My most *interesting* sponsor experience

I hope you're ready to get lost in the sauce
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This video is meant to recall a funny story and nothing more. The people at Brawlout are actually quite nice, despite the weird interaction that we had. I wish for nothing but the best for them. :) Brawlout is actually pretty fun if you wanna check it out on steam: (it's also on Switch)


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    Oh? Is that Cornered Variation in the beginning? Sold. Good video. Love it.

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    AND TURNABOUT SISTERS?! 2 for one!

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    I feel like this is one of those mobile game ads like "DUDE HE HAS NO IDEA THAT I HAVE A KERJILLION ARCHERS! THIS IS GONNA BE SUPER EASY! YES!"

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    I can’t believe he japed the developers like that.

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    I love the way he talks

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    This was so confusing that I got lost in the sauce for the last time.

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    Where can i get *the* brawlout file

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    Just realized 3 months later that they recorded the audio for the trailer on my birthday…

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    11:53 "Knock knock" "Who's there" " fist!" "..." "..." "..." "Ouch!"

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    I had that game, so yeah, this game sucks now

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    You know that you f up when you hear this >:(

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    reminds me of the time i had to make a presentation for a product you made up and i made the most shitposty, dumb as fuck slide show ever and my teacher replied with "Thank you! it looks great" and im still confused

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    "Hey, how can I threaten someone?" "Send them a smiley face :)"

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    8:36 Of course I watched this video after someone in my family graduated high school (not me, I never graduated high school, never ever never, not even in 1990)

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    Oh the link at 4:35 is a link to Alpha's channel. Jokes on you, I'm already subscribed

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    Now I think of it, you could have just slapped Raid in the intro

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    I like how pikmen 4 is the voice actor for the messages

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    Good video but you forgot the funny chicken move

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    Ummm what was that anime game... the logic in it... i need to know

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    One of the songs that he play was Maya fey song

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    So does altrive voice the creepy dev

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    I watched this video ON release day, came back today to have another laugh, ACCIDENTLY click on the comments section to see Jacob with a damn smile.

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    I come back to this video sometimes just to watch the first 21 seconds....does that make me weird

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    The way they decided to converse forced in the trailers felt like they were speaking Mii lines.

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    The automatically generated NLpush preview was 1:19 and this is a COMPLETLEY different video than what I was expecting

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    To be fair, I also thought that was the game so had a whole Copypasta ready to send to people. I really want the preview to be intentional.

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    this is just a david dobrik video

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    the link at 4:35 is literally just the link to his channel lol

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    That animation. Mmh. So good! Also drunk audio clips of you and Don is music to my ears.

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    I'm still trying to figure out what the heck 1:17 was

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    4:35 Self promotion at its finest

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    11:21 Fun fact, Brawlhalla is a platform fighting game available on steam, and is not Brawlout

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    Alpha sounds like a Mobile Ad that has a shitty voice over. 10/10

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    i played brawlout in 2017, and i dont think it compares to anything at the start.

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    So you meant 1:51 I have no idea

  101. Grosso, Ian Grosso

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    @JHS No not that, the music that plays during the little montage thing

  102. JHS

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    I assume you mean 1:56 and that would be the Animal Crossing New Horizons, I think 5pm music? I don’t know the exact time but it’s one of them

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