Pokémon, but you can donate to release them (ft. Jaiden)

Jaiden and I raised money for charity by sabotaging our teams in Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire.
You know, for the kids (and comedy).
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  1. Nova Dante

    Nova Dante32 minuten geleden

    Another great vid from alphie radical

  2. Jared Fuller

    Jared FullerUur geleden

    No one explain that to her...

  3. No u

    No u8 uur geleden

    Jaiden: My mom died 11 years ago Alpha: *sad noises*

  4. No u

    No u8 uur geleden

    Fun fact: 99.99% got their moms credit card. Even those people who donated more than 1k (their mom pulled out the belt)

  5. No u

    No u8 uur geleden

    They raised 2k at the start of the game. You know the average rate of people take a month or longer to get that much

  6. Lofey !!!

    Lofey !!!9 uur geleden

    I was watching this while takeing a shit

  7. The Craggsy Show

    The Craggsy Show9 uur geleden


  8. ELgaming

    ELgaming10 uur geleden

    “What’s that Pokémon’s de evolution?” “Gulpin?” What a mad lad

  9. Camden Lister

    Camden Lister12 uur geleden

    See I’ll I’ve realized after watching this man for years, you don’t mess with this man If luck is involved

  10. Ramen

    Ramen12 uur geleden

    losing dr bustdown actually hurt, for real.

  11. P A I M O N

    P A I M O N16 uur geleden


  12. KirioGN

    KirioGN16 uur geleden

    20:55 my dumbass genuinely thought he was gonna say “Slugma nuts” when he smiled like that

  13. dingram

    dingram16 uur geleden

    Tails never fails

  14. ScowlingHail 1819

    ScowlingHail 181917 uur geleden


  15. Sam Gibson

    Sam Gibson19 uur geleden

    u got Bezos scale sub count practically

  16. Sam Gibson

    Sam Gibson19 uur geleden

    wow ur just getting subs at beezos speeds

  17. Mega Weeb

    Mega Weeb19 uur geleden

    Rip dr.bustdwn

  18. 0HeartAngel0

    0HeartAngel019 uur geleden

    I've never seen anyone so depressed raising money for children.

  19. Merathos

    Merathos22 uur geleden

    I ran the stats, and if 85% more are subscribed, you would have 14 million subs.

  20. Roenix

    Roenix23 uur geleden

    What's the music at 23:15?

  21. キツタ

    キツタDag geleden

    Lesson of the day Never coin flips with Jaiden

  22. X Gamer

    X GamerDag geleden

    I see now why jaiden didn’t post this

  23. Doctor waffles

    Doctor wafflesDag geleden


  24. mimikyugamer plays

    mimikyugamer playsDag geleden

    22:35 where men cry

  25. Father crusader

    Father crusaderDag geleden

    Idk why but I fr cried when he lost doctor bustown

  26. Memegod 2287

    Memegod 2287Dag geleden

    Girls: he didn't cry during the movie, do men even have feelings Boys: 23:10

  27. Kingkit

    KingkitDag geleden

    BTW Alpharad your name is Jacob Rabon IV

  28. Jules C

    Jules CDag geleden

    Fun fact: getting tails is a 6.25 percent chance

  29. Explosion

    ExplosionDag geleden

    Goodbye Dr Bustdown 😭😭😭😭

  30. wynn ingal

    wynn ingalDag geleden

    I see jaiden encountering mewtwo

  31. Kelton Bartzen

    Kelton BartzenDag geleden

    The sacrifice of Dr.Bustdwn is the definition of "We won, but at what cost?"

  32. Gerthuya Rana

    Gerthuya Rana2 dagen geleden


  33. Fod-der

    Fod-der2 dagen geleden

    3:08 hi that's me

  34. Ü

    Ü2 dagen geleden

    The sad tale of dr bustdown

  35. Rodney Parks

    Rodney Parks2 dagen geleden


  36. Chief Mememeister

    Chief Mememeister2 dagen geleden

    I don't get the Gulpin joke(?).

  37. Charles Broussard GORB BLORB Ver2

    Charles Broussard GORB BLORB Ver22 dagen geleden


  38. Enoch Hisao

    Enoch Hisao2 dagen geleden

    The ruddy difference biochemically cycle because production noteworthily concern inside a pathetic helmet. profuse, shaggy captain

  39. Ground_ Butter

    Ground_ Butter3 dagen geleden

    I feel like the viewers didn’t donate for the charity but for just their endless suffering

  40. romaunited34 Rey Mysterio fanboy

    romaunited34 Rey Mysterio fanboy3 dagen geleden

    The Jaiden depressive ark *me remembering the Boyinaband and Jaiden song collab*

  41. Sam Taylor

    Sam Taylor3 dagen geleden

    Dude! I’m pretty sure I went to high school with you! So glad to see you doing awesome stuff like this and doing so well!

  42. KaiserMikael

    KaiserMikael3 dagen geleden

    How people still don't know that the 10 year old thing is just in the anime is still baffling to me. No protagonist in the games is 10, the youngest they are is 11. Brendan and May are 12 or 14.

  43. Liam Edwards

    Liam Edwards3 dagen geleden

    Rip Dr. Bustdwn

  44. Kite2014

    Kite20143 dagen geleden

    Has anyone ever told you about the tragedy of Jaiden Animations?

  45. Captain ChickenYT

    Captain ChickenYT3 dagen geleden

    I got an applebees ad. That's all. I got an applebees ad

  46. Dalveer Grewal

    Dalveer Grewal4 dagen geleden

    Ant when wooper dies:Sobbing as loudly as possible This is me when Lasagna 36 dies

  47. Seree Wilson

    Seree Wilson4 dagen geleden

    13:07 Random person who donated :my mom past away 11 years ago. Jaiden: that's what we like to hear

  48. Luke Chapman

    Luke Chapman4 dagen geleden

    Rip Dr. Bustdown

  49. The Legacy of Gaming

    The Legacy of Gaming4 dagen geleden

    The 5th gen music is perfect for the sad moments

  50. Tyler Saladino Stan

    Tyler Saladino Stan4 dagen geleden

    Tails never fails

  51. Dochy02

    Dochy024 dagen geleden

    Jaiden needs make a video about that

  52. Marshall Xeno

    Marshall Xeno4 dagen geleden

    13:00 That uh... that was unexpected.

  53. fnaf-gacha-gaming

    fnaf-gacha-gaming4 dagen geleden

    actually its 51 49 to the face you fliped it on

  54. Noah 1119

    Noah 11195 dagen geleden

    Jaiden: who giving out all the blazekens. Groudon: i am a blazeken

  55. Gravel Salt

    Gravel Salt5 dagen geleden

    "Zigzagoon is god." God looking at what he's done:

  56. Gamer Time!

    Gamer Time!5 dagen geleden

    metang is the best pokemon

  57. Fio Fio

    Fio Fio5 dagen geleden


  58. LittleMissEevee

    LittleMissEevee5 dagen geleden

    alpha of the rad variety

  59. Nial Vessal

    Nial Vessal6 dagen geleden

    One minute of silence for Dr. BustDown

  60. Rubeeleo

    Rubeeleo6 dagen geleden

    whens jaidens video out?

  61. Asger Haahr

    Asger Haahr6 dagen geleden

    Jacob where did you get the polaroid shirt?

  62. Antonio “Shot_boxer204” Praide

    Antonio “Shot_boxer204” Praide6 dagen geleden

    I don't care what anybody says. Dr. Bustdown is by far the best nickname I have ever heard

  63. gamer boy 690 xx

    gamer boy 690 xx6 dagen geleden

    Maxi and team flare with their blaziken army

  64. Jasmine Jackson

    Jasmine Jackson6 dagen geleden



    TTRROOLL6 dagen geleden

    What emulator do you use?


    TTRROOLL6 dagen geleden

    0:26 Thats not mudkip thats madckip

  67. Brayden

    Brayden6 dagen geleden

    Did you hear about the sugondeze native candice she died of ligima while visiting Kenya

  68. Dragon Tamer

    Dragon Tamer6 dagen geleden

    I Cryed when Dr Bust down whose released :C

  69. Zedo “The Dark lord Zero” kaiba

    Zedo “The Dark lord Zero” kaiba7 dagen geleden

    I didnt know jaiden was gulpin

  70. Zedo “The Dark lord Zero” kaiba

    Zedo “The Dark lord Zero” kaiba7 dagen geleden

    Nintendo when they see someone playing pokemon raising money: Can I have a taste of that cash big man?

  71. Steel Warrior

    Steel Warrior7 dagen geleden

    Everyone: This is so cool! Also everyone: now do it but in a nuzlocke

  72. Harveysguy Gaming

    Harveysguy Gaming7 dagen geleden

    Him almost cry about hit on lee Jaiden loses tyrantar

  73. Novel Solvings

    Novel Solvings7 dagen geleden

    Smooth putting all of the ad breaks at the coin flips and wheel spins for added suspense.

  74. Peep Egg

    Peep Egg7 dagen geleden

    22:35 Sad 😔

  75. Peep Egg

    Peep Egg7 dagen geleden

    13:10 why alpha ?

  76. Lithic Turtle

    Lithic Turtle7 dagen geleden

    I just had to do a coinflip after seeing Jaiden's luck and... google coinflip landed on heads

  77. clubber lang4

    clubber lang47 dagen geleden

    dear alpharad pls do a pokemon sword nuzloke

  78. dum_squeak

    dum_squeak7 dagen geleden

    We need spheal

  79. Squirt Rabbit

    Squirt Rabbit7 dagen geleden

    jaiden of the animation variety

  80. TacAttack

    TacAttack7 dagen geleden

    Gulpin. Gulpin deez nu- im sorry

  81. Carlos Nazario Goodwin

    Carlos Nazario Goodwin7 dagen geleden

    Never forget Dr. Bustdwn

  82. 「MrWhoWasIt」 (MrWhoWasIt)

    「MrWhoWasIt」 (MrWhoWasIt)8 dagen geleden


  83. gamer boy 690 xx

    gamer boy 690 xx8 dagen geleden

    Your welcome used the force to skip vileplume for you

  84. William Vu

    William Vu8 dagen geleden

    This isn’t related to the video, but I just need to vent. So recently I caught rayquaza, in master ball. I thought it was fine. Then, I tried to get Latias and it was a fucking nightmare. I did use mean look on golbat to keep it from escaping, but guess what? It had super effective psychic to knock it out. So when I switched to another Pokémon, it would flee. I’m not even joking, I was so pissed for 3 hours, trying to get this thing.

  85. Invertebrado

    Invertebrado7 dagen geleden


  86. ink bendy

    ink bendy8 dagen geleden

    Did you know you can battle with friends in pokemon cable coliseum

  87. rando the crambo

    rando the crambo8 dagen geleden

    dr bustdown missed Alphard after this but this is for children so we enjoy the pain

  88. acidaidan

    acidaidan9 dagen geleden

    Me when I'm trying to watch videos that are 10 minutes long and I see a 20 minute or 30 minute long video no

  89. Enntran

    Enntran9 dagen geleden

    MoNeY fOr ThE cHiLdReN

  90. Cody Krause

    Cody Krause9 dagen geleden


  91. Mari Bermejo

    Mari Bermejo9 dagen geleden


  92. King JAD

    King JAD9 dagen geleden

    Move over Nagito, let me introduce the REAL ultimate Lucky

  93. Zentendo XN

    Zentendo XN9 dagen geleden

    I actually watched both archives, swapping between them periodically, and noticed there was an audio delay between the two, which differs between the streams.

  94. Jackson Drennan

    Jackson Drennan9 dagen geleden

    Rip in peace dr bustdwn

  95. Aaden Whitt

    Aaden Whitt10 dagen geleden

    The heads side of a coin ways more than the tail so it would fall on the heads side leaving tails facing up

  96. Millennios

    Millennios10 dagen geleden

    Yayyy for the kids BUT WHAT ABOUT MY POKEMON!?

  97. Edward Hughes

    Edward Hughes10 dagen geleden

    Dr. Bustdown is one of the top 10 saddest anime deaths of all time

  98. Asher Videos

    Asher Videos10 dagen geleden

    Is no one going to talk about how it took 34 hours and 41 minutes and it took jaiden 32 hours and 35 minutes

  99. Xiongstondew

    Xiongstondew11 dagen geleden

    Anyone ever go to the dance floor and nicknamed themselves Dr. Bustdown? I did 🤣

  100. Bayley Imrie

    Bayley Imrie11 dagen geleden

    Where do I find the stream

  101. Samuel Cheffins

    Samuel Cheffins11 dagen geleden

    13:00 for Jacob’s unfortunate mom joke