Spongebob with a Gun

Are you ready, kids?
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  1. imjusttogood

    imjusttogood6 uur geleden

    where is spelunky 2

  2. ArnavBoom

    ArnavBoom15 uur geleden

    Are you ready kid? AY AY CAPTAIN *pulls out a shotgun*

  3. bareny creature

    bareny creatureDag geleden

    Larry the Lobster got shooters

  4. Silver Hawk

    Silver Hawk2 dagen geleden

    1:34 *guys I think I know what Krabby Patties are made from-*

  5. Sid Coltrin

    Sid Coltrin5 dagen geleden

    It isn’t skyward sword it was the observatory from majors mask

  6. Xeno crackedd

    Xeno crackedd6 dagen geleden

    Spongebob and weave

  7. Blank

    Blank8 dagen geleden

    the part where spongebob kicked down the door i just heard: "RENTS DUE M************R!"

  8. Kermit Purple: Comedy And More!

    Kermit Purple: Comedy And More!8 dagen geleden

    The thumbnail is exactly how red mist happened

  9. Marvin Groundwater

    Marvin Groundwater13 dagen geleden

    em sonic may have not weilded a gun himself but there is literly a game about guns in sonics world

  10. FreshPikachuMemes Official

    FreshPikachuMemes Official13 dagen geleden

    Pikachu should shoot up the Pika Haterbase

  11. A Person

    A Person14 dagen geleden

    Mr.Krabs basically told spongebob “execute order 66”

  12. NEET

    NEET15 dagen geleden

    Yo what’s yo pb in spongeGlock Squarepants

  13. shilpa bheekarry

    shilpa bheekarry15 dagen geleden

    wait...guns powerless underwater

  14. DramaLlama VA

    DramaLlama VA16 dagen geleden

    alright I finally have a transition for the sponsorship: speaking of getting lucky, today is your lucky day as our sponsor Skillshare can help you learn how to make an awe inspiring game such as this one.

  15. Ent

    Ent16 dagen geleden

    Me not having watched spongebob in a few years just means Sunday’s Mr. Krabs impression is now the canon voice for him.

  16. Aeidrenaline

    Aeidrenaline17 dagen geleden

    2:56 Who knows the name of this instramental?

  17. Itz_UwU Gacha

    Itz_UwU Gacha18 dagen geleden

    The fact that you can Casually take LSD as spongbob shows the quality of this game.

  18. ASN_KamiKazee

    ASN_KamiKazee19 dagen geleden

    This hurts to watch

  19. blue sky

    blue sky20 dagen geleden

    He didnt really loot the ppl :(

  20. slapme idareu

    slapme idareu20 dagen geleden

    8:22 is the best

  21. TRG Dragon

    TRG Dragon21 dag geleden

    Watch the game maker make dlc for this where there’s one last boss sponge bob walks home after killing mr. krabs and as he opens the door there’s Gary with like a Remington Shotgun

  22. Mecha Team Leader

    Mecha Team Leader25 dagen geleden

    No witnesses Out of ammo You got lucky

  23. potis brid

    potis brid25 dagen geleden

    Rip and tear until it is done

  24. Jacob Dumas

    Jacob Dumas26 dagen geleden

    The ajar canada philly weigh because engineering really squeal opposite a shiny spleen. elastic, lucky activity

  25. Toby's Videos

    Toby's Videos27 dagen geleden

    He was a goofy goober But he was never the same After what happened

  26. Marlon Perdomo

    Marlon Perdomo28 dagen geleden


  27. Toxic Ace

    Toxic Ace28 dagen geleden

    MixMorris needs to make either Gun Mario Sunshine or Legend of Zelda: Glockarina of Time, or both.

  28. Avram Fox

    Avram Fox28 dagen geleden

    I want to see an animation of this.

  29. Super marko

    Super marko29 dagen geleden

    I'm got nightmares when I'm see red mist but I'm happy now RED MIST DIES :D

  30. mariyam maria

    mariyam mariaMaand geleden

    The absorbed microwave untypically reproduce because structure secondarily dislike astride a humorous korean. tremendous, six crowd

  31. Kaotic Kastle

    Kaotic KastleMaand geleden

    You have unlocked the true ending of spongebob square pants.

  32. mariyam maria

    mariyam mariaMaand geleden

    The abrupt nigeria tentatively admit because apparatus prospectively surround with a scientific cap. acrid, tasteless bumper

  33. Executive Egg

    Executive EggMaand geleden

    Watching him not loot anyone was painful

  34. Jojo's Flight simulator

    Jojo's Flight simulatorMaand geleden

    It's red mist

  35. EddyKidPlayzYT

    EddyKidPlayzYT2 dagen geleden

    Yeah, totally

  36. Tyler Garza

    Tyler GarzaMaand geleden

    As a Texan i can confirm that this is what happens to dirty narcs

  37. Cloudmonkey

    CloudmonkeyMaand geleden

    "Isn't that the end of Skyward Sword" No, thats the Observatory from Majora's Mask

  38. Nathaniel Fobian

    Nathaniel FobianMaand geleden

    “Nothing is safe” Alpharad 2021

  39. Alex M.A.D

    Alex M.A.DMaand geleden

    Can anyone tell me the music pays during the sponsor part please .

  40. Garak Rosser

    Garak RosserMaand geleden

    For his neutral special he wields a G U N

  41. FELIPE osowski

    FELIPE osowskiMaand geleden

    Game of the year is now taken

  42. memes of Olish

    memes of OlishMaand geleden

    Squidward has seen some shit

  43. Darian Hudson

    Darian HudsonMaand geleden

    but is there an assassination class on skill share?

  44. Skorpion 88

    Skorpion 88Maand geleden

    This reminds me of squidward has a gun

  45. scalyraptor 1944

    scalyraptor 1944Maand geleden

    now speed run it

  46. scalyraptor 1944

    scalyraptor 1944Maand geleden

    8:22 what she sees

  47. QuackYeest

    QuackYeestMaand geleden

    For Spongebob special ability he drops his jellyfishing net and *pulls out a gun*

  48. XKirby Lorr

    XKirby LorrMaand geleden

    yo did I hear a league of legends sound effect?

  49. Captain ChickenYT

    Captain ChickenYTMaand geleden

    Sundays laugh

  50. Miguel Angel Arredondo

    Miguel Angel ArredondoMaand geleden

    Rip Patrick

  51. SzymonPlayGames

    SzymonPlayGamesMaand geleden

    bro spankknob is gun

  52. notgarrett

    notgarrettMaand geleden

    What’s the music he shortly uses when he turns the music down in game. The sad sounding piano music.

  53. Pikana

    PikanaMaand geleden

    That music after the boss is great. Love Majora's Mask

  54. Subject 73

    Subject 73Maand geleden

    The addition of Feeling Good just makes this perfect

  55. Viktor Rezdad

    Viktor RezdadMaand geleden

    is the sad music at 2:56 from fucking katawa shoujo or am i going crazy

  56. Kristal285

    Kristal2852 maanden geleden

    'The budget for this game's insane' There was no budget or any money spent making the game

  57. DFQuartz IDN

    DFQuartz IDN2 maanden geleden

    I like the story in this one better. Also the world-building. MixMorris is a legend. Alpharad thank you for playing this game. You've shown me some amazing things. And thank you fo giving Morris some clout.

  58. Angeleneqmi

    Angeleneqmi2 maanden geleden

    It looks like sponge bob clarinet solo is fire no for real his charinet is a gun

  59. Why-Guy

    Why-Guy2 maanden geleden

    I got cowboy bebop vibes from the squidward scene

  60. Patrick Hallinan

    Patrick Hallinan2 maanden geleden

    Is Shadow with an MP5 really that far from sonic with an M16?

  61. Tatyana Brown

    Tatyana Brown2 maanden geleden

    This game reminds me of after Cuddles E Hugs episode, like Spongebob shoots others because they're mad at him.

  62. Depressed Alien

    Depressed Alien2 maanden geleden


  63. cadedade

    cadedade2 maanden geleden


  64. Sans the Skeleton

    Sans the Skeleton2 maanden geleden

    Sponge-gun Glock-pants, that’s a better name

  65. Onyx1987

    Onyx19872 maanden geleden

    7:09 That laugh made me think Feel Good was about to start

  66. Reese Carter

    Reese Carter2 maanden geleden

    Enyone says “my leg!” When you shot them in the leg

  67. Eliseiscool

    Eliseiscool2 maanden geleden

    I just beat the battle for bikini bottom remake today

  68. Sabertoothno

    Sabertoothno2 maanden geleden

    2:19 omg it's that squidward from the creepy lost spongebob episode

  69. M Lee

    M Lee2 maanden geleden

    Just want to make an announcement. The plot of the upcoming Spongebob episode has Mr. Krabs sending Spongebob to go debt collecting. I think Spongebob watches Alpharad

  70. aluminyo

    aluminyo2 maanden geleden

    Texas sucks

  71. Eduardo luiz

    Eduardo luiz2 maanden geleden


  72. armando david

    armando david2 maanden geleden

    i have been tramatized but its fine

  73. iampizza sorry

    iampizza sorry2 maanden geleden

    yandere simulator modded to sponge bob be like:

  74. The Atomic Food Truck!!!

    The Atomic Food Truck!!!2 maanden geleden


  75. Odang77029

    Odang770292 maanden geleden

    That was wack not having the persona music at the end

  76. MisterPenguinWood

    MisterPenguinWood2 maanden geleden

    It’s spongebob! But with a gun!!!

  77. Peyton Cox

    Peyton Cox2 maanden geleden

    Before you played this you should have played Mr. crabs overdoses on ketamine in dies

  78. ThatGuyRoss

    ThatGuyRoss2 maanden geleden

    how do i download this? asking for my friend, he's polish and gay

  79. Riley Russ

    Riley Russ2 maanden geleden

    Little does he know there is a game where basically dark sonic has a gun

  80. Hi I’m a random weeb with a Nezuko profile pic

    Hi I’m a random weeb with a Nezuko profile pic2 maanden geleden

    6:40 you really don’t I still have the scars

  81. cosmic ore

    cosmic ore2 maanden geleden

    What's the song after he killed mrs krabs

  82. Alkali Underachiever

    Alkali Underachiever2 maanden geleden

    That ending was deep truly makes you think

  83. Timbit

    Timbit2 maanden geleden

    This is like if Mr. Krabs Overdoses on Ketamine and Super Mario 64 With a Gun had a baby

  84. Youssef Serag

    Youssef Serag2 maanden geleden

    *I'm ready*

  85. Rhiannon McGuire

    Rhiannon McGuire2 maanden geleden

    You do relized you just saw Red Mist, right?

  86. James Arnett

    James Arnett2 maanden geleden

    Cursed content creator caps crustacean creatures callously, ceaselessly.

  87. Charleton Lankford

    Charleton Lankford2 maanden geleden


  88. XXB00tYL0rD69

    XXB00tYL0rD692 maanden geleden

    skillshare are reaaaaaaaaaaally forgiving with what they sponsor

  89. XennWorkz

    XennWorkz2 maanden geleden

    The league danger noise at 6:00 actually made me alt tab looking for the league client. I hate it was that ingrained.

  90. I’mActually Not a furry

    I’mActually Not a furry2 maanden geleden

    I think this is a social commentary on alpharad because he didn’t have to kill everyone but he did

  91. I’mActually Not a furry

    I’mActually Not a furry2 maanden geleden

    Honestly like as a kid I hated sponge bob and would have enjoyed this probably because sponge bob was scary and cursed also this makes me realize I was a crazy kid

  92. theMoosecow

    theMoosecow2 maanden geleden

    Spongeglock Squarepants Battle Royal for Bikini Bottom

  93. Yes

    Yes2 maanden geleden

    "Thieving Bilge rat" And a danger ping sound... 2 LoL references within 3 seconds of each other? Never thought I'd see it Alpha. 5:58

  94. Cod gaming

    Cod gaming2 maanden geleden

    Right now I'm not a big deal with you and I'm just not a big deal about that and it isnt my feelings and my relationship and the situation that we need a lot to get in

  95. Isaiah Scoggins

    Isaiah Scoggins2 maanden geleden


  96. pepsi

    pepsi2 maanden geleden

    Sponge glock square pants

  97. Mr Swoose

    Mr Swoose2 maanden geleden

    Please play the sequel to this game

  98. Alex Bladzik

    Alex Bladzik2 maanden geleden

    I hate to be that guy but the music in the end is the observatory theme from majoras mask

  99. Insert Good Name

    Insert Good Name2 maanden geleden

    For his neutral special, he wields a gun

  100. Kittlegame

    Kittlegame2 maanden geleden

    this is the quality content i subscribed for

  101. paxton

    paxton2 maanden geleden

    Nothing is safe