my worst loss yet

[Run 4, Episode 7] epic luigi time

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  1. GenesistheHedgehog YT

    GenesistheHedgehog YT18 dagen geleden


  2. The dark star

    The dark starMaand geleden

    14:08 F, just F

  3. Phantm

    PhantmMaand geleden

    What’s he gonna do? rEfLeCT iT? Fox:That’s a great Idea

  4. Dargikko

    Dargikko2 maanden geleden

    7 ads in one 18min video Brb going on PC definitely with AdBlock enabled

  5. Squirt Rabbit

    Squirt Rabbit2 maanden geleden

    when everything is tuff just use lucas or daisy

  6. a t

    a t2 maanden geleden

    I tried so hard and go so far in the end it doesn't even matter

  7. SharinganSakura

    SharinganSakura2 maanden geleden


  8. Gahm Funy

    Gahm Funy3 maanden geleden

    “So now we go straight into rosalina” nice.

  9. A random person Who is random

    A random person Who is random3 maanden geleden

    Oh I remember the Kirby wind level I hated it because I had no strong wind resists and I died of so many times before finally deciding to use Mario and up smash to victory

  10. A random person Who is random

    A random person Who is random3 maanden geleden

    I got greninja pretty early game I don’t know why he decided to get him late

  11. Mystic 7810

    Mystic 78103 maanden geleden

    14:08 nooooooooooooo

  12. Keegamer10

    Keegamer103 maanden geleden

    F in the chat for Luigi

  13. Kingsmithgaming

    Kingsmithgaming3 maanden geleden

    I genuinely shed a tear when Luigi died

  14. Nyeem Oliver

    Nyeem Oliver3 maanden geleden

    Alpharad lost NOOOOoO

  15. Brayden Monahan

    Brayden Monahan3 maanden geleden

    You are so strong

  16. trashramen

    trashramen3 maanden geleden

    Alpharad please make a touhou let's play

  17. Arnesh Chatterjee

    Arnesh Chatterjee3 maanden geleden

    Alpharad playing Richter: If it was anyone else, I would have gone for that down air Little Mac: *Cowabunga it is*

  18. hoverkitten _

    hoverkitten _4 maanden geleden

    Cloud Before the greatness

  19. RaymondFan234 {Your Favorite Purple-Haired Demon}

    RaymondFan234 {Your Favorite Purple-Haired Demon}4 maanden geleden

    *Wonder why I man Bayo*

  20. jacob saputra

    jacob saputra4 maanden geleden

    IKE Now what ur talkin about

  21. Shitpost101

    Shitpost1014 maanden geleden

    Spiritlocke next time? If you lose, you cant juse that spirit again

  22. elainey512

    elainey5124 maanden geleden


  23. PlayerYT GameToons

    PlayerYT GameToons4 maanden geleden


  24. pichet lai

    pichet lai4 maanden geleden


  25. Toxiin

    Toxiin4 maanden geleden

    Raid boss bayo

  26. Wrecker Man

    Wrecker Man4 maanden geleden

    Imagine getting an ad immediately Luigi used his 2nd final smash

  27. SpaceCat Gaming

    SpaceCat Gaming4 maanden geleden

    What alpha series is better in your opinion? -Mario Odyssey -Smash

  28. Hudson T

    Hudson T5 maanden geleden

    Luigi to speak banana

  29. Derek Bernsen

    Derek Bernsen5 maanden geleden

    To think, if Luigi misfired at the end he would have survived

  30. James Blenkinsopp

    James Blenkinsopp5 maanden geleden

    Hmm.... May have missed this episode... Oops

  31. Elena Ji

    Elena Ji5 maanden geleden

    This video sucks cuz luigi died

  32. George Hibbeler

    George Hibbeler5 maanden geleden

    Pizza rolls

  33. Abram Amodu

    Abram Amodu5 maanden geleden

    Alpha did killed luigi for content

  34. AliFaik

    AliFaik5 maanden geleden

    don't you guys see history repeating itself? -Technoblade

  35. Aerith is best girl

    Aerith is best girl5 maanden geleden

    Luigi *dies* Angry daisy noises

  36. sfkennaugh

    sfkennaugh5 maanden geleden

    Corrin is my main

  37. Hudson T

    Hudson T5 maanden geleden

    Can you please play as cloud forever

  38. thinkpugs :D

    thinkpugs :D5 maanden geleden

    F for the green thunder

  39. Mcmominstin

    Mcmominstin5 maanden geleden

    Press F to pay respect to Luigi

  40. Osman Mohamed

    Osman Mohamed5 maanden geleden

    Alpha: fails frist finale smash Also alpha: oh no, anyways

  41. Elda Calzadilla

    Elda Calzadilla5 maanden geleden

    Iuigi nooo come on the saddest thing ever

  42. bd- bestdude

    bd- bestdude5 maanden geleden

    I was gonna say abuse hero

  43. Crimson

    Crimson6 maanden geleden

    Who else noticed the little z music when he started fighting king k

  44. Natnat 24

    Natnat 246 maanden geleden

    Remember how Luigi died last time?

  45. Atticus O

    Atticus O6 maanden geleden

    Luigi: *dies to nerfed Bayonetta* Daisy, rolling up her sleeves: Wow men ain’t shit yet again

  46. SonOfFunkyBabylon

    SonOfFunkyBabylon6 maanden geleden

    The time has come for you to finally play Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am.

  47. Ben

    Ben6 maanden geleden

    Why does darkohn look like calamitous from the terraria calamity mod when he does that Laser attack?

  48. Clondyke

    Clondyke6 maanden geleden

    my mans luigi can't catch a break huh

  49. Hamm Mann

    Hamm Mann6 maanden geleden

    *_As a luigi main, that hurt._*

  50. Asher Jones

    Asher Jones6 maanden geleden

    Keikaku means plan.

  51. jans63042

    jans630426 maanden geleden

    I am confusio, where in the timeline is this?

  52. LukiePoika

    LukiePoika6 maanden geleden


  53. Romano Cheese

    Romano Cheese6 maanden geleden

    Why is Luigi twerking

  54. Isaac Ash

    Isaac Ash6 maanden geleden

    Poor Luigi

  55. shadowkirby 10

    shadowkirby 106 maanden geleden

    You know the light suite came in clutch for me

  56. Malcom Modern

    Malcom Modern6 maanden geleden

    oh no its happening all over again

  57. M K

    M K6 maanden geleden

    you could say rob robbed you of your joy

  58. Alplex

    Alplex6 maanden geleden

    I love when NLpush doesn't notify me when new alpharad videos come out despite having notifications turned on

  59. Mario Water

    Mario Water6 maanden geleden

    I feel like you forgot the wario can fart which is pretty powerful!

  60. Darkcelebi2000

    Darkcelebi20006 maanden geleden

    When wario died I got so happy

  61. Sean Martin

    Sean Martin6 maanden geleden

    Light Locke Lucas Dark Locke Daisy Finale Locke ???

  62. GlO2321

    GlO23216 maanden geleden

    When Alpha said “this absolute Buffoon...” just made my day

  63. ThatWeirdGamer

    ThatWeirdGamer6 maanden geleden

    When Luigi died I felt that last hit personally just damn that hurt

  64. White Blacklight

    White Blacklight6 maanden geleden

    Don't forget anything Alpharad says distract you from the fact that Minecraft Steve died like a bitch.

  65. mrmike

    mrmike6 maanden geleden

    Im gonna sound really stupid rn But can someone explain how daisy went from 27% at the beginning to 0% halfway through? You can't use final smashes so idk how

  66. Elly Harder

    Elly Harder6 maanden geleden

    My Pokémon ranch is a classic every 2 years I turn on my wii and check out my little guys

  67. Nicolas DeVincentis

    Nicolas DeVincentis6 maanden geleden

    For the tabuu fight, use dedede with giant and metal killer. Then just spam gordo. Because bayonetta is so big, gordo will hit multiple times.

  68. SMNOF

    SMNOF6 maanden geleden

    7:34 that's like trading a quid for a pound

  69. Pyras Wolf

    Pyras Wolf6 maanden geleden

    rip ganon

  70. Your local Memer

    Your local Memer6 maanden geleden

    I absolutely love thses little intros, they're so cute and charming and they really do their job of summarizing the previous episode!

  71. Reet

    Reet6 maanden geleden

    Missed a great opportunity. Coulda put Meta Knight’s sword under Luigi on the roster.

  72. Just Icebeat

    Just Icebeat6 maanden geleden

    Press F to pay respect for Luigi

  73. OniHero

    OniHero6 maanden geleden

    Could we mention it that takumi tried to Help corrin on 5:30

  74. RightJackAtYa! (RightJackAtYa)

    RightJackAtYa! (RightJackAtYa)6 maanden geleden


  75. Griffin Akkashian

    Griffin Akkashian6 maanden geleden

    9:30 omfg Kirby just fucking evaporated

  76. Fuck Continentals

    Fuck Continentals6 maanden geleden

    Ok why not metal slash against bayonetta

  77. Telogor

    Telogor6 maanden geleden

    5:30 I didn't know Takumi made a cameo when you're fighting Corrin.

  78. Malek Haltam

    Malek Haltam6 maanden geleden


  79. Goatres

    Goatres6 maanden geleden

    Alpharad I hope I can battle u someday!

  80. Karmic Crotal

    Karmic Crotal6 maanden geleden

    Last time I saw a Luigi death that bad was during the Belmonts reveal.

  81. Dabmaster Fresh

    Dabmaster Fresh6 maanden geleden

    More like “Play lame, bring shame”

  82. CZ-Kick

    CZ-Kick6 maanden geleden

    What a shitty way for falco to die, he deserved better

  83. Ofxzh Urhsvi

    Ofxzh Urhsvi6 maanden geleden

    You did Luigi wrong man, you did him wrong.

  84. Studio Yami

    Studio Yami6 maanden geleden

    I've never audibly gasped to such a degree than I did at Luigi's death.

  85. Mr. Stuff Doer

    Mr. Stuff Doer6 maanden geleden

    Y’all think he just didn’t notice how little damage Luigi did with the first final smash?

  86. Zimmy Dod

    Zimmy Dod6 maanden geleden


  87. Max Leavitt

    Max Leavitt6 maanden geleden

    luigi: is about to die youtube: ha Ha niFE aD Go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  88. ZachisMadd

    ZachisMadd6 maanden geleden

    15:53 what the reveal trailer felt like

  89. NineTales

    NineTales6 maanden geleden

    Hey alpha, I know you probably won’t see this but I just wanted to say thank you for being so funny. All of your smash videos have given me and lots of other people a good laugh when I’ve felt down or just fed up with life. It’s creators like you that inspired me to start a channel (even though it’s not good). So once again, you won’t see this, but *thank you Jacob.*

  90. bruh is god

    bruh is god6 maanden geleden


  91. Electrode overload

    Electrode overload6 maanden geleden

    14:09 top 10 saddest anime deaths

  92. A dude

    A dude6 maanden geleden

    I lost my Smash Ultimate Cartridge somewhere ;-; F in the chat for me bois

  93. Sooper Cheese

    Sooper Cheese6 maanden geleden

    I don’t understand why he took the risk to get Akuma and then just doesn’t use him, like Akuma is BUSTED why not use him?

  94. GavinTullier1218

    GavinTullier12186 maanden geleden

    14:12 Had to pause it and just sit there speechless. I hurt Immensely

  95. Mystery Gamer

    Mystery Gamer6 maanden geleden

    So when's the randomizer?

  96. Bionitech

    Bionitech6 maanden geleden

    having a large roster knowing what awaits at the end, yeah he's gonna need all of them and hope he grits his teeth and pray his faves aren't the first to go down

  97. OscarSod

    OscarSod6 maanden geleden

    Ur gonna get a new character as soon as Sepihiroth comes out

  98. Karthus

    Karthus6 maanden geleden

    Alpha, after Lightlocke, would it be possible to try Lightlocke but your amiibos do all the fighting

  99. Synthia

    Synthia6 maanden geleden

    Really wasn't expecting a my Pokemon ranch reference today but I'm glad I got it

  100. XenonPaint The Eskimo

    XenonPaint The Eskimo6 maanden geleden

    sephiroth lol