the end.

[Run 4, Episode 8] the end.



  1. Zen - Aku

    Zen - Aku6 maanden geleden

    The fact this comes out after the reveal yesterday is perfect

  2. Jazz Smyth

    Jazz SmythMaand geleden


  3. GS Gaming Channel

    GS Gaming ChannelMaand geleden


  4. MTHD 16

    MTHD 163 maanden geleden

    He also mentioned mythra as a spirit who is now a fighter

  5. Johnny omori

    Johnny omori4 maanden geleden

    i am sorry

  6. GreninjaPlays

    GreninjaPlays5 maanden geleden

    @Shuji Atatacha jjjj

  7. Rad

    Rad2 dagen geleden

    Is it jus me or this kinda remind me of sm4sh

  8. WalkWe 2

    WalkWe 24 dagen geleden

    I nearly passed out when he could lent hit galeem

  9. catalina flores

    catalina flores7 dagen geleden

    Thank you for being pac man he is my favorite

  10. Jeremy Feliz Rivera

    Jeremy Feliz Rivera8 dagen geleden

    what the frick WHAT THE FUCK

  11. KC

    KC9 dagen geleden

    Just wanted to point out that Jacob predicted the Sephiroth boss battle before it was announced. JS

  12. KC

    KC9 dagen geleden

    @ 28:46

  13. Milan Bauwens

    Milan Bauwens12 dagen geleden

    In de end i took 0 dammig at galeem and dharkon

  14. Milan Bauwens

    Milan Bauwens12 dagen geleden

    Dont ask how

  15. Diana Ortiz

    Diana Ortiz16 dagen geleden

    intendo switch broke Because Of my f Annoying brother

  16. Diana Ortiz

    Diana Ortiz16 dagen geleden

    I finished the game Before

  17. Guido Mista

    Guido Mista16 dagen geleden

    Btw Palutena should be able to instant kill Dracula because she's the goddess of light

  18. Guido Mista

    Guido Mista16 dagen geleden

    Claus is an anagram for luCas Claus looks like Lucas that's why the character for the claus one is lucas

  19. Furrygnome

    Furrygnome16 dagen geleden

    tbh Better than jaden nuzlokes

  20. RickXotic

    RickXotic19 dagen geleden

    20:28 "i got panicked because i saw the balls" -Alpharad 2020

  21. Joey Ehrlich

    Joey Ehrlich21 dag geleden

    All hail snake and cloud (Die King k. Rool)

  22. Sir Cat

    Sir Cat23 dagen geleden

    7:50 Wombo Combo time

  23. phatcat9000

    phatcat900023 dagen geleden

    Nicely done, Jacob! Now do it without spirits.

  24. Jacob Adames

    Jacob Adames24 dagen geleden

    I beat world of light with just mario'sf-air lol

  25. eh

    eh24 dagen geleden


  26. gronch is evil

    gronch is evilMaand geleden


  27. PotatoChip

    PotatoChipMaand geleden

    How do you get minecraft steve

  28. Spook Skeley

    Spook SkeleyMaand geleden

    Cloud fucking strife


    ANTONIO ALANISMaand geleden

    Peach, Daisy, Ness and Lucas sitting on the bench like "I wonder when it's time to save the universe".

  30. YaYo

    YaYoMaand geleden

    Dharkon and Galeem are like crazy hand and masterhand but harder.

  31. Mr meep Beep

    Mr meep BeepMaand geleden

    Okay but hear me out spiritless

  32. Curtis Newton

    Curtis NewtonMaand geleden

    The final boss stage is honestly cooler than the Final Destination that we got. Why don't they give us "Final Battle Forms" like Omega Forms and give us every stage with that 4-platform layout?

  33. SuperBlue Gamer

    SuperBlue GamerMaand geleden

    Did not see cloud k rool and snake to be the chosen one

  34. pIaNo BlAsToIsE

    pIaNo BlAsToIsEMaand geleden

    Nobody did

  35. SuperBlue Gamer

    SuperBlue GamerMaand geleden


  36. James Rooney

    James RooneyMaand geleden

    The fact that he got 69 characters. Nice

  37. Gaming Oreo

    Gaming OreoMaand geleden


  38. Romeo,s World

    Romeo,s WorldMaand geleden

    He says there is going to be a sephiroth boss fight sephiroth gets added as the next dlc character

  39. Crazy Caleb

    Crazy CalebMaand geleden

    Question did alpharad get joker an pirahna plant from the world of light?

  40. TerranFighter

    TerranFighterMaand geleden

    When you come back to this series after the reveal of Mythra...

  41. Poptartcat

    PoptartcatMaand geleden


  42. electricYeet

    electricYeetMaand geleden

    I wasn't even here for the most part of the journey but I could feel the relief

  43. Ja'Miere Eubanks

    Ja'Miere EubanksMaand geleden

    I’m soooo proud of you man!

  44. Jazz Zinger

    Jazz Zinger2 maanden geleden

    i did this with jokr on the first try :)

  45. OverTalkative

    OverTalkative2 maanden geleden

    So when is he gonna 100% lightlocke?

  46. Xander talbot

    Xander talbot2 maanden geleden

    I did in hard and it only took 5 days

  47. Jackoe Guy

    Jackoe Guy2 maanden geleden


  48. Jeffrey Zaaijer

    Jeffrey Zaaijer2 maanden geleden



    ULTIMAWERE WOLF2 maanden geleden


  50. pIaNo BlAsToIsE

    pIaNo BlAsToIsEMaand geleden

    Bruh. Who didn’t know?

  51. CRR Nuke

    CRR Nuke2 maanden geleden

    15:39 I remember last time there was a memorial someone said "I don't want to be that guy, buy you forgot megaman." And I saw megaman and remembered that comment haha

  52. Carolyn Huckell

    Carolyn Huckell2 maanden geleden

    If u loos at master hand u try again

  53. Cole Scarlett

    Cole Scarlett2 maanden geleden

    “There’s going to be a sephiroth boss fight” did you mean, super smash bro’s online

  54. The Universe (TheN00bGms)

    The Universe (TheN00bGms)2 maanden geleden

    *happy alpharad noises*

  55. Marc 83

    Marc 832 maanden geleden

    *imagine if he forgot to record*

  56. lisa o connell

    lisa o connell2 maanden geleden

    R.i.p c

  57. David Kyoung

    David Kyoung2 maanden geleden

    Hits different after IRONWILL

  58. kiga99

    kiga992 maanden geleden

    How are you so good

  59. Jac Cooley

    Jac Cooley2 maanden geleden


  60. kiga99

    kiga992 maanden geleden

    Good job

  61. Isaac Lopez (Student)

    Isaac Lopez (Student)2 maanden geleden

    Good job

  62. kiga99

    kiga992 maanden geleden

    You're good at this game

  63. boop bwep

    boop bwep2 maanden geleden

    That final battle was the mosy stressful thing of my fucking life

  64. upppyduppy uppypuppyy

    upppyduppy uppypuppyy2 maanden geleden

    Gone but not forgotten-RIP Cloud

  65. weeaboo jones

    weeaboo jones2 maanden geleden

    I remember in the livestream when pacgod died everyone whas like its over

  66. Henry Wisniewski

    Henry Wisniewski2 maanden geleden


  67. Nyeem Oliver

    Nyeem Oliver2 maanden geleden

    Alpharad you did good job

  68. pit

    pit3 maanden geleden

    Cloud did alot. I saw I was useless basically.

  69. Terry Bogard

    Terry Bogard2 maanden geleden

    You do your best,you can rest now

  70. McChesney McChesney

    McChesney McChesney3 maanden geleden

    Im a quite a bit late to this but he should do a 100% nuzlocke

  71. Specamob 95tm

    Specamob 95tm3 maanden geleden

    The music of the final battle is so fitting

  72. S Bewy

    S Bewy3 maanden geleden

    Every 2 minutes you could say “that is what she said” and it would make sense

  73. Christopher Bates

    Christopher Bates3 maanden geleden

    I wanted to us-god damn It ahhhhhhhhh!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  74. Demi

    Demi3 maanden geleden


  75. Demi

    Demi3 maanden geleden


  76. Jose Elias Garcia Gonzalez

    Jose Elias Garcia Gonzalez3 maanden geleden

    the hero died

  77. Jose Elias Garcia Gonzalez

    Jose Elias Garcia Gonzalez3 maanden geleden

    F cloud died

  78. Jose Elias Garcia Gonzalez

    Jose Elias Garcia Gonzalez3 maanden geleden

    very ez in normal mode

  79. Jose Elias Garcia Gonzalez

    Jose Elias Garcia Gonzalez3 maanden geleden

    put it in hard mode

  80. Jose Elias Garcia Gonzalez

    Jose Elias Garcia Gonzalez24 dagen geleden

    i saw in other part that it was in normal lol

  81. Tim V

    Tim VMaand geleden

    Bruh it is in hard mode

  82. Blaze Gamesz

    Blaze Gamesz3 maanden geleden

    3:07 nice

  83. Shea Thredgold

    Shea Thredgold3 maanden geleden

    Old crowd was the NGV of this game

  84. Spectator

    Spectator3 maanden geleden

    Cloud: works so hard to fight Galeem Sephiroth: One Cut

  85. 반짝이노바

    반짝이노바3 maanden geleden

    세레비 국룰

  86. Curtis Newton

    Curtis Newton3 maanden geleden

    Next series: World of Light Nuzlocke but Spirits die and not characters

  87. Richard Burt

    Richard Burt3 maanden geleden

    32:41 it almost crashed youtube on my swich

  88. Nyeem Oliver

    Nyeem Oliver3 maanden geleden

    Zelda lost noooooo

  89. kevin games

    kevin games3 maanden geleden


  90. Kaiyu Fang

    Kaiyu Fang3 maanden geleden

    Can you do this but instead of doing characters do spirits

  91. Brooklyn Hauer

    Brooklyn Hauer3 maanden geleden

    3:33 STAR FINGER

  92. MoldySandwichGaming

    MoldySandwichGaming3 maanden geleden

    Come to this comment pole for nuzlock 100% run, one game related emoji is one vote 🎮

  93. Agnes & Dora By Kristina Ormand

    Agnes & Dora By Kristina Ormand3 maanden geleden

    Snake the ultimate

  94. Matt Jones

    Matt Jones3 maanden geleden

    Alfred I am I beat the whole entire game using Kirby the starter character

  95. Rocio Arambula

    Rocio Arambula3 maanden geleden

    If sephoroth sowed up someone had to stop Cloud

  96. Rooted Coorgi

    Rooted Coorgi3 maanden geleden

    So he may have predicted Sephiroth

  97. Dragonslayer

    Dragonslayer3 maanden geleden

    It took me one hour to do crazy hand

  98. Rocio Arambula

    Rocio Arambula3 maanden geleden

    I’m shaking rn

  99. Rocio Arambula

    Rocio Arambula3 maanden geleden

    The life of gannadorf

  100. Rocio Arambula

    Rocio Arambula3 maanden geleden

    Everyone is here for the Ultimate battle

  101. Rocio Arambula

    Rocio Arambula3 maanden geleden

    Alpha u should choose Light lot Lucas Cloud Stife and Big Vincin

  102. Rocio Arambula

    Rocio Arambula3 maanden geleden


  103. lilith

    lilith3 maanden geleden

    me when FD:

  104. Ian Findlay

    Ian Findlay3 maanden geleden

    69 fighters awakened. Nice.

  105. Noah Lim

    Noah Lim3 maanden geleden

    Alpharad(2018): I think Cloud loses to Dracula Alpharad(2020): Beats Dracula with Cloud Me: We’ve come full circle

  106. pichet lai

    pichet lai3 maanden geleden

    You are Good

  107. JoZime

    JoZime3 maanden geleden

    cloud was so cinematically perfect

  108. Brayden Monahan

    Brayden Monahan3 maanden geleden

    THat was amazing

  109. Nicholas Caleb

    Nicholas Caleb3 maanden geleden

    3:06 69 moment

  110. Brayden CHRISTIANSON

    Brayden CHRISTIANSON3 maanden geleden

    “ this is mythra I think?” He probably pridicted COVID to

  111. Rocio Arambula

    Rocio Arambula3 maanden geleden


  112. Rocio Arambula

    Rocio Arambula3 maanden geleden

    Big Lucina and big vincin and big Cloud