Super Mario 64 as a First Person Shooter

Super Mario 64 has always been a near perfect game...
Luckily, the game just required a rocket launcher to fix it up.
Huge shoutout to @MixMorris for creating this beautiful nightmare.

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  1. A Very Rare Snom

    A Very Rare Snom4 uur geleden

    N o t h i n g is bullet proof if you shoot it enough

  2. The pan gamer2989

    The pan gamer29896 uur geleden

    2:57 you could have just come back with the bazooka

  3. Evan Afton

    Evan Afton8 uur geleden

    Alphrad tamed the whomp king

  4. No Zer-0

    No Zer-09 uur geleden

    I wonder if there are any more of those creepy Easter eggs. I’d love to see more of this game!

  5. Kronos Pictures

    Kronos Pictures14 uur geleden

    14:55 What's this creepypasta music?

  6. wayne matheson

    wayne mathesonDag geleden

    10:37 when the doom music kicks in

  7. G1MM1CK T1ME

    G1MM1CK T1MEDag geleden

    Jakobe don't you dare shoot the little chungi

  8. Xavier Rich

    Xavier RichDag geleden

    This is if Mario was American.

  9. G1MM1CK T1ME

    G1MM1CK T1MEDag geleden

    Hello Mario.

  10. Str1ke

    Str1ke3 dagen geleden

    If this game had online player functionality This would be better than Call of Duty

  11. Angel Jenkins

    Angel Jenkins3 dagen geleden

    tick tock glock

  12. JonTheSkinny

    JonTheSkinny3 dagen geleden

    Are we just gonna forget the “unempty room?”

  13. Theorist YT

    Theorist YT4 dagen geleden

    The penguin was wearing kevlar to protect him from mario. ( For those who don’t know kevlar is what makes bullet proof vests )

  14. Aeidrenaline

    Aeidrenaline4 dagen geleden

    *GUN :D*

  15. Yoshikage Kira

    Yoshikage Kira5 dagen geleden

    I saw mask man in hazy maze cave (you need to go to the water area and you see a door with a platform on it so you go in the door then jump down the hole then majora mask guy

  16. EddyKidPlayzYT

    EddyKidPlayzYT2 dagen geleden

    Yeah I think he saw that room in the speedrun video. Also funni serial killer pfp

  17. Giant Heccin Wyvern

    Giant Heccin Wyvern5 dagen geleden

    This feels like a fever dream.

  18. Bath Noobe

    Bath Noobe6 dagen geleden

    where is glock 18

  19. Brevin

    Brevin6 dagen geleden

    Its-a me, Gun Mario Wahoo

  20. Mario With A Gun

    Mario With A Gun6 dagen geleden

    I have a gun

  21. EddyKidPlayzYT

    EddyKidPlayzYT2 dagen geleden

    “I have a gun” -Everyone in the US

  22. Whitey

    Whitey7 dagen geleden

    Mario 3D All-Stars is looking crazy.

  23. Knucklehead Miller

    Knucklehead Miller8 dagen geleden


  24. Esauce

    Esauce8 dagen geleden

    I kept hearing gunshots irl but i choose to believe that it was just the video so alpha stop spamming

  25. Zaiah P

    Zaiah P8 dagen geleden

    "...or you'll never jump off these walls again." The line that snapped me in two.

  26. Frank Weissenborn

    Frank Weissenborn10 dagen geleden

    "So after Ben finished drowning."

  27. Elias

    Elias10 dagen geleden

    Mario 64: Second Amendment Super Edition

  28. Maeve Torrence

    Maeve Torrence11 dagen geleden

    Alpha: *Rocket launcher on bowser* Bowser: Who threw that paper at me?

  29. Jennifer Barangan

    Jennifer Barangan12 dagen geleden

    wields a g u n


    WORTEL MACHINE13 dagen geleden

    the game is actualy allot of fun

  31. Fire 647

    Fire 64713 dagen geleden

    Super mario 64 : **get created** The earth according to alpharad : guess im a sphere now

  32. EddyKidPlayzYT

    EddyKidPlayzYT10 uur geleden

    Yep that’s how it happened

  33. Merchant Ziro

    Merchant Ziro14 dagen geleden

    What normal people see: Super Mario 64 What the media sees:

  34. Liam Walls

    Liam Walls14 dagen geleden

    Alpharad seems to have a talent for dying off camera.

  35. TopTextBottomText

    TopTextBottomText15 dagen geleden

    666 dislikes

  36. Wolvez-

    Wolvez-15 dagen geleden

    And people say that Mccree from Overwatch is a point and click adventure like damn

  37. Travis Smith

    Travis Smith16 dagen geleden

    Oddessy's true Clepto skip.

  38. Decaelo Smith

    Decaelo Smith16 dagen geleden

    6:57 it was a headshot 🤣🤣🤣

  39. how to do everything

    how to do everything16 dagen geleden

    Why is there so many bots in the replies

  40. SlenderLauren

    SlenderLauren17 dagen geleden

    Tho you see that the dislike its 666

  41. unidentified shark *bloop*

    unidentified shark *bloop*17 dagen geleden

    Yay murder

  42. Jessica Richardson

    Jessica Richardson18 dagen geleden

    pov:when penguins learn 2 fly!

  43. iamaidiot1095

    iamaidiot109519 dagen geleden

    This is when mario finds out that he's been getting friendzoned since the beginning

  44. Carmen Moon

    Carmen Moon19 dagen geleden

    [Fyrus joined the call.] "Okay" [Adriana joined the call] *panicked words*

  45. Immaculate Frogs

    Immaculate Frogs19 dagen geleden


  46. Bradyn Rex

    Bradyn Rex21 dag geleden

    Okay flowey

  47. Bradyn Rex

    Bradyn Rex21 dag geleden

    Okay flowey

  48. Klonoa_TheCabbit Animations

    Klonoa_TheCabbit Animations21 dag geleden

    ‘This is like, taco time at Ross Geller’s house!!’


    ZACK THE NUTTER22 dagen geleden

    This needs to be on oculus app lab

  50. ShadowGamer 1650

    ShadowGamer 165022 dagen geleden

    that finale was awesome and i hope to see more of Goombagod

  51. Thảo Phạm

    Thảo Phạm22 dagen geleden

    Mario gun

  52. Joshua M.

    Joshua M.22 dagen geleden


  53. ZeTwashBag

    ZeTwashBag23 dagen geleden

    Ah yes my favorite Mario power up The m16

  54. Mutant Bunny

    Mutant Bunny24 dagen geleden


  55. potis brid

    potis brid24 dagen geleden

    Rip and tear until it is done

  56. Anonymous But Nott

    Anonymous But Nott25 dagen geleden

    Some say he is still trying to survive the credits to this day

  57. Mecha Team Leader

    Mecha Team Leader25 dagen geleden

    0:05 admit it everyone and I mean everyone has done that

  58. Brandon Nikolaus

    Brandon Nikolaus25 dagen geleden


  59. Ella Madison Jewett

    Ella Madison Jewett26 dagen geleden


  60. Amity Oh Cramity

    Amity Oh Cramity27 dagen geleden

    The river twigz bed theme scared the crap out of me lol

  61. dustiest spade

    dustiest spade28 dagen geleden

    I want this in VR now

  62. illusion Gamer

    illusion Gamer29 dagen geleden

    Trying to say Tic Tock Clock 10x fast is hard to say it

  63. Tyler Ottaviano

    Tyler Ottaviano29 dagen geleden

    Anybody know what the creepy music that plays at 14:54 called

  64. skid from fnf

    skid from fnf29 dagen geleden


  65. CompanyCubic

    CompanyCubic29 dagen geleden

    All I can think about is 'Hail the Origami Korigami'

  66. Charlie Butterworth

    Charlie ButterworthMaand geleden

    Bro the DOOM music at 10:36

  67. *click* philly noice

    *click* philly noiceMaand geleden

    thats not a glock its a deagle

  68. The Cortez Brothers

    The Cortez BrothersMaand geleden

    It’s a me “GUNRIO”

  69. E 02

    E 02Maand geleden

    Maro gu n

  70. MatShyUwU

    MatShyUwUMaand geleden


  71. A V E R A G E

    A V E R A G EMaand geleden

    The real question is, can you rocket jump?

  72. EddyKidPlayzYT

    EddyKidPlayzYT25 dagen geleden

    Missed opportunity tbh

  73. Evan Ward

    Evan WardMaand geleden

    I finally beat Mario 64 after hours Gamora: What did it cost? Me: Mario

  74. YTNickelz

    YTNickelzMaand geleden

    When the playing gets more views than the creating

  75. Mr. Video

    Mr. VideoMaand geleden

    First DK, then Kirby, then Pikachu, now Mario.

  76. Richie Demo

    Richie DemoMaand geleden

    I'm actually ridiculously pissed off he didn't link that sick E1M1 cover in the description.

  77. Brainfood Jr

    Brainfood JrMaand geleden

    the first shifting sandland star was quite possibly the funniest one for me

  78. Nana K

    Nana KMaand geleden

    I kinda wanna know what's in the white room now

  79. Peka Boo

    Peka BooMaand geleden

    why tf when I try to talk to ppl it doesn't work

  80. paxton

    paxtonMaand geleden

    we all know who read out toads full name and address when toad was playing mushroom kingdom online right

  81. EddyKidPlayzYT

    EddyKidPlayzYT26 dagen geleden

    @paxton who is “we”

  82. paxton

    paxton26 dagen geleden

    @EddyKidPlayzYT we already knew it and you are correct

  83. paxton

    paxtonMaand geleden

    it’s so obvious

  84. paxton

    paxtonMaand geleden


  85. paxton

    paxtonMaand geleden

    it’s obvious

  86. Sean Johnisee

    Sean JohniseeMaand geleden

    So fucking caught off guard when Fyrus joined

  87. pop_user2

    pop_user2Maand geleden

    We're gonna need a speedrun on This

  88. pop_user2

    pop_user2Maand geleden

    @EddyKidPlayzYT oh I see

  89. pop_user2

    pop_user2Maand geleden

    @EddyKidPlayzYT oh rlly?

  90. EddyKidPlayzYT

    EddyKidPlayzYTMaand geleden

    He already did

  91. zachplays

    zachplaysMaand geleden


  92. Toasty

    ToastyMaand geleden

    I need a vr port of this

  93. Yuri

    YuriMaand geleden

    This is my favorite, it's such a chill video

  94. Extrnal Sorce

    Extrnal SorceMaand geleden

    “You beat me like an e-girl.” ~ King Bobomb

  95. clockwalk

    clockwalkMaand geleden

    finally, i can play super mario rampage in 3D

  96. Luis Angel

    Luis AngelMaand geleden


  97. clipseforlife

    clipseforlifeMaand geleden

    The fact that this is a full game is killing me

  98. DFQuartz IDN

    DFQuartz IDN2 maanden geleden

    14:53 I love this so much! I wished there was a section like this in the original game.

  99. Zrhunt

    Zrhunt2 maanden geleden

    Adriana say leave this in to show what you did. Everyone: yup thats what i want to see: murder

  100. Cultural Liberator

    Cultural Liberator2 maanden geleden

    A much better game

  101. Darkest Desire

    Darkest Desire2 maanden geleden

    I’m still waiting till Luigi mansion with a gun and FNAF

  102. akos gf

    akos gf2 maanden geleden

    i was playing minecraft while this video was playing and then “we’re finally landing” started playing and i SNAPPED my neck to the video \*looks respectfully*

  103. Dez Mondow

    Dez Mondow2 maanden geleden

    I like how on the final fight with bowser that were saying tactical strats to help

  104. Floopis McFloorpus

    Floopis McFloorpus2 maanden geleden

    If Mario was American...


    GUNTZIS2COOLFORU2 maanden geleden


  106. Deimos

    Deimos2 maanden geleden

    15:02 that’s called the fourth demonsion it’s an actual thing

  107. arek sułek

    arek sułek2 maanden geleden

    dude, that adrianna pisses me off

  108. Jerry

    Jerry2 maanden geleden

    Jacob: *SNIPES Klepto* Sunday and Jacob: *start laughing*

  109. Doc

    Doc2 maanden geleden

    Why is this video on a mr nightmare playlist

  110. Ino Turci

    Ino Turci2 maanden geleden

    I got cannon less accidently

  111. Sluggish

    Sluggish2 maanden geleden

    The SummoningSalt music killed me

  112. Jaiden Drew

    Jaiden Drew2 maanden geleden

    that intro is beautiful

  113. hi hello bye

    hi hello bye2 maanden geleden

    POV: the quiet kid gets super mario 64