Pyra & Mythra in Smash :)

They did it. They really did it.
Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade 2 are coming to Smash Ultimate.
I'm so happy. :)

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  1. Pp_man

    Pp_manUur geleden

    Waluigi is gonna be the last dlc character

  2. Blake Gooch

    Blake Gooch3 uur geleden

    He actually never did a video in pyra

  3. Andrew Chen-ngu

    Andrew Chen-ngu2 dagen geleden


  4. Jan Espanyo Kusyk

    Jan Espanyo Kusyk2 dagen geleden

    I like how every super smash bros dlc has a unique mechaninc. Joker has rebel's guard, Hero has MP, Banjo and Kazooie have wondering mechanic, Terry has Go, Byleth, um I guess Aymr, Min Min I think her arms count, Steve has blocks and mining and crafting, Sephiroth has his wing, Pyra and Mythra have the swap, and Kazuya has that dragon thing

  5. ktmama

    ktmama2 dagen geleden

    You should hope for Crash Bandicoot in Smash

  6. muon zyx

    muon zyx2 dagen geleden

    weab smash fans are the reason i think twice about playing smash

  7. StoicKobra

    StoicKobra3 dagen geleden

    hey jacob since you always get what character you want can you want goku in the game please asking for a friend

  8. RTG

    RTG4 dagen geleden

    Well. I see the Alpharad top tier curse is still here

  9. FoxyGamerBoy

    FoxyGamerBoy5 dagen geleden

    Alpharad can u try hero with critical hit chance

  10. LinkzXD

    LinkzXD7 dagen geleden

    I think crash should be one of the next

  11. cb113

    cb1137 dagen geleden

    alp harad

  12. Anime Fan

    Anime Fan10 dagen geleden

    My favorite thing about his reaction to this is how you can hear the genuine happiness in his voice

  13. Greninja Pro

    Greninja Pro11 dagen geleden

    9:56 What did my boy Greninja do to Sephirot to deserve that?!!! And thats why I didn’t get Sephirot,the sweet revenge :D

  14. Bees

    Bees12 dagen geleden

    Alternate title: Link goddamn dies

  15. BB _bruh

    BB _bruh12 dagen geleden

    i get this video so much, i had the exact same feeling when steve came out

  16. Ookami Queen Ch.

    Ookami Queen Ch.13 dagen geleden

    I'd do anything to get Touhou into Smash. I get that a large portion of you guys don't want it, but I can happily say, "everyone is here," when I get to see the Gensokyo girls in the roster.

  17. Just Tobin

    Just Tobin13 dagen geleden

    9:32 Hot Take: Urshifu (Isle of Armor Legendary) He is a fighting type has two styles (Variations): Single Strike (Dark Type), and Rapid Strike (Water Type) With his Down Special he could switch between them and have different moves And then for his Final Smash he could GMAX

  18. NinjaKittens999

    NinjaKittens99913 dagen geleden

    A N I M E


    DDDYLAN09 FAM13 dagen geleden

    Not to disappoint you Alphard but the only DLC’S I now is min-min and Steve sry

  20. qweriop

    qweriop15 dagen geleden

    I want counter terrorist from counter strike in smash bros.

  21. Arc Hale

    Arc Hale16 dagen geleden

    Stance change character? *Dante intensifies*

  22. king of fire 125

    king of fire 12516 dagen geleden

    I stand by the fact that mythra is better

  23. Dany erwan Tientcheu

    Dany erwan Tientcheu16 dagen geleden

    Terry IS the only character i was Hamy about

  24. Luco

    Luco18 dagen geleden

    Bro I was so happy when they announced pyra and mythra in smash :)))

  25. Literalicity.

    Literalicity.19 dagen geleden

    Nintendo definitely watches you if you predicted *3* characters and their moveset. Congrats, your biggest fan is the content provider themself.

  26. Ncorredo r

    Ncorredo r20 dagen geleden


  27. BreTheBird

    BreTheBird21 dag geleden

    Every time Alpharad wants a character, Sakurai adds them and makes them the best character in the game Crash?

  28. Guy Manor

    Guy Manor24 dagen geleden

    What is your guide on getting what ever character you want in smash is?

  29. Taco Milk

    Taco Milk26 dagen geleden

    Pyra & Mythra are Top Tier Waifus

  30. Isaac Stoor

    Isaac Stoor26 dagen geleden

    nobody cares that you predicted it. literally every time a character is announced some joe shmoe shows up out of the wordwork to announce to everyone they predicted it. you're no different. get on with the video

  31. Toon Is High

    Toon Is High12 dagen geleden

    jesus christ cheer up

  32. Lord Luke

    Lord Luke27 dagen geleden


  33. Arushan Raaj Kishaen

    Arushan Raaj Kishaen27 dagen geleden

    This is just Alpharad geeking for ten minutes

  34. Waffle Boy

    Waffle Boy28 dagen geleden

    Now we just need Nate adams from yo Kai watch and that will be the only thing I want from e3

  35. Khut Khut

    Khut Khut29 dagen geleden

    RIP too anyone who didn't click on the title due to misreading it.

  36. white sonic

    white sonic29 dagen geleden

    i really dont care who comes to smash if they look fun i will main them but the ONLY charechters i want two of them are alomst 100% not coming the three are cyan form just shapes and beats cube form geometry dash and the knight form hollow knight that's what i want but really we need the knight from hollow knight in smash ont only he will have most of his moveset already done so they dont need to get creative for smash attacks they couled just use nail arts and for speciles they can use the spelles and he can have a soul meater simeler to heros MP meater that charges up when you attack and if you have egnoth you can use your speciles which will make him more rewading for beeing agressive but soul can be charged ONLY by attcking and the up tuant couled be him realeasing his shade then have the shde come back to him i (and soul dosent charge over time)

  37. bonkey kong

    bonkey kongMaand geleden

    What the

  38. Mark Morrissey

    Mark MorrisseyMaand geleden

    This is the happiest he has sounded in a video since he didn't record his joker reaction

  39. Denise

    Denise24 dagen geleden


  40. Grim Madjick

    Grim MadjickMaand geleden

    6:49 I like how sheik is in the front and zelda is in the background which is funny because that's really what melee zelda was, a background character.

  41. Pog Birb

    Pog BirbMaand geleden

    Well, he missed.

  42. Vampire king Darkness

    Vampire king DarknessMaand geleden

    If they do another stance change, i want it to be dante

  43. Fishtickboii

    FishtickboiiMaand geleden

    I want fortnight battle royal man plz

  44. ShadowAce

    ShadowAceMaand geleden

    Look smash means the game and it also means a different thing. I guess you understand what I am talking about.

  45. Amcern Gaming

    Amcern GamingMaand geleden

    Mythra would look amazing with a K/DA Ahri skin :)

  46. topas 666

    topas 666Maand geleden

    The next one will be magikarp I hope

  47. Lucca

    LuccaMaand geleden

    I'd like to be happy...

  48. Omeha Exe

    Omeha ExeMaand geleden

    I did not know it excisted until smash

  49. Angelica Arvizu

    Angelica ArvizuMaand geleden

    Like DLC character

  50. The Feathered Butterfly

    The Feathered ButterflyMaand geleden

    “I have no idea who they are, but they’re anime so I’m cool with it.” This basically sums up what I thought when I saw these two for the first time.

  51. Emily White

    Emily White26 dagen geleden


  52. Quetzal00358

    Quetzal00358Maand geleden

    There were four big reasons I couldn't stop looking at their renders

  53. Luigi Main69

    Luigi Main69Maand geleden

    Bru it been 2 months since they came out where’s the vid bro

  54. MemePvJ

    MemePvJMaand geleden

    eyo I got nintendo online I wanna battle you in smash if you dont mind

  55. Odin Oliver Stevens

    Odin Oliver StevensMaand geleden

    pyra mythra i hate you you killed link mains

  56. Odin Oliver Stevens

    Odin Oliver StevensMaand geleden

    link is dead

  57. Bowser From Sonic

    Bowser From SonicMaand geleden

    Can you just say you want Master Chief so he will be added.

  58. tan shang ren

    tan shang renMaand geleden

    so he was so hype for this shit and then he proceeds to stop playing the game on the channel??

  59. AbombBee

    AbombBeeMaand geleden

    I want paper mario in smash

  60. Elderish Gambino

    Elderish GambinoMaand geleden

    im calling it Kirito gets confirmed next

  61. Gerald Beaver

    Gerald BeaverMaand geleden

    Watch brawlfan1's what if they were in Smash videos. You will not be disappointed.

  62. pop_user2

    pop_user2Maand geleden


  63. Hellofend

    HellofendMaand geleden


  64. WildFox

    WildFoxMaand geleden

    “I’m gonna be making lots of Pyra and Mythra content.” *smiles at the camera *

  65. Meghan WΑΝΤ Ś Έ'X !!! lοοκ my νιdeο !

    Meghan WΑΝΤ Ś Έ'X !!! lοοκ my νιdeο !22 dagen geleden


  66. The MC

    The MCMaand geleden

    I want chun li and deku

  67. Flip idk

    Flip idkMaand geleden

    Pyra is superior to Mythra, please debate me if you believe otherwise.

  68. Treyvion Falcon

    Treyvion FalconMaand geleden

    they should add kyoko and misako from river city girls

  69. Jonathan Colón

    Jonathan Colón2 maanden geleden

    what about dio/jotaro :) :) :) :)

  70. Rachel Watson

    Rachel Watson2 maanden geleden

    finally i found the video SilvaGunner used for their Crossing Swords rip

  71. Help me Killer

    Help me Killer2 maanden geleden

    Rayman please

  72. Alternate Universe Animation

    Alternate Universe Animation2 maanden geleden

    My ideas for the final slot are Waluigi, Sans, or Keith (Fnf boyfriend)

  73. Petra Macneary

    Petra Macneary2 maanden geleden

    I was the exact same and had never even played a xenoblade game later i bought xc2 and fell in love

  74. Christian Feliciano

    Christian Feliciano2 maanden geleden

    Steve and Pyra/Mythra are my favorite DLC characters, based on their origin and moveset.

  75. Dale the Charmeleon

    Dale the Charmeleon2 maanden geleden

    I recently got Pyra/Mythra...just yesterday actually. They are amazingly fun. I may just play Xenoblade 2 after today.

  76. Sepfate Roblox

    Sepfate Roblox2 maanden geleden

    999k views let’s gooooo

  77. Rogal Dorn

    Rogal Dorn2 maanden geleden

    Another fallen brother to Slaanesh.

  78. Edo Edi Essum

    Edo Edi Essum2 maanden geleden

    "i am tired of references" stop being lame.

  79. Christopher Fleming

    Christopher Fleming2 maanden geleden

    Reimu getting in would be amazing

  80. Joe Mama The Third

    Joe Mama The Third2 maanden geleden

    Please ask for amogsus

  81. Terry Bogard

    Terry Bogard2 maanden geleden


  82. cam!

    cam!2 maanden geleden


  83. Terry Bogard

    Terry Bogard2 maanden geleden

    @cam! lol

  84. cam!

    cam!2 maanden geleden

    @Terry Bogard Oh sorry, my bad. I thought I was talking to my dad, Tom Brady. You two have the same initials!

  85. Terry Bogard

    Terry Bogard2 maanden geleden

    @cam! I don't even know who you are

  86. cam!

    cam!2 maanden geleden

    @Terry Bogard Tf why not? Are you breaking up with me??

  87. Terry Bogard

    Terry Bogard2 maanden geleden

    @cam! no lol

  88. Oliver Channing

    Oliver Channing2 maanden geleden

    Why couldn’t we have MORAG or ZEKE The zekenator! Or tora! Meh meh meh!

  89. Rak Man

    Rak Man2 maanden geleden

    Fuck pyra Pyro for smash

  90. Terry Bogard

    Terry Bogard2 maanden geleden

    Playable characters better than random leak

  91. Me You Weaboo

    Me You Weaboo2 maanden geleden

    Lyn or Dante are gonna be in the game by the time the Fighter's Pass is done I was here

  92. Hi im a dragon

    Hi im a dragon2 maanden geleden

    Me who has wanted to play xenoblade for forever but has no money

  93. Toxicity / IsaiahZ

    Toxicity / IsaiahZ2 maanden geleden

    “If I’ll be honest, I’m tired of references.” Jojo fans could never with that sentence

  94. Vanessa Jones

    Vanessa Jones26 dagen geleden


  95. Luis Lopez

    Luis LopezMaand geleden

    Is that a Jojo refrence

  96. MD Burhan

    MD Burhan2 maanden geleden

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  97. Michael Hansman

    Michael Hansman2 maanden geleden

    i disagree

  98. TheTolnoc

    TheTolnoc2 maanden geleden

    Imagine if we get Geno and a Rivals of Aether rep.

  99. Evan Young

    Evan Young2 maanden geleden

    ALPHAAAAA,,,,,,, where's the pyra, mythra funny video???????

  100. Eric Aragon

    Eric Aragon2 maanden geleden

    Does this guys really still play smash?

  101. Daniel McCarthy

    Daniel McCarthy2 maanden geleden

    I love playing para

  102. Axel

    Axel2 maanden geleden

    I just realized what kind of fighter Sora would be if he got in: an entirely different breed. The way he swings his sword is magic, he'd be able to use most of his aerials for recovery. He's the kind of fighter to turn jab into an aerial combo where he gets in 4 extra hits without even touching the ground. Depending on what Sakurai would be willing to with him, he could be the most unique wielder of the blade in smash by far.

  103. Tepig lover

    Tepig lover2 maanden geleden

    If the next charcter is Fortnite noob I will be sad😑

  104. Odd

    Odd2 maanden geleden

    Man, really waiting for that video about the characters you were really excited to see.

  105. Frienderoo

    Frienderoo2 maanden geleden

    You forgot to make a video about them.

  106. Astral Syn

    Astral Syn2 maanden geleden

    I just want Dante and Sol Badguy to get in and my life will be complete.

  107. mario

    mario2 maanden geleden

    Funny F-air

  108. TriCobalt

    TriCobalt2 maanden geleden

    I didn't play a lot of smash until I decided that Pyra/Mythra looks like really fun, and..I play it almost daily now

  109. Charlie Kendall

    Charlie Kendall2 maanden geleden

    I’m hoping for a stance-change Shantae fighter!

  110. Gamma Bursta

    Gamma Bursta2 maanden geleden

    Nintendo watches your videos confirmed 🌚🌝

  111. Obama Orb

    Obama Orb2 maanden geleden

    Anyone else just not care who else they add because they already added Pyra/Mythra?

  112. AtomicPenguin07

    AtomicPenguin072 maanden geleden

    I hope monster hunter gets a rep in smash considering Rathalos is in the gane

  113. heyTöben

    heyTöben2 maanden geleden

    My boy Rex got clowned, but it was absolutely fucking worth it.

  114. Torkild Lippert

    Torkild Lippert2 maanden geleden

    Soo... elite smash vid soon?