I have never played Monster Hunter before

My friends carry me to victory as I talk about the funny cats
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  1. XxHackerManxX

    XxHackerManxX4 uur geleden

    This game reminds me of dauntless

  2. imjusttogood

    imjusttogood6 uur geleden

    where is spelunky 2

  3. cameron

    cameronDag geleden

    Alpha help! I need to know what your sponsor music is

  4. Ringabel

    RingabelDag geleden

    I need Alpharad to know that in GenU you can become cat.

  5. IronKeroro

    IronKeroro2 dagen geleden

    may I announce that drip jacket has been modded into monster hunter world

  6. The Magician

    The Magician3 dagen geleden

    Alpharad discovers the joy of the Ondo.

  7. Isaiah Williams-Singleton

    Isaiah Williams-Singleton3 dagen geleden

    Play more monster hunter

  8. Peach-Søda UwU

    Peach-Søda UwU3 dagen geleden

    Don’t cut out the cat cutscenes they are amazing and I’m pretty sure everybody likes them

  9. Epic boi 225

    Epic boi 2253 dagen geleden

    I’m a pro

  10. HeclFrecl

    HeclFrecl7 dagen geleden

    Sooooooooo… will we eventually be getting more Monster Hunter content? I have watched this video more times than I care to say, but let’s say it is close to 30 or so. This was also the inspiration for me to get this game! Thank you so much Alpha! Even if you never see this comment, it is here! Sorry if English no good work when commenting… it is currently 3 AM and I cannot sleep so….. ya!

  11. Whitey

    Whitey7 dagen geleden

    *Sees WEEGEE and Altrive in the preview when Alpha mentions multiplayer:* Oh this is gunna be good one!

  12. Tony Bravo

    Tony Bravo8 dagen geleden

    Three things to remember 1 longwords are for weebs 2 great sword is *great* 3 charge blade is like math

  13. Luke Miller

    Luke Miller10 dagen geleden

    Why does his OC look like Noelle from Black Clover

  14. Christian Hicks

    Christian Hicks13 dagen geleden

    One of us one of us

  15. YakuYakuDevi

    YakuYakuDevi14 dagen geleden

    Jacob is a mood lmao

  16. Avnon

    Avnon15 dagen geleden

    I've been watching your old super mario odyssey videos and I thought wow it's impressive that people change like that I know it's seems obvious but I think this is so interesting that one man next to he's younger self is literally one person

  17. nyapism

    nyapism15 dagen geleden

    1:46 you've figured out my room password..now i need to think of another...

  18. Buttery chalupa

    Buttery chalupa15 dagen geleden

    If you just want cat's, then play Gen U

  19. AuraStormGaming

    AuraStormGaming16 dagen geleden

    This just looks like anime dauntless

  20. Tye Bemis (Gamrlkmyfather)

    Tye Bemis (Gamrlkmyfather)17 dagen geleden

    Lol the jump force loading screen music though

  21. Farron’s Watcher

    Farron’s Watcher20 dagen geleden

    watching this long sword gameplay was painful 🥲

  22. Box257

    Box25721 dag geleden

    MH devs: what about ... cat?

  23. Jamester07

    Jamester0721 dag geleden

    Im gonna call smithh smh from now on, ya know, the h neutralizes it

  24. Tomo Kitten

    Tomo Kitten21 dag geleden

    Monster Hunter Claimed another victim. As it should be. Welcome to the hive.

  25. Velvet Soul

    Velvet Soul21 dag geleden

    "all of the girl armor is way better" I ALREADY DISAGREE

  26. Stratelier

    Stratelier22 dagen geleden

    In many ways, Monster Hunter is like a fighting game -- each weapon is its own fighter with a specific kit and playstyle, and some take more effort to learn than others. And in some ways, Monster Hunter is like a turn-based RPG.

  27. Bryan renderos

    Bryan renderos22 dagen geleden

    I have monster hunter world. I have full fatalis armor

  28. AyKay

    AyKay22 dagen geleden

    Is it just me Or does Jacob have a slight adoration for feline creatures?

  29. Living Meme

    Living Meme24 dagen geleden

    Ah yes my cat, D O G 2

  30. Shikoru Yasutake

    Shikoru Yasutake24 dagen geleden

    Kinda pissed there's no hot spring in this game like Portable 3rd.

  31. R3cycl3dGoods

    R3cycl3dGoods25 dagen geleden


  32. Quixz

    Quixz26 dagen geleden


  33. Einen K. Bitte (ゼンコー)

    Einen K. Bitte (ゼンコー)27 dagen geleden

    It's been a month...I wonder how's the addiction going


    VOID.UNIVERSE28 dagen geleden

    Bro if you play the old gen you definitely will be fucked up

  35. Shy.

    Shy.28 dagen geleden

    Is this the switch version?

  36. Tiago O.

    Tiago O.26 dagen geleden


  37. The-F-Foundation

    The-F-Foundation28 dagen geleden

    "I like the cats" My respect for alpharad has been restored

  38. Eb’s Fun Land

    Eb’s Fun Land28 dagen geleden

    Is it hard to play monster hunter

  39. Pluveus

    Pluveus29 dagen geleden

    "Since they've all played a little bit... like hundreds of hours" So yeah, just a little bit. You gotta break 4 digits to call yourself a veteran, and that's as gatekeepery as I'm willing to be.

  40. Johnathan Mullen-Newman

    Johnathan Mullen-Newman29 dagen geleden

    Welcome to the hunt brother

  41. Chapapkoff

    Chapapkoff29 dagen geleden

    Someone has to make a restaurant where cats cook the food

  42. John Johnson

    John JohnsonMaand geleden

    Ive seen the Dango cutscene more times in this video than in my own 80 or so hours of gameplay

  43. Costadinov

    CostadinovMaand geleden

    one does not skip cats cutscenes.

  44. ksinkula26

    ksinkula2610 dagen geleden

    People only skip when playing online :)

  45. Touch TheBacon

    Touch TheBaconMaand geleden

    Welcome to the family, enjoy your time and remember if you're not carting...then you're probably better than most of us.


    BRAYDEN LAWSONMaand geleden

    Now go play monster hunter world

  47. Pog Birb

    Pog BirbMaand geleden

    Capcom. Capcom sponsored alpharad. 2021 was good.

  48. the real gamer

    the real gamerMaand geleden

    Just got the game look at his profile 226 hours got one month ago

  49. POV Pictures

    POV PicturesMaand geleden

    Why is his FPS way higher and smoother than when I play :(

  50. MajoraLink (ML100)

    MajoraLink (ML100)Maand geleden

    Me everytime I see the dango cutscene: *sings Dango Daikazoku in my head*

  51. Steve Lucky

    Steve LuckyMaand geleden

    I hate cats.

  52. JoshingYou

    JoshingYouMaand geleden

    Make mooorrree

  53. Kyle Stewart

    Kyle StewartMaand geleden

    Too painful to enjoy can you at least read the tutorial

  54. Szeto Yan Ming

    Szeto Yan MingMaand geleden

    he's right. hundred hours of game time is little.

  55. I will eradicate Some Guy without a mustache

    I will eradicate Some Guy without a mustacheMaand geleden

    i skip the catscenes if i'm doing a huge grind for a certain monster part

  56. Raddix

    RaddixMaand geleden

    Palicos are REALLY good tough. If you get used to wirebugging you easily save running time and shorten fighting time by quite a bit on multiplayer.

  57. Eric Moors

    Eric MoorsMaand geleden

    If you don't play it, they'll pay you to?

  58. Woori

    WooriMaand geleden

    U just gonna ignore persona 5 strikers ok ...

  59. Brian Kwiatkoski

    Brian KwiatkoskiMaand geleden

    Welcome to the club, dango is over there, blacksmith is upstairs, and don't mind the gentleman using a giant swordfish as a weapon.

  60. Sam Hauck

    Sam HauckMaand geleden

    The way he said loooofy just don’t sit right w me

  61. Jack Dout

    Jack DoutMaand geleden

    Gets to the first loading screen and just puts that music in it again, old habits die hard right? Just like Jumpforce.

  62. Skyfox dartner

    Skyfox dartnerMaand geleden

    9:19 Then you found out that story doesn't exist until you pay money to pay more money on DLC.

  63. Alan Vasquez

    Alan VasquezMaand geleden

    The current title updates are free so idk wtf you're on about unless you mean grank which usually doesn't add much story related stuff

  64. Blake Skinner

    Blake SkinnerMaand geleden

    Oh my god you finally did it I've been waiting for years!!

  65. Wesley Foxx

    Wesley FoxxMaand geleden

    "[I kinda just realized that] I'm going to drop multiple hours into this game... uh oh." YEP.

  66. Dr.Blue17

    Dr.Blue17Maand geleden

    i love playing monster hunter and know its on the switch YASSSSS


    JOHN CROUCHLEYMaand geleden

    You need to use the wire bug moves they are a huge advantage


    JOHN CROUCHLEYMaand geleden


  69. Israel Henry

    Israel HenryMaand geleden

    Omg it's the honey badger looking blue bear I have a grudge against him on monster hunter portable 3rd

  70. Talkable Harp

    Talkable HarpMaand geleden

    Welcome to hunting. Just don't trip your fellow hunters and you'll all get along fine.

  71. mr.blueguy

    mr.blueguyMaand geleden

    Man if you like the cats this much then you really missed out on MHGU

  72. Gamingweebnub Neo

    Gamingweebnub NeoMaand geleden

    I have never seen such an intense azuros fight

  73. Ace

    AceMaand geleden

    After all this he became a LS user, sad times. F

  74. Take a Wild guess.

    Take a Wild guess.Maand geleden

    Poor bastard never got to see the cats in action in world

  75. AquaLight

    AquaLightMaand geleden


  76. Alterate

    AlterateMaand geleden

    Alpharad is amazing because his channel is the perfect mix of funny and wholesome with a TINY bit of cursed.

  77. Onion

    OnionMaand geleden

    my problem with this game is that you have less combos and you cant lock on a monster anymore

  78. Alan Vasquez

    Alan VasquezMaand geleden

    Except you do have combos and can lock on

  79. Toad Judges you

    Toad Judges youMaand geleden

    Monster seer: This is not Warioware.

  80. Caleb Mitchell

    Caleb MitchellMaand geleden

    Can we all agree that Jacob with free meal would be unstoppable

  81. Halobeatz

    HalobeatzMaand geleden

    Alpha's character looks like noelle silva

  82. Mecha'thun and the Cult of Deathrattles

    Mecha'thun and the Cult of DeathrattlesMaand geleden

    @alpharad you can play AS a cat in Generations, my dude

  83. chiyue

    chiyueMaand geleden

    still waiting on that follow up video

  84. Knight Slayer

    Knight SlayerMaand geleden

    I have the same feeling with monster hunter. Never played it, but I wanna cuz it looks so cool. I'm jumping in, about to play MHFU as soon as I finished mgs2.

  85. Ya Boi Temmeh

    Ya Boi TemmehMaand geleden

    BTW Whats gonna be your main weapon

  86. Shawnybogamer

    ShawnybogamerMaand geleden

    Idk if I’m a furry but I love these god damn cats so much

  87. Ricardo Cruzado

    Ricardo CruzadoMaand geleden

    So let me get this straight you fight monster get better equipment then fight monster? Continue the cycle until no more equipment or no more monster?

  88. Joey Cabral

    Joey CabralMaand geleden

    9:08 “put in laboon” yes I agree

  89. Ⴆαɠυҽƚƚҽ

    ႦαɠυҽƚƚҽMaand geleden

    this video 50% cats and cat cut scenes 25% talking about ur character 20% monster hunting 5% nico robin

  90. Grimm

    GrimmMaand geleden

    Bro D R I P J A C K E T

  91. Justin Scott

    Justin ScottMaand geleden

    ONE OF US ONE OF US. Welcome hunter!

  92. ThePoPo Potato

    ThePoPo PotatoMaand geleden

    dog 2

  93. José Gálvez

    José GálvezMaand geleden

    Why did nobody tell him he can spam ZR after spamming X smh

  94. Monkey Man

    Monkey ManMaand geleden

    The cats name is calico

  95. Monkey Man

    Monkey ManMaand geleden

    And sorry I’m late

  96. Angela Guerrero

    Angela GuerreroMaand geleden

    I wonder how has managed this guy to miss this game for so long since its style fits 100% his humour

  97. Jingle Jingle Bell

    Jingle Jingle BellMaand geleden

    Taking a shot everytime i hear a compliment

  98. Grayson Thompson

    Grayson ThompsonMaand geleden

    You said this game’s awesome and then a Fortnite add game up on my screen What have you said

  99. Spek ion

    Spek ionMaand geleden

    Of COURSE this he uses longsword

  100. Gareth Wilkins (Seribii)

    Gareth Wilkins (Seribii)Maand geleden

    *Jacob attacking the air* Me: "He's channeling his inner Marth."

  101. Daniel Poggers

    Daniel PoggersMaand geleden

    I have played for 2 days straight, and 20% of it has been listening to Yomogi and the cats

  102. platomaker

    platomakerMaand geleden

    next video should be him using lance for an hour.

  103. Telister

    TelisterMaand geleden

    Multiple hours? Sir I think you mean days

  104. RandomEdgyGamer

    RandomEdgyGamerMaand geleden

    After playing witcher it seems so odd to me how there is no Fall Damage

  105. drdanster1987

    drdanster1987Maand geleden

    lordy 3 more LS players