I created Mario Kart in real life

Nintendo refuses to make Mario Kart 9 so I had to take it into my own hands
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...this video was made like three months ago and I forgot to upload LMAO

Thank you to my friends who tolerated my Karting
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  1. Mattybot 3000

    Mattybot 30009 uur geleden

    The frames lol

  2. kgd drago

    kgd drago9 uur geleden

    Irs: why did you purchase 700 dollars worth of toys? Alpharad: you wanna play mario kart? Irs:...hell yeah, addy?

  3. Swigster 12

    Swigster 12Dag geleden

    Holy crap ur rich

  4. Random Exitement

    Random Exitement2 dagen geleden

    Can't we just respect that he bought a PS5 and called it a Dinosaur

  5. HDK-gamer

    HDK-gamer3 dagen geleden

    Now tape knifes to the sides

  6. JonDTemon

    JonDTemon3 dagen geleden

    "uhh charity."

  7. OmegaSilver

    OmegaSilver4 dagen geleden

    It's only a matter of time before this course gets modded into Mario Kart Wii.

  8. Alex Tucker

    Alex Tucker4 dagen geleden

    is the ps5 part of the track, orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr?

  9. DraconicWF

    DraconicWF6 dagen geleden

    How did he convince his wife to let him do this?

  10. LightSoul 8

    LightSoul 87 dagen geleden

    "What is all this for?" "Uh, charity." *Outstanding move*

  11. Roman Campbell

    Roman Campbell8 dagen geleden

    Are u gay that's a real question btw

  12. AA Batteries

    AA Batteries20 dagen geleden


  13. TomTalksGames

    TomTalksGames21 dag geleden

    Alpharad : STUPID KIDS me : bruh I am a kid

  14. Special Kyle -w-

    Special Kyle -w-22 dagen geleden

    just what i want to hear in bed *L U I G I*

  15. Karma-75

    Karma-7522 dagen geleden

    Charity in a nutshell : basically a n-word pass but for taxes

  16. Sharq Bait

    Sharq Bait24 dagen geleden

    i like your vinyl collection!

  17. paxton

    paxton24 dagen geleden

    mario says SKA SKA!

  18. Dustin Blue Pineda

    Dustin Blue Pineda27 dagen geleden

    He packed the cat for charity too

  19. Boyfriend (fnf)

    Boyfriend (fnf)28 dagen geleden

    Hey he has odd1sout merch

  20. JLL Productions

    JLL Productions29 dagen geleden

    Alpha please make a vid with your PS5?

  21. Alpha Wolf

    Alpha WolfMaand geleden

    2:38 odd1sout dolls

  22. Tired Foxy Boi

    Tired Foxy BoiMaand geleden

    ok no ones gonna talk about the Tails’s

  23. The dark star

    The dark starMaand geleden


  24. Vivid Wizard

    Vivid WizardMaand geleden

    Next is Home Circuit Online, the new way for stalkers to find children!

  25. FoxyfanAli YT

    FoxyfanAli YTMaand geleden

    Why do you have so many tails plushes

  26. Hyphen

    HyphenMaand geleden

    750 Dollars Worth of toys

  27. SiegeSquirrel 42

    SiegeSquirrel 42Maand geleden

    4:03 Spoken like a man who has just realized that he is about to become Content.

  28. Giovanni Eusebi

    Giovanni EusebiMaand geleden

    I love how you have Fleetwood Mac Roumors record

  29. Idan Co

    Idan CoMaand geleden


  30. Im confused

    Im confusedMaand geleden

    R.I.P dino

  31. Bob

    BobMaand geleden

    Nintendo needs people to submit their home circuit levels so that they can choose the best ones (like in a contest or something) and add them to mario kart. I think that would be really cool.

  32. Franco Tosi

    Franco TosiMaand geleden

    5:37 theres two marina albums. jacob has good taste

  33. Vic Rose

    Vic RoseMaand geleden

    Why do you have so many Tails plushes?

  34. Savage

    SavageMaand geleden

    This looks like a Micro Machines track if anyone remembers that game

  35. Adam Miller

    Adam MillerMaand geleden

    Am i the only one who saw the original queen greatest hits vinyl on the floor or not

  36. The Man Behind The Slaughter

    The Man Behind The Slaughter2 maanden geleden

    2:53 James from TheOdd1sOut!?!?!?!?

  37. 2 kids in a trench Coat

    2 kids in a trench Coat2 maanden geleden

    He said charity frame one

  38. 🏳️‍⚧️ W1LFRD 🏳️‍⚧️

    🏳️‍⚧️ W1LFRD 🏳️‍⚧️2 maanden geleden

    6:28 Luigi

  39. AntAnimates28

    AntAnimates282 maanden geleden

    I love how Joe realizes he's gonna get drawn into something right when he walks into the house.

  40. DojoKen127

    DojoKen1272 maanden geleden

    Can we just appreciate the fact that he put Odd1sout Plushies on the track

  41. Shadow Mewtwo

    Shadow Mewtwo2 maanden geleden

    Why did it take me like, 5 watches for me to realize Fio was the camera woman, I didn’t know where she was

  42. Kosta the gamer

    Kosta the gamer2 maanden geleden

    Is that the Mario kart WII choose your course music? I can tell by the music

  43. Joseph F

    Joseph F2 maanden geleden

    who thought that alpha was going in a cart, then races his friends

  44. Bella V

    Bella V2 maanden geleden

    This is the funniest shit I love this 😂


    GUNTZIS2COOLFORU2 maanden geleden


  46. TuaToonPlay

    TuaToonPlay2 maanden geleden

    "Goddamnit" -Jo

  47. i wake up and boom im a rat

    i wake up and boom im a rat2 maanden geleden

    ayo marina and the diamonds vinyl 😳

  48. breakism

    breakism2 maanden geleden

    0:33 amen

  49. Frey

    Frey2 maanden geleden

    Fio mustve had fun that day.

  50. Bryant Turner

    Bryant Turner2 maanden geleden

    Love how Tyler The Creator is just chillin in the back at 1:29

  51. Yahoo Wierdo

    Yahoo Wierdo2 maanden geleden

    Charity is a beautiful thing to witness

  52. Kevin R

    Kevin R2 maanden geleden

    not even a minute in and ive already subscribed, clicked the bell, and liked

  53. lbcycl3 Mak

    lbcycl3 Mak2 maanden geleden

    The whispering bulldozer equally open because news plausibly hurry abaft a third argument. glossy, stormy plantation

  54. Literalicity.

    Literalicity.2 maanden geleden

    ok but was it actually for charity or did you not want to have to explain your entire youtube career and the act of Mario Kart Live to a store clerk

  55. Monkeyman4010

    Monkeyman40102 maanden geleden

    I appreciate the Hall and Oates record

  56. Chaotix Spark

    Chaotix Spark2 maanden geleden

    who needs mario kart 9 though when you have sonic robo blast 2 kart!

  57. Laura Marian Caamal Huchin

    Laura Marian Caamal Huchin2 maanden geleden

    subscribe to mas skabeche help them win the bet if they do not shave and tattoo

  58. Memes Sux

    Memes Sux2 maanden geleden

    Hey Alpha, this guy called Not Alpharad stole the clip at 1:25 - 1:32

  59. Leonardo Castro

    Leonardo Castro2 maanden geleden

    No one: alpha: i'm gonna spend my money Jo: god damm it

  60. JonnyPigYT

    JonnyPigYT2 maanden geleden

    For some reason, I forgot that Alpha was married...

  61. qwevvii

    qwevvii2 maanden geleden

    Alpha's house looks amazing

  62. Ryan Phenix

    Ryan Phenix2 maanden geleden

    Sumscrib e if you can read

  63. lyubomir konstantinov

    lyubomir konstantinov2 maanden geleden

    Omg he has Marina and the diamonds records 😩 king 👑

  64. Lightning F0X

    Lightning F0X2 maanden geleden

    Let’s just ignore that he has odds1out dolls right before the 70 dollar Barbie plane 🤣🤣🤣

  65. juno

    juno2 maanden geleden

    I thought I watched this video before but apparently I didn't and that was a MASSIVE error on my part because wow this was solod

  66. podracer35

    podracer352 maanden geleden

    There's a Yoshi Tax Evasion joke in here somewhere

  67. podracer35

    podracer352 maanden geleden

    I love this so much. Great start to the day

  68. Nintendo Gamer

    Nintendo Gamer2 maanden geleden

    What did Thomas the Tank Engine 0:33 do to you man?

  69. Death Skull

    Death Skull2 maanden geleden

    You got me at "Uh...charity"

  70. baba_booey_

    baba_booey_2 maanden geleden

    Alpha used to be pre alpha.

  71. StarryKnight

    StarryKnight2 maanden geleden

    staged videos are shit charity good tho

  72. Tristan Cummings

    Tristan Cummings2 maanden geleden

    Someone has to respect the amount of money spent on one video.

  73. hunter4327

    hunter43272 maanden geleden

    Did u say HONEY a free browser that can save you money just by clicking 2 times you can save up to hundreads of dollars, i bought 2 large pizza’s and with honey i can save my money and just get it for less (disclaimer i suck at spelling so yeah)

  74. Windows 98

    Windows 982 maanden geleden


  75. Questionable Spy

    Questionable Spy2 maanden geleden

    2:50 that was disturbingly funny

  76. Andrew W Liberty

    Andrew W Liberty2 maanden geleden


  77. tryHardz 76

    tryHardz 762 maanden geleden

    I love the barbie plane run killer

  78. Gustavo Inostroza

    Gustavo Inostroza3 maanden geleden

    Alpha is using the Arigato hoodie at the start

  79. Marco Genaro Luma-ad

    Marco Genaro Luma-ad3 maanden geleden

    2:16 omg TheOdd1sOut

  80. Thicc Chode

    Thicc Chode3 maanden geleden

    When your mom says "We have mario cart at home."

  81. Lee

    Lee3 maanden geleden


  82. RoadChonker

    RoadChonker3 maanden geleden

    Wait, was that Brisbane airport?

  83. RoadChonker

    RoadChonker3 maanden geleden

    I have single handedly doxxed Alpharad.

  84. PixeleQ

    PixeleQ3 maanden geleden

    The moment I spotted his Daft Punk album I knew I like Alpha more than ever

  85. Caleb Bowsman

    Caleb Bowsman3 maanden geleden

    I like your couch

  86. Swanky

    Swanky3 maanden geleden

    I would love to see more IRL content! and totally not just bc I wanna live vicariously through people with cool lives

  87. bladeeburger

    bladeeburger3 maanden geleden


  88. Jennifer Templin

    Jennifer Templin3 maanden geleden

    Nintendo needs to add this course into the next Mario kart name it for the kids

  89. Timm Axis

    Timm Axis3 maanden geleden


  90. Ethan Rich

    Ethan Rich3 maanden geleden


  91. Carloz

    Carloz3 maanden geleden

    You know, for the kids :)

  92. Yishi

    Yishi3 maanden geleden

    Alternate title: local man accidentally donates to charity

  93. Lim95

    Lim953 maanden geleden

    He spent $750. On toys. *FOR MARIO KART.*

  94. Garrett Brothers

    Garrett Brothers3 maanden geleden

    At 10:30 was Jacob wearing a Splatoon shirt?

  95. Amiiben

    Amiiben3 maanden geleden

    why did the plane flying backwards kill me

  96. Chicken0w0

    Chicken0w03 maanden geleden

    Did he dye his hair?

  97. Aona, Just Aona

    Aona, Just Aona3 maanden geleden


  98. BluTagg63

    BluTagg633 maanden geleden


  99. Parm Mann REBORN

    Parm Mann REBORN3 maanden geleden

    3:58 for future laughter

  100. Sand

    Sand3 maanden geleden

    Chonky man with beard and skinny man with no beard play irl mariokart

  101. Sand

    Sand3 maanden geleden

    I thought the thumbnail was Mariokart 8 Deluxe lol