"I can still win this"

[Run 4, Episode 6] ...is the impossible finally possible?
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  1. Heck Boi

    Heck Boi2 maanden geleden

    Zero suit samus to samus: My Jab actually works BiTcH

  2. Nyeem Oliver

    Nyeem Oliver2 maanden geleden

    You cant win

  3. The Judge

    The Judge3 maanden geleden

    Dude on the alucard battle Simon just committed suicide

  4. The Beep Man

    The Beep Man3 maanden geleden

    It’s been like 3 years and I didn’t know about this short hop damage bs lol


    BL4ZE LEGEND3 maanden geleden

    Random fact: the reason Brown Ryu represents Akuma was because if did a certain combo In street fighters 2 as brown Ryu he become Akuma or just ???

  6. Aiko

    Aiko3 maanden geleden

    I love this guys laugh lmao

  7. illusion Gamer

    illusion Gamer3 maanden geleden

    “World Of Light (aka the WiiU era)” love it so much though Super Mario 3D world was like the only good game on the WiiU soooo-

  8. jac1011

    jac10113 maanden geleden

    wait this isnt 0 views

  9. shiro_

    shiro_4 maanden geleden

    0:12 I prefer this FFVII Remake than the original remake.

  10. the timeless Steel

    the timeless Steel4 maanden geleden

    ZSS is the new bayonetta

  11. Moses Lee

    Moses Lee4 maanden geleden

    Bowser Jr got gimped by an invisible sheik

  12. Mista Lemon Trout

    Mista Lemon Trout4 maanden geleden


  13. just a user

    just a user4 maanden geleden

    im doing a world of light run with only kirby characters wish me luck

  14. Bacon Pro

    Bacon Pro4 maanden geleden

    :Zelda: kicks dark pit in the nuts :Dark pit: fine i'll join

  15. Dreaming Bean

    Dreaming Bean4 maanden geleden



    ČØŻŸ ŚÜÑFŁØWĖR4 maanden geleden

    Im pretty sure bowser.Jr got footstooled

  17. Ignacio Jiménez Vargas

    Ignacio Jiménez Vargas4 maanden geleden

    6:57 Dark Pit say goodbye to decendence

  18. Emanuel Lucian

    Emanuel Lucian4 maanden geleden

    Shouldve use one punch mac

  19. Voıd

    Voıd4 maanden geleden

    Zero suit laughs against the pitiful attempts of the other fighters... SHE IS THE GOAT.

  20. Vipereaper

    Vipereaper4 maanden geleden

    look at the boomerang at 7:09

  21. Max & Kat

    Max & Kat4 maanden geleden

    luigi ladder? PFFFFFFFFFF more like "zero suit samus ladder"

  22. Mudkip Mudkip

    Mudkip Mudkip5 maanden geleden

    Did you really say that the Dracula boss fight is hard

  23. Jinku Edits

    Jinku Edits5 maanden geleden


  24. Foxwolfdefendsquads _roblox

    Foxwolfdefendsquads _roblox5 maanden geleden

    Sheik foot stooled u but shes invisible

  25. John Rambo

    John Rambo5 maanden geleden

    I remember when Bayonetta use to be good and ruined pro smash. These days we barely see her. How sad.

  26. Imma Android 17

    Imma Android 175 maanden geleden

    Alphrad is the best edited iv ever seen

  27. 1fightfan37

    1fightfan375 maanden geleden

    She used her flying fish kick as soon as you used up b so it spicked as soon as you came out of your cart so you died

  28. BoingK

    BoingK5 maanden geleden

    3:52 What have I just seen

  29. Quokka

    Quokka5 maanden geleden

    12:08 that sounds so familiar

  30. GalacticGamin1YT

    GalacticGamin1YT5 maanden geleden

    How the hell does he do those photoshop edits?

  31. GreninjaPlays

    GreninjaPlays6 maanden geleden

    Can you just get a mega Mewtwo spirit and a waluigi spirit please you better do it or I will not subscribe


    AUSTIN THOMPSON6 maanden geleden

    May I A X E you a question 9:00

  33. Mr Winsalot

    Mr Winsalot6 maanden geleden

    What is that thumbnail

  34. Brian Mo

    Brian Mo6 maanden geleden

    No one no one at all. Alpha Fore as daisy smacks him with a tennis racket.

  35. majorelle

    majorelle6 maanden geleden

    i like how when he plays zelda, neutral b is the first move we see

  36. Klaustrix

    Klaustrix6 maanden geleden

    Light lord Lucas? Lord Lucus of the Light?

  37. Dizzy_Wolfe

    Dizzy_Wolfe6 maanden geleden

    "Sir, I'm afraid you've gone mad with power." "Of course I have, have you ever tried going mad without power? It's boring no one listens to you"

  38. Finn 626

    Finn 6266 maanden geleden

    3:45 bayyonate flashbacks

  39. epic bot

    epic bot6 maanden geleden

    I want to do it but the spirits I already have will get in the way do anyone know how to like lock them?

  40. Double896

    Double8966 maanden geleden

    I'm pretty sure Alpha created a new account for this

  41. Crypto Waffles

    Crypto Waffles6 maanden geleden

    Cloud fucking strife

  42. Niko Meech

    Niko Meech6 maanden geleden

    zero siut’s boots: die enemy:okay

  43. Eli Milleman

    Eli Milleman6 maanden geleden

    Dedede: *sees Pikachu get YEETED off stage* Aight, Imma head out!

  44. Mr Monster

    Mr Monster6 maanden geleden

    you can roll away when master hand i grabing you

  45. Cooper Steiner

    Cooper Steiner6 maanden geleden

    So wait how many times have you done this nuslocke? There was the 2019 then the practice and now?

  46. Double896

    Double8966 maanden geleden

    Correction, he did 4 runs last year, and then this run

  47. Some random piano player :)

    Some random piano player :)6 maanden geleden

    I'm a simp for Robin - Alpharad 2020

  48. Shawn Burke-Hutchinson

    Shawn Burke-Hutchinson6 maanden geleden

    "I simp for Robin" -Alpharad 2020

  49. EasyGaming

    EasyGaming6 maanden geleden

    Smash Bros. Devs: Lets add curry to make this battle more difficult. Alpharad: I'm about to end this mans whole career.

  50. Totaal niet Mauro

    Totaal niet Mauro6 maanden geleden

    As a Robin main the frist time he dier felt like the Robin matchup in smash 4 and the second time is every thing what is holding the character back

  51. Leo Ergen

    Leo Ergen6 maanden geleden

    "...and everyone else thats also unfortunate" -with the least amount of pity, Alpharad

  52. James D

    James D6 maanden geleden

    Reminds me of a quote i heard once: Against Players: don't cheese people online, its not cool Against AI: BURY THEM IN GOUDA!!!

  53. Za Phantom

    Za Phantom6 maanden geleden

    2:00 Bowser Jr's biggest flaw, weak knockback moves when he up bs are his dimise.

  54. Wesley Jones

    Wesley Jones6 maanden geleden

    I actually am a Bowser Jr. main THEY DO EXIST

  55. Marioparhmari

    Marioparhmari6 maanden geleden

    Don't lie Cloud with master sword vs ganophiroth Sounds so badass

  56. Shimmy

    Shimmy6 maanden geleden

    Cute zelda pic, I click

  57. John Shepard

    John Shepard6 maanden geleden

    Daisy is a vampire now. This is canon. I don't make the rules.

  58. InkAssassn

    InkAssassn6 maanden geleden



    DANIEL LOPEZ6 maanden geleden

    These intros are getting better and better

  60. Adrien & Allen (Xander)

    Adrien & Allen (Xander)6 maanden geleden

    Most of the video: Alpharad sees a kill but then realizes he shouldn't go for it but then gets absolute discomfort.

  61. Tinil0

    Tinil06 maanden geleden

    9:38 Audio captured from Alpha's last overnight encounter: "Big...big...BIG..YEEEEEEESSSS" *grunt and then relieved sigh* "Thank you Daisty..." *another out of breath sigh followed by sobbing noises* "I'm sorry Robin. God, I'm just...I'm...I'm sorry Robin"

  62. SilentVinyl

    SilentVinyl6 maanden geleden


  63. Michael Raad

    Michael Raad6 maanden geleden

    The quaint libra briefly deliver because slice legally pack like a curvy selection. obedient, skillful jeans

  64. Zhongli

    Zhongli6 maanden geleden

    alright... spam Richter/Simon's down air vs drac and it will dededestroy him

  65. Krusader Kirbo

    Krusader Kirbo6 maanden geleden

    Lightlocke just makes me think smash emblem is a fun idea

  66. Shadowkiller

    Shadowkiller6 maanden geleden

    I always use little mac on every fight and then basically one shot everyone at the start without dying

  67. Nathan Trongale

    Nathan Trongale6 maanden geleden

    I really liked the joke at the beginning of the video with the Wii and I feel like it went under appreciated after scrolling through the comments

  68. SomeWeeb

    SomeWeeb6 maanden geleden

    1:49 I believe that may have been a foot stool

  69. faded vlogs

    faded vlogs6 maanden geleden


  70. AJ Morales

    AJ Morales6 maanden geleden

    He should’ve turned lucina into a fairy baby for a small boost in stats.

  71. AJ Morales

    AJ Morales6 maanden geleden

    Nobody’s gonna get this.

  72. Emryn Philogene

    Emryn Philogene6 maanden geleden

    Something that works really well with most spirits is using the sloppy toad spirit with the great zap fish and using any character with a powerful forward smash

  73. Emryn Philogene

    Emryn Philogene6 maanden geleden

    2:00 Weak moves can gimp bowser jr’s up b. It’s very dumb.

  74. Skyfox dartner

    Skyfox dartner6 maanden geleden

    3:50 that's his evil laugh


    BILLY HARRIS6 maanden geleden

    Alpharad: fighting to not go offstage Bowsers ghost: bruh

  76. Joshua Roby

    Joshua Roby6 maanden geleden

    CPU: grabs a curry item Alpharad: So, you have chosen death.

  77. Lunar Komet

    Lunar Komet6 maanden geleden

    I'm sorry to say this but this series has lost all it's pathos and tension

  78. Broken Vessel

    Broken Vessel6 maanden geleden

    ''he can still win this"

  79. Canadian Noodle

    Canadian Noodle6 maanden geleden

    Lightlocke Lucas has ascended, he is now lightlord Lucas.

  80. Bixbite Laveau

    Bixbite Laveau6 maanden geleden

    Daisy saves the day!!

  81. Chimp

    Chimp6 maanden geleden

    Alpharad GanGam Style!!!!

  82. CDS

    CDS6 maanden geleden

    I appreciate how much fun he is having.

  83. PhazonOmega

    PhazonOmega6 maanden geleden

    Daisy: Hi, I'm Daisy! Obi-Wan: Hello there!

  84. IBRogue

    IBRogue6 maanden geleden

    First thing that came to my mind when I saw the title was "A wild ness appears and taunts you"

  85. Oscar Pedersen

    Oscar Pedersen6 maanden geleden

    Hey Alpha what characters do you have left? I think its easier to say who died.

  86. Tj Thompson

    Tj Thompson6 maanden geleden


  87. jeremy ero

    jeremy ero6 maanden geleden

    I was so bad at the triforce puzzle ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  88. STS Jaidn

    STS Jaidn6 maanden geleden

    this man forgetting that even if he loses lightlocke Lucas he also has funny bat kid to use

  89. Bryce Wolf

    Bryce Wolf6 maanden geleden

    Now try first try Dracula with little mac

  90. Rodrigo Mercado Casado

    Rodrigo Mercado Casado6 maanden geleden

    0:00 “as wii entered the world of dark”

  91. Sonic Cody

    Sonic Cody6 maanden geleden

    Hey Alpharad....Don't F*ck up

  92. Florana Terron (BILLPC2684/CJ G)

    Florana Terron (BILLPC2684/CJ G)6 maanden geleden

    that fight with simon was fing brutal, like how was that even fair?

  93. Hit by a Parked Car

    Hit by a Parked Car6 maanden geleden

    Bowser Jr. didn't press 'X' 3 times in quick succession.

  94. Micah Beckner

    Micah Beckner6 maanden geleden

    Dracula’s castle is the sawtooth cauldron of world of light

  95. Dusxio

    Dusxio6 maanden geleden

    Light Lord Lucas? XD

  96. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper6 maanden geleden

    Poor robin, thought you have learned your lesson.

  97. Luke Allen

    Luke Allen6 maanden geleden

    Who else clicked this because of the thumbnail

  98. Blaster_Frost 360

    Blaster_Frost 3606 maanden geleden

    Alpharad:I think I hit him Me:ad pops up

  99. Strew

    Strew6 maanden geleden

    cool vid

  100. Jesus “GioGio” Skelly

    Jesus “GioGio” Skelly6 maanden geleden


  101. Kurapika Melon

    Kurapika Melon6 maanden geleden

    Who likes items only bc if the item tech you can do? I do.

  102. White Blacklight

    White Blacklight6 maanden geleden

    Don't let anything Alpharad says distract you from the fact that Minecraft Steve died like a fucking bitch without having accomplished a single thing.

  103. Agent Clank

    Agent Clank6 maanden geleden

    Am I allowed to say Cloud MF Strife.