"I figured out who the impostor is"

Remember when I told you my computer broke? That wasn't a joke.
Enjoy this footage from September.
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  1. Char

    Char4 uur geleden

    you can hear the alcohol in his voice

  2. ProtoMan Gaming

    ProtoMan Gaming11 dagen geleden

    tierzoo unblocked them right?

  3. Master Nick

    Master Nick21 dag geleden


  4. HonorableGamer

    HonorableGamerMaand geleden

    3:57 Americans fighting over gas during shortage. (2021, colorized)

  5. Xpurts Only

    Xpurts OnlyMaand geleden

    "oh hi cameras" proceeds to do an LSD fueled dance around said camera

  6. Giacomo Ciogli

    Giacomo CiogliMaand geleden

    1:25 wait, how does that exactly work?

  7. FunkyGhost 47

    FunkyGhost 47Maand geleden

    10:00 the literal pain

  8. Glaive

    GlaiveMaand geleden

    0:06 imovie stock effects lol

  9. Idontknownameplshelp

    IdontknownameplshelpMaand geleden

    I love how you used to be a god as imposter and you just randomly became really bad at it

  10. ZanuplayzYT Maybe

    ZanuplayzYT MaybeMaand geleden

    The imposter is you guys for not subbing!!!

  11. Brandon Jamie

    Brandon JamieMaand geleden

    I havent seen this video yet how

  12. Volt S

    Volt SMaand geleden

    13:35 "Excuse me" LOL

  13. Owl Tactics

    Owl TacticsMaand geleden

    The trio that got alpha out when he was innocent group together when he was imposter

  14. Landon

    Landon2 maanden geleden

    Did tierzoo actually block you

  15. Kierrific Gaming

    Kierrific Gaming2 maanden geleden

    First second of the video: "kill me, do it."

  16. Ism

    Ism2 maanden geleden

    When he caught Desbug kill, his partner killed right off-screen while he was staring at Desbug- you could see the blood splatter- but that didn't help too much because it only cleared hacker who voted with him anyway.

  17. goldbananas

    goldbananas2 maanden geleden

    what is the song at 0:05

  18. Ouroboros Ereunetez

    Ouroboros Ereunetez2 maanden geleden


  19. OwlChirpsAgain

    OwlChirpsAgain2 maanden geleden


  20. tmo

    tmo2 maanden geleden

    Anthpo: "I dont want to get manipulated by you, Jacob" Also Anthpo: gets manipulated by Desbug and Rickles Why does everyone in this game think they have a psychology degree

  21. Morgan Ritson

    Morgan Ritson2 maanden geleden

    Anybody know the music in the beginning? I want to say it's from a nintendo game.

  22. Morgan Ritson

    Morgan Ritson2 maanden geleden

    It's "Gentle Breeze" from Trauma Center: Under the Knife

  23. Arvistotele

    Arvistotele2 maanden geleden

    Target masterpiece

  24. PotatFresca

    PotatFresca3 maanden geleden

    Jacob needs to get drunk for among us videos more often

  25. Eeveefor smashbros

    Eeveefor smashbros3 maanden geleden

    I do love The Bug

  26. Shavocs The Avocado

    Shavocs The Avocado3 maanden geleden

    Maybe this is why I’m not subscribed to Anthpo

  27. Issac Munsen

    Issac Munsen3 maanden geleden

    As a wise man once said "when there is no rubber ross, someone else becomes the new rubber ross"

  28. Drawaw Alt

    Drawaw Alt3 maanden geleden

    7:47 why does 'in 4k' make everything so much funnier

  29. Millennios

    Millennios3 maanden geleden

    Good for you I guess

  30. Walfools

    Walfools3 maanden geleden


  31. Goose

    Goose3 maanden geleden

    I recognize the Persona 5 music. You can’t fool me

  32. Landon Light

    Landon Light3 maanden geleden

    Y’all remeber the end of AAAAA

  33. Landon Light

    Landon Light3 maanden geleden

    Utter comedic chaos

  34. Muffinman

    Muffinman3 maanden geleden

    What ever happened to pigmin4

  35. Muffinman

    Muffinman3 maanden geleden

    He needs to do more among us

  36. golden gamerxv

    golden gamerxv3 maanden geleden

    6:38 how getting drunk prob feels like

  37. No u

    No u3 maanden geleden

    Alternate title: that’s crazy

  38. Sgt. Garrick

    Sgt. Garrick3 maanden geleden

    7:47 hit him with the Adobe Digital

  39. BIG brain

    BIG brain3 maanden geleden


  40. sneaky squid

    sneaky squid3 maanden geleden

    *"I just 𝙙𝙤 𝙞𝙩"*

  41. Anoop Selvarajasingham

    Anoop Selvarajasingham3 maanden geleden

    6:53 everyone: oh shit anthpo's here? me: ha it's a rainbow

  42. Lebur

    Lebur3 maanden geleden

    this is edited perfectly!!!

  43. Spark

    Spark3 maanden geleden


  44. Gus Gus

    Gus Gus3 maanden geleden

    Uamnouing us 😳

  45. Papyrus

    Papyrus3 maanden geleden

    Wait tier zoo?


    GL!TÇH BÈĀTZ3 maanden geleden

    Did you actually get blocked by tierzoo

  47. Jakewebmaster8

    Jakewebmaster83 maanden geleden

    690k views? Wow

  48. Unhappy Refrain Enjoyer

    Unhappy Refrain Enjoyer3 maanden geleden

    Erm what did Hacker’s message say at 3:45 ?????

  49. Unhappy Refrain Enjoyer

    Unhappy Refrain Enjoyer3 maanden geleden

    Hacker is confusing to understand

  50. Light Bulb

    Light Bulb3 maanden geleden

    Persona 5 interrogation music epic

  51. Epic Gamer

    Epic Gamer3 maanden geleden

    10:41 wow anthpo threw the game now I am going to be mean to him is what I would’ve done if I was a stupid dumb dumb loser

  52. Matthew Keen

    Matthew Keen3 maanden geleden


  53. Grayson Thompson

    Grayson Thompson3 maanden geleden

    “I’ve never played with confirm ejects” Smallant:am I a joke to you?

  54. Brian Maiolo

    Brian Maiolo3 maanden geleden

    You are my favorite you tuber

  55. PipLip0

    PipLip04 maanden geleden

    But Alpharad, at 1:57, Desbug isn’t even ON the win screen, how could you have won by voting him out if he wasn’t even in the game that you showed us? 🤔. CAUGHT

  56. Youngman Stan

    Youngman Stan4 maanden geleden

    Fyrus showing that some English just can’t see things in front of them

  57. Ge “Ge”

    Ge “Ge”4 maanden geleden

    nnice snes rainboe wroad

  58. Seven

    Seven4 maanden geleden

    Nothing goes well when Jacob starts drinking

  59. Rob SlobonBobsCob

    Rob SlobonBobsCob4 maanden geleden


  60. Spy Techs

    Spy Techs4 maanden geleden

    Roses are red you play as "Blue" and TierZoo has blocked you

  61. What about no

    What about no4 maanden geleden

    Is isn't normal that I been imposter so much that I hardly be an crewman for 2 or 3 hours because I mostly getting import in rows

  62. Eloize Aubin

    Eloize Aubin4 maanden geleden

    When Telling the Truth 2001 starts playing at 8:30, that hits just right.

  63. GreasyBurgerMan

    GreasyBurgerMan4 maanden geleden

    Puts me in the mood to question a parrot and make some new autopsy reports

  64. Dennis Prager

    Dennis Prager4 maanden geleden

    Daddy Prager

  65. TheLyric 27

    TheLyric 274 maanden geleden

    It was funny how mad alpha got after anthpo voted him but that's just karma for telling imposters to kill him first that one round lol

  66. Sahale Falcon (Sahale42)

    Sahale Falcon (Sahale42)4 maanden geleden

    It's funny how the imposters hate alpha so much by the end of it.....

  67. Dalton Estes

    Dalton Estes4 maanden geleden

    What if Among us has a parry button for when you predict an attack, and it still put imposters on cool down?

  68. Mr Winsalot

    Mr Winsalot4 maanden geleden

    Alpha when sober: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Alpha when drunk: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 GOD DAMNIT


    A DUH KIDFLASH4 maanden geleden

    Anthpo bro my man

  70. Gabriel is a fool

    Gabriel is a fool4 maanden geleden

    I feel liek the alcohol hit right here 6:03

  71. PointsofData

    PointsofData4 maanden geleden

    My favorite crew victories are the ones where the crew hallucinate and/or buy into their own conspiracies but still eject the right people

  72. Midnight-MF-Stone

    Midnight-MF-Stone4 maanden geleden

    Man.. you really got buried that time.

  73. Mr. Banana Man

    Mr. Banana Man4 maanden geleden

    Why does hackers voice sounds like a professional Voice Actor?

  74. NinjaMatt 240

    NinjaMatt 2404 maanden geleden

    alfarad: *gets lucky* also alfa: I hAvE ThE SoUl ReAdS

  75. A certain type of Seth

    A certain type of Seth4 maanden geleden

    Anthpo be like: :O

  76. Waynetdg N

    Waynetdg N4 maanden geleden

    Drunk megalovania

  77. Mind Of Arj

    Mind Of Arj4 maanden geleden


  78. Flum

    Flum4 maanden geleden

    The sans music when you say you're drinking is just so fitting

  79. jose cedillos

    jose cedillos4 maanden geleden

    Dude, I felt that loss with the vote of anthpo xS

  80. Pistin Cup

    Pistin Cup4 maanden geleden

    Ya I think I’m done for the night Well, hope you had a great great night sleep

  81. MaiMai

    MaiMai4 maanden geleden

    anthpo is stupid

  82. Mr. Stuff Doer

    Mr. Stuff Doer4 maanden geleden

    Even I’m mad at Anthpo for that, Jesus.

  83. Derp mango not ducko

    Derp mango not ducko4 maanden geleden

    Ayyy desbug yes finally he a god and mm2

  84. Aeon Escobedo

    Aeon Escobedo4 maanden geleden

    3:45 spain but without the S

  85. Meleeemin

    Meleeemin4 maanden geleden

    32 000th like

  86. Barrett Ross

    Barrett Ross5 maanden geleden

    1:41 every time I am imposter in a nutshell

  87. Arvistotele

    Arvistotele5 maanden geleden

    Oh Alpha, you're such a genius, how did you figure that out?

  88. figgy wiggy

    figgy wiggy5 maanden geleden

    song at 6:39?

  89. Skelly

    Skelly5 maanden geleden

    I can relate with that “Yeah, I think I’m done for the night” hardcore.

  90. JWMman09

    JWMman095 maanden geleden


  91. Potato Rat

    Potato Rat5 maanden geleden

    i think the problem is that the crew vision is so big that the impostors just die instantly.

  92. woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ

    woomy365 ᗜˬᗜ 5 maanden geleden

    how is Desbug's Jerimiah doing?

  93. bruh boi

    bruh boi5 maanden geleden

    6:54 rainbow has voted anthpo

  94. Dark Sun

    Dark Sun5 maanden geleden

    How the duck is some that good

  95. Kirbo

    Kirbo5 maanden geleden

    Soon we're gonna get to a point where the only music in these videos is gonna be Ace Attorney

  96. Shadowbomb

    Shadowbomb5 maanden geleden

    Desbug and alpha. The perfect duo.

  97. Grand Zeno

    Grand Zeno5 maanden geleden


  98. Vanessa Colquhoun

    Vanessa Colquhoun5 maanden geleden

    I will never forgive anthpo for that absolute anthrow

  99. AquaLady

    AquaLady5 maanden geleden

    Finish Fire Emblem!

  100. Little13

    Little135 maanden geleden

    I think he found out who the Impostor was.

  101. Niel jacob Patawe

    Niel jacob Patawe5 maanden geleden


  102. Tribork Doe

    Tribork Doe5 maanden geleden

    Wait anthpo was here dope to bad he dead

  103. Akeim Smart

    Akeim Smart5 maanden geleden