I played Jump Force so you don't have to

I hope you are ready for an unforgettable journey through the world of Jump Force.
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  1. pokemondoge

    pokemondogeUur geleden

    My dad did this and then left for milk

  2. Pro Riding Gamers

    Pro Riding Gamers2 uur geleden

    Ahh, fuck, dio has me sold for this

  3. imjusttogood

    imjusttogood6 uur geleden

    where is spelunky 2

  4. Peter Marsella

    Peter Marsella6 uur geleden

    I kinda want to get this and just create Shaggy as the custom character

  5. Auto

    Auto17 uur geleden

    Why wouldn’t they use their abilities? If you don’t want to get spoiled don’t play and watch the show


    THE NIGHTMARE21 uur geleden

    i also went through the hell this man did

  7. Banana Man

    Banana Man21 uur geleden

    Dio is dio -Dio --Dio

  8. Ivan Kako

    Ivan Kako21 uur geleden

    so video go brrrrr

  9. Ivan Kako

    Ivan Kako21 uur geleden

    haha i aready played the game

  10. Royalthewaffle_

    Royalthewaffle_23 uur geleden

    I feel like a damn Neanderthal never noticed it’s jump force because of shonen jump

  11. Kittycat7070

    Kittycat7070Dag geleden

    Fun fact, when I got a dragon ball game, I always called vegeta "vegetable"

  12. Ryan Kulikowsky

    Ryan KulikowskyDag geleden

    There are more loading screens in Jump Force than ads on an apology video

  13. They Won’t Stop Screaming

    They Won’t Stop ScreamingDag geleden

    The only anime I watched fully on that list was Death Note

  14. Vault

    VaultDag geleden

    I could feel all the OG Dragon Ball fans in the comments when they said. "I don't think Goku has ever seen a gun" *laughs in launch's submachine gun*

  15. yoriichi

    yoriichiDag geleden

    Jump force is very good i don't understand why people hate it

  16. Zazzy Z-man

    Zazzy Z-manDag geleden

    Wow this video rocked.

  17. Paul Phillips

    Paul PhillipsDag geleden

    Yeah I think the point was just anime fighting with pretty graphics lol. Not the story

  18. Tyson Toscano

    Tyson Toscano2 dagen geleden

    6:47 venoms be T-posing

  19. Jhorman “Agent J” Navas.

    Jhorman “Agent J” Navas.2 dagen geleden

    yeah, this one made me subscribe 👍🏽

  20. theplasm a

    theplasm a2 dagen geleden

    i could do a better game in 2 hours and i don't even know how to code i'm just sad for the sabo spoiler because until that chapter we thought he died

  21. SoulDoesYouTube

    SoulDoesYouTube2 dagen geleden

    Its so obvious that they like ONE PIECE, as luffy is literally the first person you see when you look at the game on the store, or on the box/disk


    MC GAMERS FAMILY2 dagen geleden

    Awesome game play bro any tips you can give me on how to stream better on my channel ?

  23. DeathDragon99a

    DeathDragon99a2 dagen geleden

    Yo Thanos is just a reskin of Mira from DB Xenoverse

  24. Person Someone

    Person Someone2 dagen geleden

    Why didnt they turn the short loading zones into a longer one because someone can handle skyrim but each one brings someone out the the zone and ruins ant immersion you might have had

  25. Colin weird bro

    Colin weird bro3 dagen geleden

    Light Yagami Chuckled "HA you mean? the DRAGON BALLS!" He proceeds to have all seven dragon balls float around him and go into his body Light Yagami Became ultra instinct. Goku trembled in fear for what a saw before him was a GOD. "Where did you get those?" Light seemed a bit hesitant to answer "I- BINGE WATCHED ALL OF DRAGON BALL" Goku was even more scared now. He backed up knowing that light had no friends *epic battle scene* And this is my fanfic B)

  26. LucarioCookie

    LucarioCookie3 dagen geleden


  27. Side N0te

    Side N0te3 dagen geleden

    You know its a good game when they model their loading setup like Sonic '06

  28. SamTheGumMan 117

    SamTheGumMan 1173 dagen geleden

    I really do love the idea of these games but never pays off maybe by the next anniversary we'll get something great finally

  29. Splishie

    Splishie4 dagen geleden

    I love how Deku,who would break his arms and legs from using "One for All" doesn't even need casts or a wheelchair, yet both in the manga and anime he does.

  30. Michael Henderson

    Michael Henderson4 dagen geleden

    So jumó force is bad?

  31. Elaine Dodd

    Elaine Dodd4 dagen geleden

    Kurapika wearing a suit scares me

  32. Jackson Ballard

    Jackson Ballard5 dagen geleden

    Jesus loves you and he wants you to let him into your life

  33. Jackson Ballard

    Jackson Ballard5 dagen geleden

    Jesus wants you to let him into your life to save you from hell:

  34. Jackson Ballard

    Jackson Ballard5 dagen geleden

    Jesus loves you and wants you to turn to him to be saved from hell:)

  35. Jackson Ballard

    Jackson Ballard5 dagen geleden

    Jesus loves you and wants you to turn to him to be saved from hell:)

  36. Jackson Ballard

    Jackson Ballard5 dagen geleden

    Jesus wants you to let him into your life to save you from hell:

  37. Jackson Ballard

    Jackson Ballard5 dagen geleden

    Jesus loves you and he wants you to let him into your life:

  38. dragon born

    dragon born5 dagen geleden

    you stole zanny's title

  39. GnarlyBreak2543 Gaming

    GnarlyBreak2543 Gaming5 dagen geleden

    17:30 I found the thumbnail

  40. Diabin

    Diabin5 dagen geleden

    Oh my god I forgot about this game until today and just felt like rewatching old reviews but instead I found this; and it's glorious, thank you so much. I forgot how bad this was

  41. Sir Henuardo

    Sir Henuardo5 dagen geleden

    Why is he playing the air guitar at 7:35

  42. Sir Henuardo

    Sir Henuardo5 dagen geleden

    This game's only problem is that the promised neverland is not here. Emma with gun has happened so why not Phil.

  43. Kyzra

    Kyzra5 dagen geleden

    Why have I watched this about 5 times.

  44. PÆG4

    PÆG45 dagen geleden

    I got it for 10$ eshop

  45. PÆG4

    PÆG45 dagen geleden

    Jump stars victory vs + : am i a joke too u

  46. Gabs Savo

    Gabs Savo5 dagen geleden

    Jump Force was a fun game change my mind.

  47. ThiccDaddyDaequan

    ThiccDaddyDaequan5 dagen geleden

    I like how half of the gameplay is just the loading screen lol

  48. coral goat

    coral goat5 dagen geleden

    I watched jump force so you dont have to

  49. Killer Teddybear

    Killer Teddybear6 dagen geleden

    I know this was 2 months ago but I felt the need to say my 6 year old loves this game and his favorite character is Dio and whenever he has to fight dio he dose the Jotoro Dioooooooooo! Scream.

  50. John sublasky

    John sublasky6 dagen geleden

    Lol head quarters hq

  51. TheKrensada

    TheKrensada6 dagen geleden

    in this video: pointless rambling and laughing for 30 minutes.

  52. Lyn Charles

    Lyn Charles6 dagen geleden

    Best anime fighting game

  53. Marcel Kluth

    Marcel Kluth6 dagen geleden

    What a great fanfiction. Kind of reminds me of the novel "The devourer". This was kind of equally weird.

  54. J

    J6 dagen geleden

    Well the game is literally just fan service

  55. Shadow21GX

    Shadow21GX6 dagen geleden

    That loading screen music. Brings back bad flashbacks.

  56. pepiurs tv playz

    pepiurs tv playz7 dagen geleden

    Jump force is an amazing

  57. mrMarciniak

    mrMarciniak7 dagen geleden

    Almost all of the manga panels in the final arena are spoilers. They really went on a mission to spoil every anime.

  58. Avocado Cat

    Avocado Cat7 dagen geleden

    19:27 poor choice of words

  59. Cheese sauce

    Cheese sauce7 dagen geleden

    Jokes on you I'm gonna play it anyway

  60. Henry Mann

    Henry Mann7 dagen geleden

    Didn’t even realize Bleach was here until I saw rukia

  61. Lori Fischer

    Lori Fischer8 dagen geleden

    oh look plot device *vegeta gagging and choking while having a spasm*

  62. TheBombBeast

    TheBombBeast8 dagen geleden

    The crossover conversations are the most cursed things I’ve ever seen. ESPECIALLY the interaction between Dio and Yugi Anyway I’m only going to get this game because 1. The crossovers seem very cursed 2. I like these anime characters so I might as well play a game about all of them

  63. boss baby tycoon on roblox

    boss baby tycoon on roblox8 dagen geleden

    unga bunga bruv

  64. Bryce Williams

    Bryce Williams8 dagen geleden

    Red ribbon army Goku has seen guns this is my second watch noticing this

  65. Zero Two

    Zero Two8 dagen geleden

    So Jump Force is basically Dragonball XV2 with other Jump Series Thanos and his GF: Towa and Mira The Evil Cubes: The Evil Fruit of Might and Evil Masks

  66. Michael “wildponcho” Flores

    Michael “wildponcho” Flores8 dagen geleden

    Morale of the story is if someone is doin anything other than attacking in jump force just grab them

  67. lovemcstuff

    lovemcstuff8 dagen geleden

    Despite alpharads insane critiques, Jump Force actually has some amazing gameplay and I absolutely love playing it

  68. Felipe Vieira

    Felipe Vieira8 dagen geleden

    6:46 T pose attack!!!!!!!

  69. DeadManRyzen

    DeadManRyzen9 dagen geleden

    this is just the anime shonen fighting game version of Food Fight


    MR BILL COLLECTOR9 dagen geleden

    The reason you only get "meet fight save" missions is cause thats what you get when you pick team A cause thats what team A does in the game the one piece team goes around meeting people and the naruto team goes behind enemy lines


    MR BILL COLLECTOR9 dagen geleden

    7:34 this cutscene killed all the hype i had when i popped this game in for the first time

  72. Ryan “WolfPrince” Lashley

    Ryan “WolfPrince” Lashley9 dagen geleden

    Hahahaha 🤣 this was to hilarious

  73. Kyle “KyleDavid” David

    Kyle “KyleDavid” David10 dagen geleden

    honey is gay as hell

  74. Aariz Raihan

    Aariz Raihan10 dagen geleden

    Fun fact: Online shopping is done online

  75. TheIznotpossible1

    TheIznotpossible110 dagen geleden

    "Major spoiler" Lol, damn near everybody know Gear Fourth since 4 years ago

  76. Cheri Dampier

    Cheri Dampier10 dagen geleden

    So...does anyone else just play jump force one day and notices...that after watching this vid, u figure out the loading screen always spends like 30 seconds on 84%

  77. Tree On Mars

    Tree On Mars10 dagen geleden

    Damn y’all forget about jstars victory +

  78. scolo Jay

    scolo Jay10 dagen geleden

    Haha filler

  79. the potato thieves

    the potato thieves11 dagen geleden

    To be honest this game would be better if the animation was better

  80. feraldrgn

    feraldrgn11 dagen geleden

    10:29 "Got it memorized?"

  81. Scarlett

    Scarlett11 dagen geleden

    i just bought it cos it was like 15€ or something but yeah the graphic is not that good

  82. the legendary super Saiyan

    the legendary super Saiyan11 dagen geleden

    Why did you delete my comment? Cause i said i like the game

  83. Crimson Omega

    Crimson Omega11 dagen geleden

    I'm suprised Pikachu or a Fire Emblem character wasn't added for the switch version. Either way I expect Joseph Jostar and Gohan for Season Pass 3.

  84. BartoHawk764

    BartoHawk76411 dagen geleden

    One of the first canonical events in the game is your death

  85. Brandon Waite

    Brandon Waite11 dagen geleden

    thought it was a bad game but he changed my mind and showed me how good it is thank you

  86. Brandon Waite

    Brandon Waite11 dagen geleden

    plot lowkey interesting

  87. Adrian Molina

    Adrian Molina12 dagen geleden

    We saw a cube go up vegetas....uhhhhhh. Never mind

  88. l Leão l

    l Leão l12 dagen geleden

    na moral que jogo merda

  89. Noraini Mohamed

    Noraini Mohamed12 dagen geleden

    Racist deku lol

  90. MattheJ1

    MattheJ112 dagen geleden

    The phase 1 of the final boss is like one of those fights you're supposed to lose and then you get a powerup in the cutscene, except they still expected you to win it.

  91. O. O

    O. O12 dagen geleden

    I bet luffy had PTSD when Thanos fisted One piece.

  92. Hmaster

    Hmaster12 dagen geleden

    I think this game shouldn't have gotten a story it should have just been a single/multiplayer fighting game with every anime character that's it because making a story is going to be time consuming and going to cost a lot

  93. Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan Garcia12 dagen geleden

    17:28 Why make that his default face!?

  94. Jonathan Garcia

    Jonathan Garcia12 dagen geleden

    2:50 Josuke cosplayer in the house!

  95. the bearable recruit

    the bearable recruit12 dagen geleden

    Fun fact : They traded Killua and gons idle poses in the character select screen

  96. 6TheMoodyPoet9

    6TheMoodyPoet912 dagen geleden

    Thanks I was lost.

  97. Victor P.

    Victor P.12 dagen geleden

    this guy's laugh is so annoying, could not finish the video

  98. Trevor Stluka

    Trevor Stluka13 dagen geleden

    Is that altrive in the video?

  99. Sam Barrell

    Sam Barrell13 dagen geleden

    I like jump force it’s so good

  100. Loft Wild

    Loft Wild13 dagen geleden

    I’ve had to watch 795 episodes of one piece and I still can’t watch this video.