’d sink so low to beg for likes? I don’t care what you do lol, it’s your life, do what ya want.

  105. p u r e w a t e r

    p u r e w a t e r15 dagen geleden

    The greninja saga is a whole nother level of like... idk how to describe it

  106. MisterMaxie

    MisterMaxie15 dagen geleden

    Even if Jacob deserved all the stuff that happened in this video, I still feel bad for him because nobody should go through this.

  107. SomeGuyFlo

    SomeGuyFlo15 dagen geleden

    Wait what did they mean in 48:14?

  108. Squiddler

    Squiddler11 dagen geleden

    *Forward Aerial*

  109. Moneyman 22

    Moneyman 2215 dagen geleden


  110. SomeGuyFlo

    SomeGuyFlo15 dagen geleden

    Never forget IronWill 2021

  111. Michel Teuben

    Michel Teuben15 dagen geleden

    Those lucinas are like wasps useless and nobody likes em