ok that was really cool Nintendo but please stop shutting down
events (Big House, Splatoon Finals) and other fan projects.
people create these things because they're passionate and
inspired by the things you create. people need that fire.

don't strip people away of passion.
at the end of the day, it's all we have left.


  1. Mahdi

    Mahdi7 dagen geleden

    watch Advent Children

  2. Pastel Sakura

    Pastel Sakura9 dagen geleden

    Sakurai: You wanna see me put Cloud in Smash? Sakurai: You wanna see me do it again?

  3. nautical warloc

    nautical warloc12 dagen geleden

    Man still hasn’t played sephiroth yet I think he’s a scarrdy cat

  4. Palmer Hugh

    Palmer Hugh14 dagen geleden

    I didn't notice this, but Alpha's wearing a Splatoon shirt.

  5. Viata

    Viata18 dagen geleden

    Altrive at 1:50 made me die with laughter

  6. Brandon Nikolaus

    Brandon Nikolaus25 dagen geleden


  7. Tripp, Lord of Inconvenience

    Tripp, Lord of InconvenienceMaand geleden

    TF2 Heavy for Smash

  8. PK0

    PK0Maand geleden

    “They finally put cloud in a trailer” 😂

  9. TheAlmightyOofer

    TheAlmightyOoferMaand geleden

    Mario almost dies but luigi actually dies. *Luigi will always be the shadow of Mario*

  10. Smiler Entertainment

    Smiler Entertainment2 maanden geleden

    3:03 A replay button for you

  11. SavvyVII

    SavvyVII2 maanden geleden

    Yooo, that dude who said Sephiroth 😂 0:37

  12. Brandon Brix

    Brandon BrixMaand geleden

    that was edited in as a joke. you can hear that the voice is indeed from jacob and not from jo nor altrive

  13. Thomas L

    Thomas L2 maanden geleden

    Mario has indeed died

  14. SkinnyDorito

    SkinnyDorito2 maanden geleden

    That’s cool and all but MASSIVE spoiler

  15. Matt Mckay

    Matt Mckay2 maanden geleden

    alas mario did die. he died today R.I.P

  16. Master Nick

    Master Nick2 maanden geleden

    Altrive does look like Joker 😮

  17. Just Alpha

    Just Alpha2 maanden geleden

    WAIT PIKIMIN 4 face reveal?!?

  18. MHM productions

    MHM productions2 maanden geleden

    The classic Alpharad haha funny joke: *insert game/ character here* but again

  19. Philip Couvillion

    Philip Couvillion2 maanden geleden

    What was on the tv 0:23

  20. 4g3nt 0

    4g3nt 02 maanden geleden

    An alternate universe

  21. Hayden Crowell

    Hayden Crowell2 maanden geleden

    We gonna talk about how altrives face is in the video?

  22. Theresa Brunner

    Theresa Brunner3 maanden geleden


  23. Daevectus

    Daevectus3 maanden geleden

    Galeem: Why do I hear boss music? The entire roster except for Cloud: Why do I hear boss music? Cloud: please no

  24. IDK Mate

    IDK Mate3 maanden geleden

    I was hoping for Falco but Sephiroth is cool.

  25. Charlie's Bizarre Adventure

    Charlie's Bizarre Adventure3 maanden geleden

    he did stab mario% came 2nd to ridley

  26. Jerry

    Jerry3 maanden geleden

    Jacob: SEPHIROTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. CookieGaming 432

    CookieGaming 4323 maanden geleden

    when sephiroth's theme started playing at the reveal I fell off my fucking chair.

  28. Divine Heart Communication

    Divine Heart Communication3 maanden geleden

    Are you going to play the character or examine his abs

  29. King64

    King643 maanden geleden

    Imagine they really killed off Mario in that trailer and as removed from Nintendo for ever

  30. The Super Ocelot Game Sullivan

    The Super Ocelot Game Sullivan3 maanden geleden

    lets talk about how they called it

  31. Officer Doggy - TIMMEH

    Officer Doggy - TIMMEH3 maanden geleden

    Way too many anime swordsmen. Sakurai: What about the anime swordsmen? Me: 🤩

  32. KieranclanC

    KieranclanC3 maanden geleden

    Altrive even predicted it

  33. Frog The Human

    Frog The Human3 maanden geleden

    free sephirother

  34. D R . C R O O O O O T

    D R . C R O O O O O T3 maanden geleden

    Nobody going to talk about altrive face reveal

  35. Ballistic Boo

    Ballistic Boo3 maanden geleden

    no, it's a paid actor

  36. Noiz bat (funny)

    Noiz bat (funny)3 maanden geleden

    I noticed a trend. Min min and steve, no in game reps. ( technically min min had a spirit but fuck that) and sephiroth and pyra/mytha each had only one rep in game. Next rep is gonna already have two in game reps confirmed lets go

  37. Ben Labno

    Ben Labno3 maanden geleden

    There was also a chance that the last of us part 2 got in smash

  38. Auxify

    Auxify3 maanden geleden


  39. xBlaster

    xBlaster3 maanden geleden

    "I think it's Sephiroth" Sephiroth: congrats, your reward is dis pear 🍐

  40. Neon Was Here

    Neon Was Here3 maanden geleden

    I hate that the more that i think about it, spongebob could problably make it to smash

  41. hi bye

    hi bye3 maanden geleden


  42. hi bye

    hi bye3 maanden geleden


  43. QueenRatMan

    QueenRatMan4 maanden geleden

    now we have pyra and mythra

  44. Gio. Lo Zeppeli

    Gio. Lo Zeppeli4 maanden geleden

    *w a i t h e r e f u s e d*

  45. Timeless Blizzard

    Timeless Blizzard4 maanden geleden

    One day I can have the same living conditions as my man Alpharad

  46. The Beep Man

    The Beep Man4 maanden geleden

    I come back sometimes just to hear MARIO DIES!!!

  47. SwiftBlade4

    SwiftBlade44 maanden geleden

    Man, Alpharad is gonna POP OFF!!!!! at the new fighter after Sephiroth.

  48. We Meated Up

    We Meated Up4 maanden geleden

    Who's here waiting for his reaction to Pyra and Mythra

  49. SwiftBlade4

    SwiftBlade44 maanden geleden

    Me, totally me! I have no idea who Pyra or Mythra are, but I hear Alpharad talk about him NONSTOP. So I'm waiting for the reaction to end all reactions!

  50. HexterXD

    HexterXD4 maanden geleden

    His house looks nice lol

  51. playgame1012

    playgame10124 maanden geleden

    and its going to happen again tomarrow

  52. Theo Haines

    Theo Haines4 maanden geleden

    The predicted Sephiroth

  53. Shiv

    Shiv4 maanden geleden

    He didn't even get an invitation... He just showed up to traumatize Cloud...

  54. Kirby lover

    Kirby lover4 maanden geleden

    I just realized, both hero and sephiroth (two square enix characters) reveal trailers referenced world of light well, hero’s referenced the dark realm

  55. SwiftBlade4

    SwiftBlade44 maanden geleden


  56. loaf L

    loaf L4 maanden geleden

    Im more surprised to see cloud in a trailer than seeing sepiroth as a playable character

  57. Dennis Prager

    Dennis Prager4 maanden geleden

    Daddy Prager

  58. Oofion The oof man

    Oofion The oof man4 maanden geleden

    The look he gave Jo after saying Falco

  59. Flyn’ Ryan

    Flyn’ Ryan4 maanden geleden

    I love the edit of him saying Sephiroth

  60. Michael Jenney

    Michael Jenney4 maanden geleden

    Btw Alpharad. Where's the Day 1 video?

  61. Key Strix

    Key Strix4 maanden geleden

    I've seen tons react to this trailer. Nothing is better than Alpha screaming *"MARIO DIED!"*

  62. EmikaSandra

    EmikaSandra4 maanden geleden

    I literally would not be surprised if Spongebob got in at this point.

  63. SwiftBlade4

    SwiftBlade44 maanden geleden

    Only video game characters are allowed.

  64. Manboi 17

    Manboi 174 maanden geleden

    The grind truly never quit that crazy

  65. Jack Jensen

    Jack Jensen4 maanden geleden


  66. Jared Wolfdick

    Jared Wolfdick4 maanden geleden

    Women love me, fish fear me. But little did he know, Mr. Fish fears no man.

  67. Jared Wolfdick

    Jared Wolfdick4 maanden geleden

    Update update, it was his hat.

  68. Jared Wolfdick

    Jared Wolfdick4 maanden geleden

    Update I forgot why I commented this.

  69. E Bear

    E Bear4 maanden geleden

    Someone said in the background "Sephiroth from Final Fantasy" and Alpha just ignored him

  70. Knosat

    Knosat4 maanden geleden

    What if they just killed Mario?

  71. Elliott Tignor

    Elliott Tignor4 maanden geleden

    I subscribed, where's the new cat?

  72. NugeSmashFE

    NugeSmashFE4 maanden geleden

    Nice Enperry shirt

  73. The Sponge

    The Sponge4 maanden geleden

    Honestly i hope this much effort in the next smash dlc reveal

  74. OscarSod

    OscarSod4 maanden geleden

    They predicted Sepihiroth!

  75. Josh minus

    Josh minus4 maanden geleden

    mario has died in a lot of reveals (ridley, steve, sephiroth)

  76. Frozen Alpha

    Frozen Alpha4 maanden geleden

    Still wanted Sora for smash

  77. nickthelot

    nickthelot4 maanden geleden

    That 'grind never quit' really hits different now. RIP my boy.

  78. Ballistic Boo

    Ballistic Boo3 maanden geleden

    ? What happened?

  79. Cardo Dalitay

    Cardo Dalitay4 maanden geleden

    I need to fix my NLpush recommendations

  80. SwiftBlade4

    SwiftBlade44 maanden geleden

    Why did you spoil this for me? I didn't even know that the Game Awards was happening. Your notifications ruined the surprise for me.

  81. JMan 20141

    JMan 201414 maanden geleden

    3:03 That was the most fearful scream I have ever heard

  82. ReRi, Elder God Nerd

    ReRi, Elder God Nerd5 maanden geleden

    He sounded so grief stricken when he screamed *"MARIO DIED!"*

  83. Inked Changes

    Inked Changes5 maanden geleden

    0:38 foreshadowing...

  84. ThatFlySamurai

    ThatFlySamurai5 maanden geleden

    altrive face reveal

  85. Rylin

    Rylin5 maanden geleden

    I feel bad because everyone else automatically knew it was Sephiroth when he cut the thing in half and the music came on but I didn't know until Cloud muttered his name lol

  86. SpiFox

    SpiFox5 maanden geleden

    I love the kinemaster logo i use it as well

  87. KrazyKyle1024

    KrazyKyle10245 maanden geleden


  88. yaboialph

    yaboialph5 maanden geleden

    3:04 MARIO DIED!!!

  89. ่

    5 maanden geleden

    Holy abbacchio in smash

  90. ColdBloodedYT

    ColdBloodedYT5 maanden geleden

    I wish I had a house like that

  91. Sami M

    Sami M5 maanden geleden

    I’m still crossing my fingers for shadow and gengar, I know shadow is an assist trophy but I still believe


    JEFFERSON GUARINO5 maanden geleden

    Titles: minecraft steve SEPHIROTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. UnikittyTrolls Studios

    UnikittyTrolls Studios5 maanden geleden

    3:16 Mario scream

  94. TheIrex10

    TheIrex105 maanden geleden

    Alpha saying “Diary of the Wimpy Kids” makes me really happy.

  95. Avrage Kommenter

    Avrage Kommenter5 maanden geleden

    0:23 what are they watching in the background

  96. Avrage Kommenter

    Avrage Kommenter5 maanden geleden

    Ness: Okay.

  97. Dylan Davilin

    Dylan Davilin5 maanden geleden

    @Avrage Kommenter it’s an anime altrive and jo talk about sometimes

  98. Avrage Kommenter

    Avrage Kommenter5 maanden geleden

    What is that

  99. Dylan Davilin

    Dylan Davilin5 maanden geleden

    Probably one piece

  100. JJ_?

    JJ_?5 maanden geleden

    grind never quit is starting to hit a little

  101. YorzoYam

    YorzoYam5 maanden geleden

    You hear that Upbeat death music and you best get running

  102. ItsYoshi

    ItsYoshi5 maanden geleden


  103. Ian Worman

    Ian Worman5 maanden geleden

    0:27 “Falco. “ - JoSniffy

  104. retr0 183

    retr0 1835 maanden geleden

    0:39 damn he predicted it very convincing

  105. Totally not a Undercover FBI Agent

    Totally not a Undercover FBI Agent5 maanden geleden

    am the the only one who heard the other guy who said sepiroth at the beginng

  106. Joluyionyn

    Joluyionyn5 maanden geleden

    After watching this multiple times I realized they were watching One Piece and Aokiji was on-screen.

  107. Hope

    Hope5 maanden geleden

    Sephiroth: another anime swords men NO IM THE ANIME SWORDS MEN

  108. 5hark

    5hark5 maanden geleden

    Oh. Huh tjey live with altrive

  109. MelandE Nichols

    MelandE Nichols5 maanden geleden

    Alpha, wtf are you watching?!? 0:23

  110. MelandE Nichols

    MelandE Nichols5 maanden geleden

    0:32 altrive face reveal?!?

  111. Kiki Retzorg

    Kiki Retzorg5 maanden geleden

    0:13 what is Jo cooking

  112. Aerospherology

    Aerospherology5 maanden geleden

    II or 11 Final Fantasy songs?