I drafted my friends into the war

Somehow, the title is not totally clickbait.
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  1. Lemerton III

    Lemerton IIIMaand geleden

    Regaurding the sponsor, BL2 is actually one of my favorite games of all time. Reply if you're a Krieg main and get what I'm saying

  2. ThatchBot

    ThatchBotMaand geleden

    It's Mario rabids kingdom battle but with guns

  3. Riolulover 97

    Riolulover 97Maand geleden

    4:07 Something about this part just feels like the gang are just playing a dysfunctional DnD session with Alpha as the DM..and not gonna lie, I dig it.

  4. The fishous fish

    The fishous fish2 maanden geleden

    Hi Jaiden

  5. Kosmic Waffle

    Kosmic Waffle2 maanden geleden

    Jacob: *makes video about war 11 minutes and 11 seconds long* that's it that's the punchline what do you want from me

  6. RYCKroll

    RYCKroll2 maanden geleden

    This game is fucking HARD so I don’t blame you for beefing it

  7. RYCKroll

    RYCKroll2 maanden geleden

    God the group chat mics just SHITTING themselves was a bonus

  8. Rat Gosh

    Rat Gosh2 maanden geleden

    Alpha, how the hell have you not played borderlands yet?

  9. Unmei

    Unmei3 maanden geleden

    I loved getting to hear the Sonic Mega Collection music.

  10. Enzotiso

    Enzotiso3 maanden geleden

    Earth called, bitch

  11. Cole Lambson

    Cole Lambson3 maanden geleden

    The fwob dad made me smile

  12. Kurnia Dewi

    Kurnia Dewi3 maanden geleden

    How many times you guys failed in the first mission?

  13. Jifferino

    Jifferino3 maanden geleden

    they updated mario + rabbids a fuck ton since last time i played

  14. Memory Dot Wipe

    Memory Dot Wipe3 maanden geleden

    More please

  15. Da Ashkus

    Da Ashkus3 maanden geleden


  16. TKize777

    TKize7773 maanden geleden

    Yo sonic gems tho

  17. Lando

    Lando3 maanden geleden

    He should play the wwe one

  18. Matthew Weston

    Matthew Weston3 maanden geleden

    It's cool you played XCOM and all that but... XCOM is not developed by 2K, it's published by them.

  19. Mondo Cool

    Mondo Cool3 maanden geleden

    I didn't even know Alpharad was friends with this other content creators, let alone them being his closest friends! Makes me wonder what happened to his pre-content creator friends :O

  20. epic gamer girl reacts

    epic gamer girl reacts3 maanden geleden


  21. Jasper Lane

    Jasper Lane3 maanden geleden

    To be fair, your friends did better then I expected

  22. JoJo’s Horse

    JoJo’s Horse3 maanden geleden

    You should play commie killer 2069

  23. Gamer Duo

    Gamer Duo3 maanden geleden

    More plz?

  24. TemHunter

    TemHunter3 maanden geleden

    Best way I found to beat the first level is just spam grenades like there's no tommarow, breaks cover and guaranteed damage

  25. Normal Youtube Channel

    Normal Youtube Channel3 maanden geleden

    The first mission was not designed to be hard, and what difficulty were you playing on, Alpharad?

  26. Mr. Recluse IV

    Mr. Recluse IV3 maanden geleden

    Play WOTC it is a banger.

  27. robwarriors62

    robwarriors623 maanden geleden

    Monkey Ball music let's go

  28. Jonathan Russell

    Jonathan Russell3 maanden geleden

    How have we never gotten a Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle video from Alpha?

  29. the_pac_attack

    the_pac_attack3 maanden geleden

    Had me in the first part, not gonna lie

  30. Cooper Littlehales

    Cooper Littlehales3 maanden geleden

    this game is copying mario & rabbids!!!!!!11

  31. Brandon Garcia

    Brandon Garcia3 maanden geleden

    You draft me into war as a joke and now I've become a convict

  32. PiKiTiN

    PiKiTiN3 maanden geleden

    More but not corrupted

  33. Jared The Rock

    Jared The Rock3 maanden geleden

    Is this what the whole "my mom is calling me" about?

  34. Hijinks

    Hijinks3 maanden geleden

    Is Jacob playing XCOM 2, my favorite game of all time?

  35. CDM4N14

    CDM4N143 maanden geleden

    Could you imagine the chaos that this would bring as a series?!

  36. BCF789

    BCF7893 maanden geleden

    10:38 Top 10 saddest anime deaths

  37. MysticAttack

    MysticAttack3 maanden geleden

    honestly, its pretty funny to me that dads character is the same as the fwob version, he does look pretty sick

  38. Cole Lambson

    Cole Lambson3 maanden geleden

    Yeah I loved that we got to see that dad again

  39. Praetors

    Praetors3 maanden geleden

    I loved the [Image not found] of Hacker

  40. Dylan McNab

    Dylan McNab3 maanden geleden

    hacker just straight up died

  41. LockedFF

    LockedFF3 maanden geleden

    I’ve never heard Jaiden swear before, lol

  42. Man

    Man3 maanden geleden


  43. Tristan Bowman

    Tristan Bowman3 maanden geleden

    Wow thank you mr rad I can’t wait to play all these 2K games on my Nintendo switch

  44. Nick

    Nick3 maanden geleden

    One day I will draft my friends to war *and it shall be glorious*

  45. pixel demon

    pixel demon3 maanden geleden

    ross: *dies* me: should have played that better also me: *sends my rookie to a 1v5 expecting to live*

  46. Aust Nailolo

    Aust Nailolo3 maanden geleden

    Not enough mods, 0/10

  47. The Golden Knight

    The Golden Knight3 maanden geleden

    OOH, XCOM - Dream Job Simulator Award. Could've done without that thumbnail, but that aside... ALSO I might've confused this for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. THAT is the award-winner. When in doubt, ALWAYS grenade. More seriously, how much alcohol was consumed before the production and commentary was put to this video? Sounds like every one of you individuals had AT LEAST ONE SHOT of hard liquor.

  48. John Paris

    John Paris3 maanden geleden

    Ah, and nothing of value was lost

  49. MasterMoes

    MasterMoes3 maanden geleden

    Fire Emblem but gun

  50. Felplague

    Felplague3 maanden geleden

    I love xcom but this video is the perfect example of just how unfair the game is, literally 2 feet infront of you no cover, 41% 100 feet away 3 stories up behind half cover? they hit every single shot...

  51. Miwes traveler

    Miwes traveler3 maanden geleden

    Reads "hard cover". Yeah, so much from having "no cover". And it's called RNG. It's _random._ Enemies can get lucky too yknow.

  52. Joyboom Games

    Joyboom Games3 maanden geleden

    Ross died first? This is just like Amugus!

  53. Michael Lehoucq

    Michael Lehoucq3 maanden geleden

    imagine having 14 friends

  54. Frosted Dubs

    Frosted Dubs3 maanden geleden

    Jesus, Alpha got demolished. The poor lad

  55. Gerbil Panda

    Gerbil Panda3 maanden geleden

    You guys are remarkably bad at this

  56. Blinkyy Lol

    Blinkyy Lol3 maanden geleden

    The fact Alpha had to make the introduction 4 min long of the video to entertain us speaks the quality of these 2k games

  57. saucyy

    saucyy3 maanden geleden

    can someone please tell me what his sponsor music is? its so good

  58. Unknown Error

    Unknown Error3 maanden geleden

    What if prana plant had Side B damage increased by spirits

  59. Dr Kawashima

    Dr Kawashima3 maanden geleden

    When they are all talking at the same time it sounds like they’re being drowned

  60. OGees

    OGees3 maanden geleden

    Surely more of this. This is one of the most entertaining videos I've seen in ages.

  61. Slashimus Primus

    Slashimus Primus3 maanden geleden

    5:47 Listen Jaiden Swore

  62. Danshaku Lawrence

    Danshaku Lawrence3 maanden geleden

    One of these days I'd love to see Jaiden post a video animating a game session like one of these.

  63. HarmonyFoxEdits

    HarmonyFoxEdits3 maanden geleden

    F for Hacker 👊😔

  64. MrFandango Jimmies

    MrFandango Jimmies3 maanden geleden


  65. Jabari Hutchinson

    Jabari Hutchinson3 maanden geleden

    This was dope, more!!

  66. Teddy Scott

    Teddy Scott3 maanden geleden

    Congrats on getting sponsored by 2K

  67. RenaldoSeguin

    RenaldoSeguin3 maanden geleden

    I’d love to see more of this

  68. 5hyGuy42

    5hyGuy423 maanden geleden

    Ok 2K does make good games tho

  69. 5hyGuy42

    5hyGuy423 maanden geleden

    Oh this game dang

  70. Shalakor

    Shalakor3 maanden geleden

    I soon as I saw this was XCOM shenanigans I was so hype and had to click it right away! (>,> Even though I'm 2 days late.)

  71. Joe Smith

    Joe Smith3 maanden geleden

    Of course Ross dies round 1. Somethings never change

  72. Andrew Partain

    Andrew Partain3 maanden geleden

    My Mario amiibo is insane

  73. Andrew Partain

    Andrew Partain3 maanden geleden

    Shut up pikmin 4

  74. speeds

    speeds3 maanden geleden


  75. Bento

    Bento3 maanden geleden

    Praise God

  76. Disalign

    Disalign3 maanden geleden

    Wow this is a really cool concept.

  77. CrusaderTime

    CrusaderTime3 maanden geleden

    The War . . . . . . . Only pain and suffering . . . . . . . . So many good men lost in the explosions . . . . . . . All my friends have perished . . . . . . And I serve no purpose on this earth . . . . . . . . . And thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

  78. SportsGaming2011

    SportsGaming20113 maanden geleden

    Mario and rabbids kingdom battle, but rated m

  79. Jacob Bosecker

    Jacob Bosecker3 maanden geleden

    More XCOM please

  80. SomeThingNuts Ye

    SomeThingNuts Ye3 maanden geleden


  81. Slimer 123

    Slimer 1233 maanden geleden

    Jome “Jome” Jome

  82. Unhappy Refrain Enjoyer

    Unhappy Refrain Enjoyer3 maanden geleden

    Hacker has an incredibly dark personality

  83. Bu77 Sand

    Bu77 Sand3 maanden geleden

    Whip the borderlands

  84. Doc

    Doc3 maanden geleden

    Altrive be like: get a load of this society

  85. DustBucket

    DustBucket3 maanden geleden


  86. Slushy Slurp

    Slushy Slurp3 maanden geleden

    Chili dogs

  87. NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip

    NMRIH is a great Source mod - blessed by Cory's lip3 maanden geleden

    A lot of crazy stuff happened, dayum!

  88. Jammie Dodger

    Jammie Dodger3 maanden geleden

    Hi 🙋‍♂️!!!!!!

  89. SkyFox

    SkyFox3 maanden geleden

    Why do the charcters hold miniguns like a normal rifle lmao...

  90. Dayton Wanaka

    Dayton Wanaka3 maanden geleden

    Oh Xcom, Its first mission when not doing the tutorial is ruthless

  91. Visionare

    Visionare3 maanden geleden


  92. Sebastia Fuentes

    Sebastia Fuentes3 maanden geleden

    You’ve released banger after banger lately

  93. Retards Inc

    Retards Inc3 maanden geleden

    So...when’s spelunky 2 gonna happen? Also please play this more

  94. Jacob Stone

    Jacob Stone3 maanden geleden

    God, I love xcom. If you could put more xcom content out I'd lose my shit. Such a fun yet brutal and unforgiving game. I know this was more of a sponsor video but I'd love to see you play more. Maybe lower the difficulty though if you're going to let your friends play themselves

  95. Cole Lambson

    Cole Lambson3 maanden geleden

    @Jacob Stone it's so good

  96. Jacob Stone

    Jacob Stone3 maanden geleden

    @Cole Lambson I haven't! didnt know they did, now I know what im about to do thought

  97. Cole Lambson

    Cole Lambson3 maanden geleden

    Did you watch fwob play it

  98. Burgers 84

    Burgers 843 maanden geleden

    Gotta love Jome ‘Jome’ Jome


    DRGUINEAPIG873 maanden geleden

    This is the ultimate way to play XCOM 2

  100. Galactic Swordsman

    Galactic Swordsman3 maanden geleden

    Please give us more of Xcom as it is one of my favorite games. Also get war of chosen dlc

  101. Miwes traveler

    Miwes traveler3 maanden geleden

    Didn't you see the title screen ? Also I think it's the collection on the Switch, which has WOTC by default

  102. fastlofty

    fastlofty3 maanden geleden

    I wonder what my freinds think when they see " I drafted my freinds into the war " on my reccomended

  103. J

    J3 maanden geleden

    I like that he used the bubbly washing machine theme from super monkey ball 2 in the intro.

  104. Tyler Johnson

    Tyler Johnson3 maanden geleden

    Is it just me or does Jacob’s character look like Obi-Wan Kenobi?

  105. Atticus Talker

    Atticus Talker3 maanden geleden

    2k sponsored a war

  106. Rory Fan

    Rory Fan3 maanden geleden

    That is legit a shame. This would have been a masterpiece

  107. Kaluga35

    Kaluga353 maanden geleden

    i love xcom thx for making a video with it