Playing Your Awful Mario Maker Levels


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  1. Alpharad

    Alpharad6 maanden geleden


  2. Blaze Dragon

    Blaze Dragon2 maanden geleden

    Imagihh MJ e hahubg money

  3. A. Rustici

    A. Rustici3 maanden geleden

    You can do TONS of things right Alpharad! :D!

  4. Oki Nebiu

    Oki Nebiu4 maanden geleden

    I think that is the wrong link

  5. GreninjaPlays

    GreninjaPlays5 maanden geleden

    Giveaway please

  6. Theo Haines

    Theo Haines5 maanden geleden

    That’s so wow

  7. RandomGuy98

    RandomGuy986 dagen geleden

    What is the Name of the „Sponsor Music“?

  8. Heato7000

    Heato7000Maand geleden

    Hey I have two levels to play BRJTG3R1G and T3FLPSDPG (The second one has a 0% clear rate out of the 35 tries)

  9. JustGarfield

    JustGarfieldMaand geleden

    The 4th installment of a fan favorite series of level has just been released, run jump and climb your ways through Redwoods to defeat Generations of baddies in: Mario Ninja 4: Generations Course ID: 0V6-GDQ-3QF

  10. Duck-soul-stare

    Duck-soul-stareMaand geleden

    Please play I tried to make this one good well both of them VF7MTDYXG PQMY9T63G

  11. Perhe Räsänen

    Perhe RäsänenMaand geleden

    2:27 alpha sounds like Harold from total drama lol

  12. Robin Amethyst

    Robin Amethyst2 maanden geleden

    Wait a min is alpharad born on December 19th cuz that's my birthday as well

  13. Johnathan Harrelson

    Johnathan Harrelson2 maanden geleden

    9:17 😂 😂 😂

  14. Carson Clay

    Carson Clay2 maanden geleden

    I respect you playing XCOM 2

  15. nathan jackson

    nathan jackson2 maanden geleden

    He sounds like desbug

  16. no brainer gamer

    no brainer gamer3 maanden geleden

    My first level has been uploaded to Mario maker and I think you should dry it here it is. K76-9GW-FWF

  17. no brainer gamer

    no brainer gamer3 maanden geleden

    Hey there Alpharad I just got Mario maker two and upload my first level I think you should have a shot at it it was pretty tricky and I hope you enjoy.

  18. A. Rustici

    A. Rustici3 maanden geleden

    You can do TONS of things right Alpharad! :D!

  19. Darkrai

    Darkrai3 maanden geleden

    1:40 everyone

  20. Meakz YT

    Meakz YT3 maanden geleden

    I brought it day one and it hasn’t came yet I am in Britain btw

  21. Hypersonix Gamer

    Hypersonix Gamer3 maanden geleden

    What's the song at 4:50?

  22. TheMetagrossGamer

    TheMetagrossGamer3 maanden geleden

    It's been 3 months and i understand

  23. Yharimnir “Add Some Waffles”

    Yharimnir “Add Some Waffles”3 maanden geleden

    alpharad was drink ing wasnt he

  24. NioGeo

    NioGeo3 maanden geleden

    9:10 luEgY

  25. Axel Skärlund

    Axel Skärlund3 maanden geleden

    6:08 same but without the s

  26. ABagOfDorites

    ABagOfDorites3 maanden geleden

    Oh I understand!

  27. The mlemmers

    The mlemmers3 maanden geleden

    PLay my level Please I need a boston in 2021 Code is 29F F26 3PG

  28. Normal Youtube Channel

    Normal Youtube Channel3 maanden geleden

    Mario with a shell can destroy everybody and everything

  29. Wyatt Brooks

    Wyatt Brooks3 maanden geleden

    i dont understand yet

  30. lemon

    lemon3 maanden geleden

    This was good video. Calm

  31. gangster pro p

    gangster pro p3 maanden geleden

    He's speed cuz he's fast at dying lol

  32. Neddy Nedstar

    Neddy Nedstar3 maanden geleden


  33. Ryguy878

    Ryguy8783 maanden geleden

    Brain cells were lost in this video

  34. omnirox 9875

    omnirox 98753 maanden geleden

    Not the same without Jo

  35. Lonewalker 11

    Lonewalker 113 maanden geleden

    XJM X50 10H pls try this its my first lvl and it would mean a lot if u played it🙂

  36. Appleanimations

    Appleanimations3 maanden geleden

    2:53 "made with kinemaster"

  37. froggy chair

    froggy chair3 maanden geleden


  38. Tina Nguyen

    Tina Nguyen3 maanden geleden

    The tall turtle postoperatively plug because onion gratifyingly whirl onto a abiding swing. labored, lovely marble

  39. Sam Gibson

    Sam Gibson3 maanden geleden

    I trid opening up a box of cinnamon toast crunch and it got cinnamon powder all over the table, and its a table I write on a lot, but graphite and eraser shavings are non toxic so its ok I put the cereal back in my bowl. Tru story btw 😌😌🖖🖖

  40. Uksin

    Uksin3 maanden geleden

    I like the subscriber ratio at the part where the level says subscribe

  41. Peter Griffin but Mexican (the overlord of hell)

    Peter Griffin but Mexican (the overlord of hell)3 maanden geleden

    Can’t everyone agree that’s videogamedunkey is the best mario player and you can’t tell me otherwise

  42. Hixxy

    Hixxy3 maanden geleden

    what was the song used at 4:50 I know i’ve heard it before maybe a zelda game?

  43. Gamester8000

    Gamester80003 maanden geleden

    Dude! You forgot to say that you were using the Wii steering wheel, and that your little brother was playing!

  44. Matthew Keen

    Matthew Keen3 maanden geleden


  45. Amby

    Amby3 maanden geleden


  46. LKMalapede

    LKMalapede3 maanden geleden

    Omg i love you Ranboo!

  47. LKMalapede

    LKMalapede3 maanden geleden


  48. iexistbtw

    iexistbtw3 maanden geleden


  49. pro plays to win

    pro plays to win3 maanden geleden

    This was vengeance

  50. Liam Fox

    Liam Fox3 maanden geleden

    That wouldn't have happened if you subscribed. You succeeded though

  51. Ada Phillips

    Ada Phillips3 maanden geleden

    His levels are impossible but I still love them

  52. christian ngaleu

    christian ngaleu4 maanden geleden

    3:08 u ain’t slick

  53. Andrew Arifin

    Andrew Arifin4 maanden geleden


  54. Tobin Blanton

    Tobin Blanton4 maanden geleden

    3:05 i thought it was going to say sus

  55. CloudyCrescent

    CloudyCrescent4 maanden geleden

    “Dude gotta game shark”

  56. SavagexJayden

    SavagexJayden4 maanden geleden

    I finally found the song in persona 5 that Alpharad uses in his intro

  57. Richard Gallant

    Richard Gallant4 maanden geleden

    Hey try S4S-PKY-F0H great boss rush

  58. The Big Bean

    The Big Bean4 maanden geleden

    thanks for dying multiple times i didnt understand the level for a sec

  59. JayLM

    JayLM4 maanden geleden

    2:53 "Made With Kinemaster"

  60. Samuel Hacker

    Samuel Hacker4 maanden geleden

    You might by faster than Usane Bolt but you’re not faster than my 12 year old sister or my grandma’s dog

  61. Classicgram

    Classicgram4 maanden geleden

    5:49 Dani Reference :D

  62. Austingamertv10

    Austingamertv104 maanden geleden

    “ witch would win all pokemon? the sun? A billion lions? Wrong Mario with turtle” - alpharad 2020

  63. samsh bros fan

    samsh bros fan4 maanden geleden


  64. lilith

    lilith4 maanden geleden

    he is stronger than the sun

  65. lilith

    lilith4 maanden geleden

    "im gonna dodge the sun" **dies** "it's because this level is bad"

  66. Blubus

    Blubus4 maanden geleden

    No idea where to share my level for Alpharad and everyone else, so I'm just plopping it right here. *CourseID: 1SD-S5W-Y6G* No one can beat it online and I don't think it's that hard. It's not even gimmicky. It's just technical and requires precision but nothing like the crazy levels you typically see online. This is _absolutely_ a plug because I want someone to beat it. Currently at 89 deaths, 0 completions. C'mon guys -_-

  67. PikminXOXO [Support]

    PikminXOXO [Support]4 maanden geleden

    all the pokemon Vs Mario with shell

  68. Triarawn

    Triarawn4 maanden geleden

    i completely understand the level

  69. eitan0531

    eitan05314 maanden geleden

    This has STRONG videogamedunkey vibes and I’m here for it

  70. Tasty Nut

    Tasty Nut4 maanden geleden

    My first?

  71. Literalicity.

    Literalicity.4 maanden geleden

    Who would win? Every Pokémon, the sun, or a billion lions?

  72. The questionable channel YT

    The questionable channel YT4 maanden geleden

    I’m starting to think that this is not really just you trying to convince us that you’re just bad and Mario maker HMMMMMMMMM MMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMan I’m pretty sure you’re good

  73. Jarrett Joy

    Jarrett Joy4 maanden geleden

    That’s just part of the speed run is possibly my favorite excuse of all time and I will be henceforth using it as much as possible

  74. Uchtakar Jackson

    Uchtakar Jackson4 maanden geleden

    I'm here from Desbug, gotta say your funny but I think our lord Desbug Is funnier

  75. Literalicity.

    Literalicity.4 maanden geleden

    0:03 _alpha where did that third hand come from_

  76. Dj Dragon2500

    Dj Dragon25004 maanden geleden

    WWR-8FJ-YYG very pog champ challenge level

  77. Giorno Giovanna

    Giorno Giovanna4 maanden geleden

    Bought your Merch and shit take my dam money

  78. I have a wimpy cat

    I have a wimpy cat4 maanden geleden

    5:19 Seymour Skinner?

  79. Cute_Axolotl

    Cute_Axolotl4 maanden geleden

    4:11 we got this guys (dies)

  80. Cute_Axolotl

    Cute_Axolotl4 maanden geleden

    1:52 maybe I dropped out of College

  81. R0Baot

    R0Baot4 maanden geleden

    T1S-MNX-CWG = 2-GhostHouse Mystery Door A Ghost house level with puzzles and a secret exit. Note there is no enemies in the level Difficulty 1/5 30Y-P9F-YTF = 1-Castle Show down with Meowser The first castle of my super world, has a boss at the end. Difficulty 3/5 NVD-VTP-QMF = 2-2 Pyramid Exploration Has two mini bosses then 3 puzzles using the power ups of 3Dworld Difficulty 2-3

  82. Derek Valentino Metz

    Derek Valentino Metz4 maanden geleden

    today i realized that alpharad's and my birthday are at the same date

  83. LeoDaLion

    LeoDaLion4 maanden geleden

    Koopas deactivate when they touch poison and lava so you cant jump on them Writing this comment i realized i wasnt subed to Alpharad

  84. RandomGuy98

    RandomGuy984 maanden geleden

    Alpharad at 2:33: I dont even think miamoto could make a level that good Also Alpharad at 5:24: I don’t know if you guy knew but miamoto makes every level in Mario maker it’s just a Front this is just a Passion Projekt for him

  85. Goat5168

    Goat51684 maanden geleden

    7:55 He didn't rage quit, he just left because he already understands.

  86. vsnsane

    vsnsane4 maanden geleden

    526-R3M-BXG this level is only for gamers

  87. Ben Smith

    Ben Smith4 maanden geleden

    i understand the level

  88. Guimon

    Guimon4 maanden geleden

    Wouldn't it be funny if Mr. Alpharad made a second channel called Betacool

  89. Adam Elips

    Adam Elips4 maanden geleden

    I like your dodging skills

  90. Tanner Irvine

    Tanner Irvine5 maanden geleden

    This commentary is 👽

  91. oranana lol

    oranana lol5 maanden geleden

    Usain bolt: *exists* Alphard: oh he's black? Shadow the hedgehog

  92. NOT Mirage

    NOT Mirage5 maanden geleden

    4:03 Microwave Alpharad intensifies.

  93. Togepiss

    Togepiss5 maanden geleden

    hi box maker master

  94. Connor Stiles

    Connor Stiles5 maanden geleden

    The lion if they are in a lion lader (that's a lot of lions though)

  95. FoxThor05

    FoxThor055 maanden geleden

    5:51... Alpha: “Hey Goomba... Fuck you” Me: “But that’s a Galoomba...”

  96. OneStarfish 2663

    OneStarfish 26635 maanden geleden

    What is the song at 4:52

  97. Janeth Pena

    Janeth Pena5 maanden geleden

    7CN LD9 KRF

  98. Han Ampe

    Han Ampe5 maanden geleden

    I got the best level ever code: J3BA-1T3D-6284

  99. Bashe Oreo

    Bashe Oreo5 maanden geleden


  100. MissingFile

    MissingFile5 maanden geleden

    0:05 normal amount of arms

  101. Joseph Stigall

    Joseph Stigall5 maanden geleden

    anybody know what video game the song from 4:50 comes from?


    RASHAUN BRADSHAW5 maanden geleden

    *I Am Stronger Than The Sun!* -Alpharad 2020

  103. Rushing2game

    Rushing2game5 maanden geleden

    Please play HR0-S57-NLG it’s kinda impossible so if you beat it your a gamer

  104. Jemeyslyn

    Jemeyslyn5 maanden geleden

    Your so bad at the game

  105. Jemeyslyn

    Jemeyslyn5 maanden geleden

    Or simply I’m bad for mentioning it

  106. Logan Smith

    Logan Smith5 maanden geleden

    Wtf is that music used for sponsorships because I love it

  107. Fred Chicken Inc.

    Fred Chicken Inc.5 maanden geleden

    I understand the level

  108. Bryguy Thedude

    Bryguy Thedude5 maanden geleden

    Hey alpha how do you do that zoom in thing you do

  109. Josh M

    Josh M5 maanden geleden

    This started with a wendy's ad and I thought it was a bit